Befriending The Most Powerful Person


Befriending The Most Powerful Person Chapter 1.7


"You don't have to worry about it. It was probably because I had been too distant lately that he did this. He will come back eventually." That's right… Chu told himself. This situation is just temporary. Sooner or later, Shao will go back to his side. Later he will treat him a bit better. After all, Shao Ci is still quite useful. This is a free fan translation. Please do not re-post. Thank you!


Chapter 1.7

The idea of Shao Ci with another person made Chu Jin feel restless. He must take control of the situation.

“Shao did not know why but after they left the banquet, Yin Han took him back to his room in the villa like it's the most natural thing to do… And Yin Han is even taking a bath while he is there.

What is this strange event that’s starting to unfold, ah! He had not even been able to stay this long in Chu Jin’s room.

Shao Ci sat on the couch in the room and felt like he was on pins and needles. This room is multiple times more luxurious than his tiny apartment (After all, it was one of the City’s preserved villa), everything is intact, there is even a small cinema where they can watch movies.1

He wanted to leave but it would be impolite if he leaves while the other was taking a bath, so he have no choice but to wait. The ten minutes of waiting felt like an eternity. 2

Finally, the bathroom door opened. He looked up, and froze at the sight because Yin Han had just went out of the bathroom, drops of water are hanging on his dripping hair, which was tucked gently behind his ears completely showing his stunning face.

He then looked down and saw that Yin Han is wearing a bathrobe exposing most of his white jade-like chest.

Shao Ci: “!”

Even if he isn’t gay, he is blind if he doesn’t take notice of this! 3

“You can take a bath now.” Yin Han said with a smile.

'I’m not here to take a bath!!’  Even though he wanted to say this, he didn’t have the courage to retort when he saw Yin Han’s face. In the end he was not able to say anything and just went directly to the bathroom to hide. Pls. only read this on HaraFtranslation(dot)wordpress(dot)com. Thank you.

"Why?" Shao said while leaning against the bathroom wall. He wanted to slap himself.

He made sure to bath quickly, only to remember that he doesn’t have a change of clothes. At that very moment, Shao Ci felt like he has been abandoned by the world. Then, he saw a bathrobe hanging on a hook in the wall.

'Why did this guy have two bathrobes in his bathroom?'

Once he was out of the bathroom, Shao Ci said: “Then, can I go home now? It’s already late. I don’t think I should stay here any longer…”

While he was saying this, Shao Ci slowly walked towards the door. A sharp spike of ice suddenly popped out of the ground, the sharp tip of the ice spike flashing as it completely blocked his way.

Shao Ci knows that Yin Han’s ice powers can easily bring down a ‘mutant’ zombie. 4 Even though he have healing powers, he still fears getting frostbites.

Is it really necessary for him to do this?

Shao Ci turned around and saw Yin Han sitting on the bed. His hand patted the space beside him and smiled as he looked at him before saying: “Come here. I need another pillow…”

“What! I’m not a pillow, ah!’

Shao Ci was surprised and stammered while trying to find an excuse. “Well, I move too much in my sleep. I don’t want to disturb you, so…”

“But I can’t sleep without a pillow.” Yin Han frowned. He continued with a troubled look on his face, “In that case, I’ll probably have no energy, my power will be greatly diminished. If that happens, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help your base.”

“….” It’s a threat! It’s definitely a threat! There no way not having a good sleep will weaken his power that much. Shao Ci gritted his teeth. Even if Yin Han doesn’t sleep for a night his protagonist halo 5 will definitely make sure he can kill those zombies.

But that still doesn’t give him a reason to refuse Yin Han. After all, Yin Han is now the capture target.

In this world, aside from the villain boss, Zombie King, there is no one else who is stronger than Yin Han. It is more important to have a good relationship with him. Please do not repost this free translation. Read this on

Even though he might kill him eventually.

Shao Ci decided that he will just have to bite the bullet 6 and went past Yin Han’s line of sight. He carefully lay near the edge of the bed, trying to be as far away as possible from Yin Han, and didn’t dare to move.

“How can I sleep when my pillow is so far away?", Yin Han smiled while saying this.

“Then, I- I’m going over there…” Shao Ci’s face turned rosy as he, very slowly, crawled over to Yin Han’s side.  He thought he would be too scared to fall asleep but not even ten minutes have passed, and he is already sleeping like the dead because the bed is so comfortable.

He didn’t know that in his sleep he even clung tightly to Yin Han.

The next morning,  Chu Jin went to Shao Ci’s residence early.

After all, he treated Sha Ci a bit badly yesterday. Although, he didn’t really care about what he did, Chu Jin felt that he should come to coax Shao.

Chu frowned when he knocked on the door but no one responded. He usually sees Shao Ci arrive moments after he wake up but he don’t know the exact time that Shao Ci gets up.

However, he have a superior hearing. Although there is no movement, there are also no other noises which means that Shao Ci must have been awake.

Chu Jin gently said, “Shao Ci, are you awake? I know you’re still angry about last night. I’m sorry about that. Can you please let me in?”

A moment passed and there is still no sound coming from the other side of the door. Chu Jin’s heart missed a beat and with his hand on the door, he used his ability to damage the lock which instantly opened the door.

Shao Ci’s residence at the base is not very big. It is just an average room, and with a glance from the doorway one can immediately see everything inside.

There is no one in the room. If you are reading this anywhere other than, then you are on a translation aggregator.

“He didn’t come back last night.” Chu Jin unconsciously clenched his fists. Even if he is not looking in the mirror, he knows how distorted his expression looks right now.  If those acquaintances of his who are so used to seeing his gentle looks and personality will see him, they will certainly be scared.

1.7 1.jpg

At this time, Shao Ci is with Yin Han touring around the base.

The expected arrival date of zombies waves are still far away, so they can still leisurely walk around the base before the non-stop killing of zombies start.

“This is the base’s market. Many psychics will bring back some things from outside and they will be sold for cheap here. So much can be bought if you have ten zombie crystal nucleus.” Shao Ci has been in the base for a long time which is why he have no problems with being a tour guide.

However, Yin Han already sent his men to tour on their own and followed Shao Ci alone.

Yin Han only gave a slight nod, his line of sight from beginning to end was on Shao. His eyes showing his happiness as he seem to appreciate the beautiful scene that he is seeing.

Shao is feeling tense because of Yin Han’s stare.  He remembered what happened earlier, when he woke up he was hugging Yin Han tightly his sleep, that the other can’t get out of the bed.

Shao Ci kept beating himself over what happened.7 Even if he is still feeling uncomfortable, Shao Ci stubbornly tried to maintain a calm look.

By midday, the two people sat down at one of the upscale restaurants which is exclusively for psychics. The ingredients for the foods used in the restaurant are developed through special methods.  The quality of dishes made does not differ from what they served before the apocalypse.

Of course, the price is also very expensive. A level three zombie nucleus is enough for the daily living expenses of ordinary people. But, that price is nothing for the strong.

Chu Jin and his men, and occasionally other people in the base, go to Shao Ci for free healing, so he does not have much nucleus but he have saved enough for a meal.

At the door, Shao Ci handed some crystal nucleus, enough for two people, to the waiter. Yin Han noticed this and his eyes gleamed.

“The food here certainly can’t compare to the ones in B City, but the taste is still good!” Shao said,  his eyes sparkling as he looked at the menu. He has not eaten this kind of food for a long time since he usually only eat instant noodles.

1.7 2

Shao Ci slightly hesitated, his white cheeks turning crimson. He glanced at him shyly and tried to meet Yin Han’s eyes.

“I just…want you to only eat the best food. After all, you are one of our guests in S City! How can we let our guests eat average food!” 9

He thanked the system for the blush plug-in.

In fact, Shao Ci worked hard to make Chu Jin happy so that he can hug his thigh better. Sometimes the system makes him do tricky tasks and there is no way to accomplish it if he isn’t close enough to the target, ah!

However that Chu Jin is like a dead slag man. He is incredibly indifferent. Shao Ci had been accustomed to it but still continued his method of brushing his affections. Now the system has changed its target and fortunately Yin Han still have a conscience…

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Yin Han’s mood become pleasant after hearing this. His eyebrows were no longer furrowed and he said, “If you aren’t doing this for S City but for me, I will be happier.””

Shao Ci no longer kept looking down. “Well, of course, I’m mainly doing it for you…”

Suddenly they heard the sound of the door opening, and the voice of the waiter talking to someone with a respectful tone. “Chu xiānshēng10, would you like to go to your usual seat?”

“No need,” a gentle voice replied. “I will eat with my acquaintance today.”

Shao looked up and saw Chu Jin who was walking towards them.



“What a coincidence to see you here.” Chu Jin said, wearing a good natured smile on his handsome face that no one can resist.  In fact, almost no one has ever rejected him. “Do you mind if we eat together?”

Yin handed the tea to Shao Ci before he faced Chu Jin and indifferently answered.  “If I say no?”

Hara’s Notes:

  1. This one is hard to decipher. The original Chinese is here: 些简单的电影. If you have a better translation for this, please message me. Thanks!
  2. 他只觉得这短短的十几分钟长的可怕 is the original Chinese here. It can be very roughly translated that Shao Ci is feeling that ‘its terrible to wait for ten minutes’. But I decided to translate it to ‘the ten minutes felt like an eternity’ . It still shows that Shao is feeling that it’s terrible to wait for ten minutes because ‘it felt like it took an eternity’.
  3. The original Chinese is here:….都觉得要被闪瞎了啊!”” It can be very roughly translated to “”…think he is going to be blind/blinded..”” I tried to search for English idioms about this but the only ones I can find have negative meaning so I decided to with the translation I placed here. If you have a better alternative for this, please message me. <3″
  4. There are different variations of zombies here. :)”
  5. Protagonist halo refers to how the world sometimes bend to the protagonist.
  6. It is an idiom meaning forcing yourself to go through a situation.
  7. It's an idiom that means that Shao Ci keeps remembering and regretting what happened.
  8. I think this is a reference to how visual novels have choices and each choice leads to a happy ending and bad ending. ❤
  9. It literally translates to ‘casual’ food but its not that clear so I took the liberty of changing it to ‘average’ food. “
  10. Xiansheng is an address for men like Mr. or Sir. 🙂

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