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Beloved Marriage in High Society Chapter 1 part1




" when am I getting married? ”



Around the time Meng Ting began to understand things, he was continuously told that he stupid beyond redemption.

He crawled slower, sat slower, walked slower and even learned how to speak slower than other children. At the age when other children could generally speak quite fluently, he was still finding it difficult using simple words to express himself.

Quiet, awkward and gloomy…he was a child that was disliked by others.

His grandmother adopted him from the orphanage when he was seven years old and raised him until he was fourteen. During those seven years, his grandmother repeated to Meng Ting day after day that he was foolish in every respect, that he was a good-for-nothing who only knew how to eat, and that he was a completely useless piece of trash.

There was a time when Meng Ting extremely feared the words ‘useless’ and ‘trash’. Therefore, when he grew up and became more intelligent, Meng Ting expended all his efforts in trying to make himself a bit more useful, clever and normal.

From an outsider’s perspective, he had achieved extricating himself from the chains which bound him as a ‘trash’, yet only he knew that becoming the so-called ‘useful’ was only accomplished after exchanging it with his hard work and his life itself.

He had died. More accurately, he had died from over exhausting himself.

At a private laboratory belonging to the Meng family, he had continuously worked for two days without sleep. Just when he was going to yield results, he had died from weariness, otherwise known as a sudden death, or death due to overworking.

It was unforgettable, the feeling of his heart being strangled by an intangible hand and the pressure from all around gripping his throat forcefully as if he was suffocating from being drowned. He was still awake and could sense his body’s condition, yet he was powerless to do anything. All he could do was welcome the arrival of death.

BMHS 001

He had died at the age of twenty-eight.

Now, he was alive again. He wasn’t saved from surgery in an operation room, but rather, he had returned back to the time when he was seventeen.

He was the result of a passionate night between his mother who was in university at that time, and the already married third son from the Meng family. In the end, he was a product who no-one wanted, so three days after his birth, he was abandoned by his mother on the doorstep of a welfare agency. He was raised there until seven years old when unexpectedly, the Meng family learned of his existence. They gave his grandmother money to bring him back and raise him until he was fourteen, then he was sent to study for three years at a highschool which was completely sealed off.

During that period, Meng Ting had encountered dark and bitter experiences that were more terrible than being starved or cursed at. However, it was there that he managed to cast off the chains that labelled him as ‘trash’. He then passed the entrance examination to the university his grandmother and the Meng family wished for him to be admitted into and enrolled in the course that they wanted. After graduating, he was directly sent to the Meng family’s laboratory, spending day and night experimenting with perfume until he finally died from over-exhaustion.

Although he had lived to twenty-eight, his life could easily be summarised in a few words. Even he himself admitted that his life had been tedious and monotonous as there had been nothing special to recall in his memories.

Before, Meng Ting anticipated becoming more ‘useful’ yet now, he dreaded becoming that kind of ‘useful’. He didn’t want to experience dying from straining himself too much again, as that feeling was too frightening. This month, he had not only personally  experienced dying, but also achieved being reborn.

So long as he even slightly fell asleep, the feeling of suffocation and helplessness attacked him and he would be startled awake in fear. This was actually alright, what frightened him more was when he often couldn’t wake up from his nightmares and was forced to repeatedly experience that stifling and powerless feeling from confronting death.

After suffering from this torment for a month, it would be strange if Meng Ting was still able to do well on his exams. However, he clenched his teeth and tried to pass but he could no longer find the reasons for why he should even continue to study. He didn’t want to be useful anymore, and becoming a waste sounded more appealing.

At the time when he was given his school report, the Meng family also received it. Following that, uncle Wen who was the competent butler who served beside grandfather Meng gave Meng Ting a call. In the three years he had attended the high school, this was the second time he had received a call.

Early the next morning, a limousine parked in front of the school gate. Not long after, a man impeccably dressed in a suit arrived at the school to deal with the procedures that would allow Meng Ting to leave this almost prison-like school.

“Meng Ting!”

When the teacher in charge of the class shouted for Meng Ting to go out, the students in the entire class sent him a gaze that was full of pity and wariness. Generally speaking, being called out by the teacher in charge didn’t result in anything good. For the students at this school, being sent to detention or having to run laps was a common occurrence, however it was also an effective method of punishment.

This was the reason why when the students in this school were faced with the teachers and instructors, they were more obedient than mice who had met a cat but this didn’t reflect that they were truly well-behaved.  On the contrary, this school viewed the law of the jungle very seriously. If you didn’t want to be bullied, then you absolutely couldn’t be weak.

Although Meng Ting was quite lean and his stature was not short, he sat in the second last row. As Meng Ting stood up to pass through the row in front, the tall and strong sports committee member stretched out his leg. Raising his lips in provocation, he stared at Meng Ting. Normally, even if Meng Ting discovered his ploy, he must give the other face and pretend to stumble or else he’d find himself in trouble.

After being sent to the school for less than half a year, he relied on his strong physique to become the deputy leader of Class Two, Year Three. He had long wanted to take action against the Meng Ting who always ignored him and sat one table behind. It was only because the class monitor seemed to respect Meng Ting so he had hesitated for a few days.  But now, he decided to take a shot.

Without looking at his face, Meng Ting swept his gaze over the sports committee member’s stout but strong body then lifted his leg and kicked the other’s calf. Although it seemed as if not much strength was used, the sports committee member shrieked miserably and suddenly took back his leg. Then he wailed again as his leg accidentally bumped into the edge of the table.

It really did feel painful, however many students believed he was just pretending while other students thought otherwise. Not because of the sports committee member, but because of Meng Ting.

Half of the students in the class who were classmates along with Meng Ting for the past three years vaguely recalled that during the first half of the year when Meng Ting first entered the school, there was scarcely a day when his body wasn’t injured. Gradually, the higher ups in the school turned a blind eye to Meng Ting when they saw him.

Up until now, not even their class monitor would attempt to provoke Meng Ting. In the class, Meng Ting’s existence had always been like that of an invisible boss, even though he himself was not particularly aware of such a thing. Yet, today that idiot had unexpectedly wanted to provoke him and ended up tasting the bitterness of the consequences.

After Meng Ting withdrew his leg, he continued forward towards the teacher in charge of the class and followed him until they arrived before the man sent by the Meng family.

The teacher appeared as if he wanted to say something to Meng Ting, but then hesitated. Meng Ting glanced at him but also didn’t speak. After all, there was nothing to say. Just like once before, Meng Ting directly followed behind the man in the suit and departed without bidding farewell.

Meng Ting knew that from now on, he had embarked on a path entirely different to that of his past, one that belonged to being the Meng family’s ‘waste’. When they walked out of the school gates, the man in the suit finally turned around and looked at Meng Ting, “Seventh young master, please get on.”

Hearing his request, Meng Ting lifted his head and glanced at the other man. Then he opened the door of the backseat of the car himself and sat inside. It was only in the moment when Meng Ting raised his head that the man in the suit managed to clearly see his face and was instantly stunned.

The white and blue sports uniform that Meng Ting was wearing could not be compared to the clothes worn by the young misses and young masters from the Meng family. However, Meng Ting was tall and not unsightly, with short black hair that naturally curled up and a pale complexion. His facial features were exceptionally delicate and refined, with peach blossom eyes¹ and an innate distinguished disposition.

[1] refers to eyes which are glossy and framed with long lashes; often also known as bedroom eyes. 

He could somewhat understand why the master would take the effort to bring back this waste who couldn’t even achieve 200 points in the college entrance exam.

The man in the suit pursed his lips as various kinds of feelings passed through him. Walking to the other side of the car, he opened the door and sat beside Meng Ting. Then, to the chauffeur who had waited for about an hour, he said, “Drive.”


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