Beloved Villain Flips the Skies


Beloved Villain Flips the Skies Chapter 6

~Narrator’s Point Of View~

On the rooftop, the wind blew against a young girl…Lilith looked toward the door with a bewildered expression.

That’s right. She had been walking around the school, trying to memorize where everything was, and by chance, arrived at the rooftop. There had been no prior appointments, but, the boy in the distance walked straight towards her.

She honestly thought that he was someone who came here frequently, but when she looked at her wristwatch, it was almost time for homeroom to begin. It was around time for the students to return to class, or perhaps, he was skipping class.

Those thoughts only lasted until Wiz approached Lilith. The face that couldn’t be seen due to the blowing wind could now be accurately observed.

This person, who is now facing Lilith, has a graceful face, but it is also different from the Lady’s male attendant, who possessed an androgynous beauty. (TL: Meaning he can be mistaken for a girl) He looks manly, but he does not look too manly either. This young man’s “beautiful” figure is so wonderful that one has to wonder if it is alright to speak casually.

“You are……”

Suddenly, a composed voice reached Lilith’s ears. She listened in ecstasy to the voice, which was stirred by the wind, for a while.

The young man was looking at Lilith. He was speaking to Lilith. With just that, she felt like she could ascend to heaven…….

There, Lilith became aware of something. She began to think that she had seen him somewhere.

The lily attached to the collar of his school uniform, that was proof that he was part of the royal family. A boy who was blessed by the goddess of beauty. No, it should be more accurate to say a young man now that he has already reached 18. First prince Wilentz. Without thinking, Lilith held in her breath.

“You are Lilith, right?”

That voice spun out Lilith’s name. Frantically hiding her heart, which was shaking in joy, Lilith confirmed it quietly while casting her eyes downwards. “Yes.”

◆ ~Narration/Wiz’s Point of View~

Speaking of Wilentz, Wiz, for short, he, without knowing what was going on, called out to Lilith while in a state of bewilderment and distress.

He was suddenly yelled at as she asked “Why are you here!?” and then had his arm pulled and was dragged onto the roof. On top of that, he was told to “Get along with Lilith-san.”

I am the first prince, ok?

I truthfully wanted to shout out with a loud voice. By the way, Yukina, who said those words, was Wiz’s fiancee. Furthermore, she was the person Wiz loved. I beg you, please don’t say get along. I give up. Wiz held an expressionless and composed outer appearance, even though he felt depressed inside.

“……Y-, yes.”

And now, he had affirmed that the girl in front of him was Lilith. He thought that this cute girl was somehow Yukina’s preference. She had a fuwa fuwa (TL: Fluffy) atmosphere, droopy eyes, and a small stature. She had an impression that made you feel like you had to protect her.

……Personally, I prefer girls who were around my shoulders with angled eyes. And, I’d love it if she would stand beside me, instead of being the type I protect. …In the end, it was still Yukina.

Now then, let’s put that aside. What on earth does Yukina want me to do? Even if she told me to get along with her, I don’t know what her ideals are, so what should I do? Ha~. I secretly sighed and glanced at Lilith, who was looking at me absentmindedly.

Author “Y-, you can’t, Lilith! That guy who only looks like a prince is a good-for-nothing chicken who can’t do anything! The only thing that’s top class is his appearance!”

Wiz “Who’s the good-for-nothing chicken!”

Author “Who was the one who can’t even confess to his first love for the last 10 years?”

Wiz “I’m sorry.”