Being Swayed by the Deluded Shacho


Being Swayed by the Deluded Shacho Chapter 9

It is 'ere! The final three chapters of Deluded Shacho! Sorry it took me so long, work has been busy so I have been personally lazy.

R18 as usual. Questionable situation in 10 but its up to you all how you feel about it. Enjoy!

9 Kana-san and I

‘Nice to meet you, I’m Sato Kana.’

My first impression of her was; cool. She had long hair which she tied up at the nape of her neck. She was wearing a thick dark blue sweater over jeans; it looked good on her.

‘Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Sakamoto Maki.’

She was intimidating. I had thought that Kana-san would be a cutesy person, one that people would like to protect.

But now that we’ve met, she didn’t seem like the type to be coquettish.

‘Sorry to trouble you,’ she said politely.

‘No, please do not mind that.’

Does she know about me and Masaya? I wondered

I glanced at Masaya-san who was in the office kitchen happily brewing coffee.

 ‘I can’t believe you have a stalker. Do you think things would be sorted soon?’ I asked as mildly as possible. But I could not hide my desire for this to be all over with. Perhaps when her situation was sorted, she would disappear.

It seems that Kana-san had spoken to Masaya-san about it before. She had had to quit her job because of it.

‘Yeah…’ she replied somewhat vaguely.

Did she have another reason?

Was she targeting Masaya?! (Zuben: Maki, your leaps of logic are just as bad as Masaya)

Oh no! Have I been contaminated by Masaya’s paranoia?

‘What are you two talking about?’ Masaya-san said as he brought the mugs of coffee over.

He handed a mug to each of us, and we took a sip of the fragrant brew.

‘Ah the coffee Masaya makes is delicious, isn’t it?’ Kana-san said with a smile.

Did she have to call him by his name, as though they had an understanding between them? I knew there was no proof that there was something to be concerned about but I could not help but feel that way. Her presence was bothering me.

‘Even if it is instant, you still make such delicious coffee, Masaya.’

There was an impenetrable link between them, born from their shared history.

‘You don’t drink much coffee anymore though, do you?’ Masaya said.

‘I only drank coffee then because the coffee you made was delicious. But I stopped when I got married.’ Kana san replied. (Zuben: Shady lady)

Oh no, it is unavoidable. Masaya-san, you’re too delicious. She won’t leave now! (Zuben: heh heh)

Alas, I am not childish enough to say that, but I am not adult enough to over look it.

I gave a small sigh, picked up a package that needed to be taken to the post office and left the office.

In the park near the building our office was, the street was lined with cherry blossom trees, I noticed they were budding.

‘It would be cherry blossom season soon.’ I said to myself as I walked by.

I told him liked him here, not too long ago, but it felt so distant.

I wondered if Kana-san really had a stalker. (Zuben: Indeed)

I didn’t want to doubt her, but I could not help feeling this way.

I handed the package to be sent off and went to the coffee shop. I thought about those two back in the office, maybe they were still reminiscing; they probably didn’t notice I wasn’t there,

‘Isn’t the Shacho with you today?’ Sakurai-kun asked me when he came to my table. He brought me a glass of water and a serviette.

‘No, I’m alone.’ I replied.

‘Did you two fight?’ he asked.

‘Er…why would you think that?’

‘It’s impossible for that possessive and jealous Shacho to let Maki come to the shop by yourself.’

Wow, a true love guru. (Zuben: He didn’t say anything profound, my dear)

‘It about time you started thinking you should have dated me instead…!’ There as a dull thud and Sakurai-kun was crouched on the floor holding his head.


‘Maki, let’s go.’ Shacho said

‘I haven’t had my coffee yet.’ I replied stubbornly


‘What about Kana-san? A stalker is after her. Is it okay for her to be left alone?’

I know I am not cute. And I was being childish. I should just be an obedient and suitably pampered girlfriend.

However, I don’t understand Masaya-san. When he was talking to Kana san about their shared memories, he was shaking.

Was it because he’d drunk too much coffee? Rather than worrying about me, shouldn’t he be worrying about himself?

‘Why are you getting upset? There is nothing between Kana-san and me anymore…’

‘If you don’t have anything, why did she come to the company?’

‘Because of mitigating circumstances,’ (Zuben: Maki-san you need a chill pill)

‘Hey Maki-san,’ Sakurai interjected, ‘can I help?’

Masaya glared at him, but Sakurai did not balk at it, he had a serious face on.

‘It seems to be a situation where Shacho has no delicacy.’

‘You be quiet!’ Masaya said coldly.

‘I don’t care about you; I care about Maki-san. I do not like to see someone I like looking unhappy.’

‘You don’t know anything,’ Masaya countered.

‘But does Maki-san know everything? In its entirety? With nothing hidden? There may be things that you cannot say; could it be something like this?’

It was the first time I had ever seen Masaya-san so angry. He simmered with barely repressed anger, but he turned and walked out of the shop. (Zuben: Ooh)

‘Ma-Masaya-‘ I called after him.

‘Leave him be. You can’t understand if he doesn’t tell you things properly.’ Sakurai-kun said.

In that moment, Sakurai-kun seemed cool. (Zuben: Eh? How so?)

‘Did you fall for me?’

‘Ah. Hmm. Maybe a little…’ (Zuben: Too easy.)

‘That’s funny.’

I laughed in spite of myself, Sakurai gave me a broad smile.

‘Well, it is hard to be more honest, isn’t Maki-san? I understand that.’

Yeah, I know…

I knew it, but…

‘I should go.’ I said, ‘Thanks for the meal.’ (Zuben: What meal?)

‘Will you come by yourself next time?’ he asked.

I smiled and waved as I was seen off by Sakurai-kun.

I couldn’t run away. I returned to the company.

Though my feelings hadn’t changed, I thought I should a little more straightforward.

With this in mind, I entered the office.

‘Why did you run away? You told me you liked me!’ I could hear the voice of a woman scream out. Even though their apartment was an office, it was still a residential building. If someone complained we would be kicked out.

‘I like you but…’ Was that Kana-san?

Was something wrong?

‘I know that I get jealous-’

‘But did you have to make me quit working at the hairdressing salon?’

‘That’s because…because I don’t want Kana touching other girls!’

‘Won’t we just break up again? I can’t live without having a job. Now that I have no work, is Miyuki going look after me?’

Eh…Miyuki-san and Kana-san? Was it that kind of thing?! (Zuben: Girl on girl?)

I moved and Masaya-san saw me. He pulled me by the sleeve of my clothes into a room next to the entry way.

‘Sorry, that lady Miyuki-san is pushy. She even hit me.’ Masaya said as he sat down on the floor. The room we were hiding in was a store room.

‘Ah, that- Kana-san…’

‘Oh she’s bisexual; she’s fine with men or women.’

‘Was this from before?’

‘No. She told me after she divorced she realised it. I could not tell you because I thought you would hate it.’

No wonder he retreated at Sakurai’s words earlier.  He had been keeping a secret for a friend.

‘I don’t mind such a thing…’ I said.

I should be more honest with him, I reminded myself.

‘I was just…I was just anxious that Kana-san would take you away from me.’

How embarrassing! I had never said something like that to a man before. I looked away and I would feel my face on fire.


I slowly turned back to look at Masaya and found his face was red up to his ears.

‘Where did you learn to say such a thing? From Sakurai?’

‘No, I thought of it myself. I really… like you, Masaya-san.’

‘Do you have a fever? No, I must have caused it. I feel like my heart is going to explode.’ He said rapidly with his voice slightly trembling

If someone else was listening to this conversation, they may fall over laughing. So you would understand my expression at that moment. Masaya-san is very weak against a direct expression of love.

‘I would be troubled if it explodes! Please don’t leave me.’ I replied.

It was fun. I had never been one to fully express myself. Being like this sometimes may be a good thing.

‘It’s impossible. Impossible.’

‘Why? What is wrong? Why is it impossible? I don’t want my Masaya-san to leave!’

Hmm, I certainly did not want him to get used to it, thought. It was better to be unpredictable, so I could fluster Masaya-san, just like this.

‘Well, if Maki doesn’t want to leave me. I can have you as much as I want.’

I had misunderstood and I’d been had.

Masaya’s face approached mine, in a panic I tried to stop him, ‘No no no, Kana-san and Miyuki san are next door. Next door.’

I tried to push him away but he was too strong for me,

‘Don’t mind them,’ he said, ‘maybe they are doing it too?’

‘Huh?’ I listened carefully, there no one was talking but I could faintly hear someone moaning sweetly.

‘Oh you mean…?’

‘They are not aware that we are here. So just keep your voice down and endure.’

Absolutely impossible, I thought.


I tried to hold my moans back as Masaya infiltrated me from behind. It felt like it was going on forever


‘Are you going to make noise?’

‘That’s because…’ I was going to come again.

Even though my love hole swallowed him up easily, I could feel myself tighten around him when he reached the end.

‘Oh..oh…I can’t hold it.’

Masaya kept thrusting into me and held me tightly as I was weakened with the uncontrolled convulsions. And then the pleasure began to build again,

‘Wait, ah, stop, ah, forgive me…’

‘What are you talking about? You said I could do anything. I am just fulfilling Maki’s desire.’

He thrust into me deeply. My legs weakened responding to the wave of pleasure. My mind was only focused on the pleasure; I’d lost awareness of my surroundings. I did not even know if those two were still out there.

He lay on the floor and made me mount him. He parted my thighs wide as he thrust into me from underneath. Grabbing my arse, he rocked me forward and back, and I started to peak again.

‘It looks like you will be coming again. Your pussy is shivering.’

‘Ya~, n ~, n n ~’

‘I wonder when Maki’s pussy would be satisfied.’ He said laughing as he struck that spot inside me. I was unable to think about anything but the pleasure. I had forgotten Kana-san’s existence as I raised my voice,

‘I’m coming again, oh I’m coming.’

‘Hey, your voice is leaking.’

‘Ah I can’t ah help it.’

I could not imagine being embarrassed. It was too pleasurable. I was too high on it to think about anyone else. My love juices were making obscene sounds as we rocked against each other.

Soon I reached climax.

Masaya pulled out just after and spilled his white sticky fluid on me. I collapsed onto the floor.

‘Would you like to go again?’ he whispered.

I sat up excitedly, ‘I will withhold my voice.’

‘Well, they have left already.’

‘Oh when?’

‘Just a little after we started. They heard your voice.’

I covered my face in shame.

‘Here, read.’ He said as he showed me his mobile screen.

It read: I’m sorry I hit you.

It seemed that Miyuki was regretful of her rash behaviour.

Thank you, the text continued, and Masaya don’t push Maki-chan too much.

Kana-san had heard them.

‘It’s alright. They left a while ago, she didn’t hear too much.’

The length of time was not the issue here.

 He laughed, his expression carefree. I didn’t want to complain.

I want to be more honest. That is what I decided. I did not want to be afraid to be taken anymore. (Zuben: Erm…?)

‘Well that’s alright, isn’t it? But Masaya-san doesn’t need to hold back.’

I felt a little embarrassed saying that and turned away from him. I did not know what Masaya’s expression was like.

‘Haven’t you said enough cute things?’

‘What? What…?’

‘It’s alright. I understand very well.’

Oh no! He interpreted it selfishly!

Soon enough, he was pushing his warped thing inside me again. I wasn’t yet dry, so I accepted him easily.

`Ya~a ~ wait- a~a nn!'

He didn’t let me go for at least an hour later that day.

10 Sakurai-kun and Yuri-chan

It was the end of March when the cherry blossoms were in bloom and dancing in the breeze.

For me, that was the beginning of hell.

‘Nii-chan! Where are my socks?!’

‘Onii-chan! Please shorten my skirt for the entrance ceremony.’

‘Hey Onii-chan, I’m…hungry.’

This was not a comedy sketch.

These are my sisters and I could never deny them their requests.

I lived with my parents in a 3LDK, my father doted on my sisters but my mother has a bit of a moody personality and she ran the household with an iron fist. She usually came to my rescue,

‘Mia! You are going to be 17, manage your socks properly.’ (Zuben: In my advanced age, I still can’t manage my socks)

 ‘Miyuki! Sew your uniform yourself!’

‘Churaumi, can you wait a bit?’

My mother teaches flower arrangement.

Both my parents seem to have a reasonable income.

God did not give me a talent in flowers arrangement. Therefore, I am pitifully relegated to chores during the classes. It is quite a disappointment.

The door bell rang. Mia reacted immediately,

‘It’s Yuri ah! Onii-chan, please open the door while I quickly go and get ready!’

What?! How rude.

Although I grumbled, Mia ignored me and ran off to her room. I decided to add bell peppers to dinner tonight. She hated bell peppers.


‘Churaumi, just a bit. Do you want to eat a cookie?’


Yuri, Mia’s friend from junior high school, smiled when I opened the door.

‘Mia, aren’t you ready yet?’ I called out loudly in to the house

Yuri laughed, her gestures were cute. She was out of my range, but a pretty girl is a pretty girl.

‘I’m shouting but did she hear me?’

She laughed again, her lovely straight hair swaying with her head movements.

No no no! She’s a high school student.

‘Isn’t it better for Yuri-chan to go without Mia? She’s always keeping you waiting.’ I asked. (Zuben: your little sister is trying to help her friend seduce you maybe…)

Mia came into the living room, dressed and ready to go, she heard me and said, ‘Onii-chan is insensible!’

Definitely, meat stuffed green bell peppers for dinner tonight.

‘Onii-chan,’ Mia suddenly called childishly, ‘I left my wallet on my bed in my room.’


‘Well…pretty please with a cherry on top.’

As I left the room, throwing my hands up in exasperation, I wondered where my dignity was as an older brother, to be used as an errand boy by my sisters.

‘You just wait for dinner tonight,’ I muttered under my breath as I went to their room.

Our place only had three bedrooms; my parents’, mine and my sisters’. I looked on the top bunk bed and there was a pink purse on the bed.

‘Just roughly using a person,’

‘That is…’ a voice said behind me. I turned just as I reached for the purse. It was Yuri entering the room and closing the door behind her. (Zuben: Are Japanese girls this forward?)

‘What is the matter? Did Mia say something to you? That girl is really impolite, isn’t she?’

‘Please don’t blame Mia. I…asked her to…’ Yuri said mysteriously

She came to stand very close to me. I could see the whorl at the top of her head.

You asked her? What does that mean?

Suddenly it dawned on me what this was about. Unfortunately, Yuri is a high school student. If she was the same age, I would have jumped on it.

‘Wow, I…um…’

I had always felt that a man who dyed his cheeks in cherry blossoms, from an unrestrained state, was not a man. (Zuben: ¬.¬)


This was my little sister’s friend; I’ve known her since she was in junior high school. She has always been a beautiful girl, but this…

‘About Onii-chan…’ she had been calling me Onii-chan since she met me.

Ah maybe this is not a confession. Maybe she wanted me to help her with school work or how to make a dish-

‘I really love you!’

Yeah, no. (Zuben: Put up a good fight, Sakurai-kun)


‘I know Onii-chan likes older women, I heard from Mi-chan about the lady you liked.’

‘She has told me to give up on you many times, but I still could not…’

Well, it was flattering to be liked by a high school student. But she was still high school student. (Zuben: gambatte!)

‘But I can’t make myself older, but I have been doing my best instead of that.’ (Zuben: Doing your best in what?)

‘In what?’


Hell no! I nearly spat blood. How did this come from this pretty mouth?!

‘Mia said that a younger person’s sensitivity is better than an older woman’s. But I have to learn about it. I didn’t want someone else so I taught myself. Is that alright?’ (Zuben: Oh Japan…)

‘Yeah…it’s okay. I’m glad you did not ask other people.’ I said nervously.

Honestly, Mia! It’s going to be green pepper jelly for dinner!

‘I am still a virgin but I think the sensitivity of other places is going up. Don’t you want to try me?’


‘I ordered Mia to get everyone out of the house…so…’

How surprisingly bossy.

‘What is I was a bad guy? A player type.’

‘It’s alright if it is you.’

It’s useless. I cannot escape. (Zuben: yeah you can, but do you want to?)

‘Alright, let’s go to my room.’

How to avoid this crisis was running around my head as I led her to my room. Once we got there,

‘Shall I take off my clothes?’ she asked.

‘What? No! Wait. Just wait a moment.’ I shouted, staying the delicate hand that had began to loosen the buttons of her dress.

Really, no hesitation whatsoever. (Zuben: You can just tell her you don’t want to sleep with her, you know)

I sat on my bed. And so did she.

‘Sakurai-san, isn’t it shameful for a man not to eat food being presented to him?’ (Zuben: Is it?)

Because I was hesitant? (Zuben: the catch is eating the bait)

I wonder if I should become bolder. Would she give up when it got awkward? (Zuben: Super bad idea)

I cupped her cheek with my hand and drew her in for a kiss. Yuri’s tongue immediately peeked out of her full lips.



‘I’ve been studying with comics and novels, but it is useless. It is difficult if I do not experience for real.’

‘No I think your studying was enough.’ I said. (Zuben: ¬.¬)

‘Really, it was good?’

I feel like I am falling into a trap. (Zuben: Yep)

We started kissing again. Her small tongue entwined with my larger one and the sound of saliva filled the room.

I sucked on her tongue. I don’t know what the right answer is anymore. Would it be better just to do it?

We kissed over and over. After a long time, I pulled away from her.

Her eyes were languid and there was a flush to her cheeks. The expression on her face was one of longing.

It would be better if she cried.

The fact that she looked like this from only a kiss gave me a sense of superiority. (Zuben: Urgh)

It was enough to shake my older women only policy,

‘Reality is really different after all.’ She said dazedly raising her hand to touch her lips.

That gesture was rather erotic.

‘So are we going to do more?’ she asked.

What the heck?! What will you do if I really fuck you?


I pulled her to me again and lay her on the bed, kissing her as we went down.

As we kissed and entangled our tongues, I heard her little moans. Was this really her first time? Her sweet sounds were turning me on.

I took off her dress and looked at her underwear clad figure. She was wearing white lace, which seemed to represent her purity. (Zuben: I can’t believe you’re still seeing her as ‘pure’ but okay)

‘Do you really want me to do this?’ I asked her again.

‘Yes, please.’

‘What will you do want after this?’

‘You don’t have to worry; I just want my first time to with a person I like. You don’t have to go out with me. So please…’ (Zuben: Manipulative!)

Honestly! This is why I don’t like younger people. (Zuben: Because they are so ‘kamikaze’ about life?)

‘I don’t mind doing it with you, but only one condition.’ I said

‘What is that?’

‘We’re dating now. Do you understand?’

Did Mia anticipate that I would do this? If so, I was a bit angry with myself for dancing to her tune.

But it could not be helped anymore. (Zuben: You really didn’t put up much of a fight but whatever)

My three sisters are not ones to think about the consequences of their actions, that is why I could not leave it alone. (Zuben: ¬.¬)

‘Um are you really sure about that?’

‘Because Yuri-chan is likely to get taken advantage of by some bad guy,’

‘But…you don’t have to force yourself because of such a thing. I am five years younger than you…’

‘You’re not trying to get out of this now, are you? I only dated older women because it was fun to see my sisters’ reactions.’

Yuri laughed at that. I was glad.

This kind of thing, age doesn’t matter as long as you like each other.

‘Then shall we stop?’ Yuri-chan said using her hands to cover her body. It looked like her boldness earlier was really a lie.

‘Why? Let’s do it a little. I want to know how Yuri looks when she is feeling it.’

‘Oh! Wait!’

I caught her as she started to pull away and unhooked her bra with one hand. Her breasts jiggled as they were released. She used an arm to cover herself,

‘Why are you suddenly shy? You were very eager a little while ago.’

‘Because I thought it would be the only chance I got.’

‘But now that it is not the case, you are suddenly shy?’

She nodded, blushing.

How cute, I thought as I pulled her arm away and took a rose pink nipple in my mouth


Yuri-chan reacted quickly as I rolled her nipple around my tongue. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth.

‘You have teased your own nipples, haven’t you?’

‘Oh~ oh~…yes…!’

‘Which feels better?’

‘Ah~ it feels better when you do it.’

‘Are you saying it feels better with me?’

‘Ah~ ye-oh~’

Whenever she tried to reply a question I asked her, I sucked harder on the nipple in my mouth. I take the other nipple between my fingers and rubbed it.

‘It’s bad ah~ ah~’

‘What’s bad? Tell me,’ I asked as I increase the strength of my sucking and tweaking. Her sensitivity was good because she had become accustomed to it when she masturbated. She wasn’t reacting like it was painful; she was moaning.

‘A~a nn, n ~, a~…’

‘Does it feel good? Althought it is your first time, Yuri-chan is a naughty girl.’

‘That’s because…fu ~a~, a~a…’ She looked cute as she twisted this way and that from the pleasure. It seems she never imagined the pleasures given by others could be this way.

My teeth grazed her nipple, ‘Ah~ don’t bite, do no…’ though she said that, I would feel her body heat up beneath me. Every time I grazed her with my teeth, she rubbed her pelvis against me, telling me how good she was feeling.

‘Oh~ It feels so good.’

I bit and sucked her nipples in turn, they got swollen and hard.

‘Rikuto…san…’ she called softly.

‘What, Yuri-chan?’

‘Touch me… Touch me down there.’

I had expected that she would not be able to stand it, but I did not expect she would boldly ask to be touched. It would be nice to take her right here and now. But I didn’t think today was the right time, but I am looking forward to next time.

‘Do you want me to touch you?’ I asked while I ran my hand over her panties. Her face was red as she thought about how to reply.

‘If you don’t want me to touch, shall I use my mouth instead?’

I made her sit up on her knees with her legs parted widely. I could see the entrance of her sex was wet, glistening invitingly.

I ran a finger along her slit parting her petals, Yuri sat shock still in nervous anticipation. I licked her folds gently and her hooded bud,

‘Oh Rikuto…I-I can’t…ah~there…’ her body trembled as I licked her. I pulled back the hood of her bud and ran my tongue on the exposed nubbin,

‘Ah~ ah~ ah~ ah~’ Yuri could not be still, I held her down firmly and persisted, ‘Yann~ it feels good.’

To block the love juice flowing out from her vagina, I placed a small vibrator in her.  Since she had used toys before, it went in easily,

‘Ah~ ah~ ah~ Rikuto, what is that?’

‘It’s a vibrator.’

‘A~a~ no~ a~a~ann,’

She was beginning to perspire; her soft skin was sticking to my hand. It was proof of her arousal, it made me excited as well. Her body rocked and bounced with small convulsions as I licked the bud. Her moans were increasingly seductive as she came.

‘Wa~a, Rikuto ah~’

Damn! I was getting aroused.

Yuri lay on the bed panting seductively, her body was flushed from her arousal. She looked up at me, spiking my arousal even further. I had decided not to go further than this today; I did not want to scare Yuri-chan. But my cock was hard.

‘Is that OK?’

‘Hmm, Yuri-chan?’

‘I want to connect with Rikuto-san soon.’

It was like a KO in the gut.

I touched Yuri’s face. I had wanted to create a nice atmosphere for her first time (Zuben: in a love ho), but…

‘Onii-chan! Yuri! We’re home!’

Why did you come home so fast?! Read the mood!

But the voice in my heart was not able to reach the ears outside the door. I could hear Mia’s voice outside my door,

‘Yuri-chan, you’d better put your dress on.’ I said to her.

‘Rikuto-san, are you okay?’

‘I’m alright. I will buy lots of green peppers from now on.’

I will serve Mia lots of green peppers I vowed in my head.

11 Punishment and Toys

‘Why are you doing this?’

‘It’s a punishment.’

‘I am asking you why you are punishing me?!’ I asked Masaya. Both my wrists were tied to the bed post.

I could not fathom what I had done to be punished. I would really like to remember what I had done,

‘You were happily talking with Sakurai-kun,’

‘He was just asking me for advice. Sakurai-kun, he has got a high school girlfriend?’

‘How surprising; a younger girlfriend?’

‘Yes, so please let me go.’ I tried to appeal to Masaya while pulling at the ropes. The reason was only a misunderstanding.

‘No! The sin of disturbing my heart is heavy.’

‘Huh? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.’

There was a weird sound, what was that? I had a bad feeling. Really, really bad feeling.

The cry of my heart was in vain. Masaya-san smiled, his smile did not bode well for me.

‘No! No nonononono~’

‘It’s alright, I won’t hurt you.’ He said.

But I’m not worried about that!

The small vibrator descended to the rise of my chest. The toy was so small it fit into the palm of his hand; I could feel the vibrations through my clothes,


‘What…? Are you aroused?’

I could not deny it, as the vibrations rocked against my protrusions, there was a slight pleasure. I began to develop a wicked desire for the vibrator against my naked nipples.

My shirt and bra were stripped off. (Zuben: How?) I was hoping for it to be held against my nipples, even though I did not like it.

‘Are your nipples getting hard?’ Masaya asked with a laugh as he sucked on a nipple.

‘A~a nn, a~, ya~a ~…’

With his tongue, he stroked around my areola and sucked on the tip. My body arched and I pulled on the rope,

‘When you pull so hard, you’ll leave mark on your wrists.’ He warned.

I wanted him to remove the ropes. I wanted to speak, but my consciousness was leaning towards that rotor.

This time, the toy touched my skin directly over my nipple that was wet with Masaya’s saliva. The rotor traced over the areola and my head was filled with pleasure.

‘Aa~, a~, a~a ~…’

‘Do you feel good? I feel somewhat jealous.’ Masaya pushed the rotor against the tip, I jumped.

‘~Uaa~, ya a~ a~a nn…’

It felt so good.

Even though, it was different from a finger, it vibrated against my nipples without mercy. I rubbed my legs together, the need was getting painful.

‘What’s the matter? Are you tired?’

‘Do something different…’

‘It seems your legs are moving.’

`Ya a~, a~a ~…'

I wanted it…I wanted it between my legs as soon as possible. I could feel the slickness between my legs. But Masaya-san did not move to pull down my jeans,


‘What do you want?’

‘Touch me…between my legs…touch me…’

Masaya gave a self-satisfied smile because I asked for it. I hadn’t been patient. It was such a masculine expression, it electrified my skin.

‘It cannot be helped,’ he said as he whipped off my jeans, leaving just my panties. I should have thought, Masaya-san usually tortured me longer. Why did he take my jeans off easily? It was too late when I realised it.

‘Ah~ ah~ no more. Stop, please.’

‘What are you saying? You’ve only come three times.’

‘Ah`Ya a~a ~, again! ~ a ~a~ann!’

He placed the vibrator against me, and I came for the fourth time. It seemed strange, his teasing was severe as usual, but he usually did not touch me until was almost in tears. I should have suspected that he had a hidden agenda.

‘Ya~, ~a~, a~a ~…’

Masaya used the vibrator without mercy on me who only had just orgasmed and was still sensitive. The vibration sent tremors through my body, it was almost painful. Although, I twisted and turned to get away from the onslaught, but with my arms tied up, I could not move very far.

‘Oh~ Oh~ I’m going to come again…’

When my body recovered, the intensity weakened and the pleasure came over me again. The vibrator was pushed against my lewd bud, although it was through my underwear, it made me excited. I was going to reach again.

‘Oh no no no no!’ I cried as my body began to convulse. My underwear was soaked beyond comprehension

I wonder if he would insert it soon. The pleasure I was getting was so different from Masaya touching me. Just imagining it, my insides ached with need.

However, I could hear the vibrator start up again.

Wait! Wait! Wait! I want Masaya to insert it. I wondered if he read my desire, for Masaya grinned broadly.

‘Should be about time…’ he said. I did not know what that meant.

He pulled off my wet panties and soon I could feel him running a dildo up and down my secret place. Then he gradually pushed it in.

‘Does it scare you?’ he asked.

‘Be-because, this is the first time I have ever used one.’

‘So you’ve never used it before?’

I felt curiously full, my entrance was being scratched and there were obscene sounds. The object, shaped like a man’s penis was thrust in and out of me, scooping the wall of my honey pot. Masaya moved the vibrator around like he was searching for something. When he found it, my hips lifted off the bed,

‘Does it feel that good? I feel somewhat jealous.’ (Zuben: Would you like to be tied up and teased to death yourself?)

‘Ahn~ it’s not…the…same a~a~ stop~’

As the vibe hit the back, the pleasure mounted. Contrary to my feelings, my vagina was rejoicing and drooling lots of love juice.


‘Ah~, no~ this is…ah~ don’t want…ah~!’

Masaya’s thing is many times better that an object with no body temperature.  When we were together, the pleasure was given to my heart, it was much better than a toy.

‘Oh, aren’t you getting enough stimulation?’ he asked.

‘No, that is not it! Ya!’

Of course, this stupid Shacho who cannot read the atmosphere would not recognise my heart. He put the small vibrator on my clitoris.

‘Stop it! I want us to do it together. Please stop!’

My body was tense; I pulled on the ropes tying me. I wasn’t sure how many times I reached climax. The vibrator was pulled from my body making a wet sound.

This was too much. It was impossible.

Masaya unravelled the rope. He saw the condition of my wrists and he licked them,

‘I’m bad. I did not think it would turn red here.’ (Zuben: Brain switches off when Jealousy comes on)

‘You’re really too much. This is over-reacting just because I talked to Sakurai-kun.’

‘Yes, I’m sorry.’ He said softly. He was unusually contrite,

‘It went on too long with the toys. Doing it with you is better than with the toys!’

I turned away from him, pouting. But Masaya pulled me to him,

‘I was bad. I want to do it again and again with you.’ (Zuben: Why did it have to go on for so long, bruv?)

Huh? Well…I don’t think that he had quite gotten what I was trying to say.

Masaya got naked while I was still thinking out it. He climbed over me: Wait, this is wrong? Not right now! I meant not to use toys anymore!

However, Masaya’s thickness inside me felt so good. I had thought it was impossible for me to come anymore, but a different sensation was awakened by the feeling of a real person inside me rather than a toy.

I was soon moaning with abandon.

‘As expected it is very slimy inside,’

‘That’s because of…ah…what ..oh…you did…’

‘I was mean. I will never do you with toys again.’

He grabbed my legs and pushed them forward closer to my body, and thrust in and out. I could feel the head of his penis scrape the walls of my love hole.

It felt so good.

I arched my back as the tightness in my lower abdomen increased. I was coming again.

I opened my eyes to look at Masaya, he had a dreamy expression every time I tightened around him. Our eyes met and he moved closer,

‘I can never get enough of you.’ He said as he kissed me. What a scary line, but my head was full of sweetness as he kissed me.

As long as Masaya wanted it, I would revel in his desires as long as I was able.

My vagina contracted in response to the kisses.

He sucked on my tongue and he thrust deep inside me, my head was dizzy with pleasure. No matter where I was touched, it was pleasurable. I gripped the sheets tightly. (Zuben: Why not running your hands through his messy hair?)

‘I like the look on Maki’s face,’

‘No, don’t look at me.’

‘You look beautiful, it makes me happy.’

I tried to turn away from him but I couldn’t, his head was touching mine. But the pleasure I was getting soon over took my embarrassment.

‘You’re tightening. You’re going to come soon.’

‘A~ a~a ~n ~I’m…coming~… a~a!’

Masaya’s thrust became faster, even though he should move slowly and gradually accumulate the pleasure; it seemed he had reached his limit.

‘Ah…ah~ not…ah…yet~’

‘Ah…’ he groaned, ‘I’m in trouble.’

We both came together. As I felt my vagina tighten around Masaya, I could feel the pulse and heat of his ejaculation inside me.

Eh…? Inside?

A little bit of anxiety grew as my head cleared. Well, he did not have a condom on so there was a possibility this was going to happen at some point. But I didn’t know if I was prepared for the consequences.

‘I would like to go and see your parents.’ He said

‘Huh? Why? Isn’t it too early?’ I replied without thought.

‘You’re prepared to have my child, aren’t you?’

‘Yes but…’

Masaya pulled out of me, and a mix of our fluids seeped out.

Was he…was he asking me to marry him?

‘Don’t you want to marry me?’ (zuben: Don’t you want me babe!)

‘It’s not that, Masaya…’

‘What do you dislike? I have investments and savings…’

‘Yes, but just wait a moment-‘

‘Is it because of sex? You don’t like to do it every day? All right! The we’ll do it every other day.’

I watched him with a mixture of confusion and exasperation. I could not think of a way to stop him from getting carried away. I sighed and began to put on my clothes.

Masaya-san is not cool at all.

‘Why are you putting on your clothes?’ He shouted at me.

‘Didn’t you say you want to go and greet my parents? Let’s go.’ I said.

Masaya calmed down. He pulled me into a fierce hug.

‘We can go tomorrow.’ He said

‘Eh? Why? What are you doing?’

‘I’m so happy. I’m going to make love to you all night.’

I was stripped of my clothes and my breasts were massaged. My susceptible skin reacted quickly and I was moaning again.

Was it really going to be alright being married to this person?

I looked at his face and he had a happy smile, and I decided to stop worrying. It would be okay, I guess.

I decided I was prepared to be swayed by this deluded Shacho forever.

THE END. Woohoo!

Zuben: I’m gonna turn you on babe, I’m gonna turn you on and make love all night long.

It’s all well and good but, why are women in all these stories passive lovers? They just lay there and semi reluctantly spread their legs. No give and take. Just take take take and then pretend it’s a pain in the arse/waist, literarily. I suppose it’s alright as long as they are both having fun.

Anyhoo, hope you all enjoyed it dear readers.