Befriending The Most Powerful Person


Befriending The Most Powerful Person Chapter 1.6


"Don't worry, I'm not angry with you." Yin smiled, and there was immediately many sound of surprise that was heard. Then he leaned over and kissed his forehead gently.

It felt like a feather is softly touching his forehead. It is so gentle, like he is dreaming it all, but it's actually happening.Haraftranslation(dot)wordpress(dot)com

It took a very long time for Shao to react: "!!?"

Wait, wait, what just happened?!


Chapter 1.6

[The system detected that the capture target have a good impression of the host. The host should continue to do his best.]

Shao Ci: “…” No. System, you have to explain why Yin Han, who is a straight man, kissed him. Isn’t that kind of action gay, ah!

[That’s because the capture target thinks that the host is very cute, like a cute little animal.]

“Well, that’s good.” Shao Ci is relieved to hear the system’s explanation that the other only think he is a pet or something, “I understand now. He treats me like I am a pet or something…that’s strange,ah.”

What kind of X point story protagonist will want to treat a man as a pet? Please do not re-post this translation anywhere. I worked hard on it… Thank you for understanding.

The onlookers were also shocked at witnessing the scene. They didn’t speak for a long time and thought that this is not what was supposed to happen.

Yin Han should have abandoned Shao Ci when he was fiercely ridiculed.

Yin Han raised his head and coldly stared at the people who taunted Shao. Those people did not know how to react and suddenly felt a gust of cold wind, their mouths become frozen leaving them unable to speak, their eyes revealed a sense of panic, anxiously wanting to leave, but they are afraid that doing so will make Yin Han more angry.



Some people immediately stared at Chu Jin with eyes full of gratitude. Many suddenly thought that Chu Jin is better than him. Yin Han might be stronger but his attitude is too volatile, as for wanting to be in a relationship with him…forget it.

[“Apologize to me?” Yin Han look at Chu Jin and sneered.] Image is not mine. Image Credit:

“Apologize to me?” Yin Han look at Chu Jin and sneered. Yin Han continued, “I don’t need any apology. The one they should apologize to is him.” He placed his arm on Shao Ci’s shoulder, who looks nervous and pale, as he indifferently looked at the shivering people.

“Don’t misbehave. As long as all of you kneel by the door for one night then you will be fine. But if you say anything more like that in the future then I’m not sure what will happen.”

The people’s eyes flashed with reluctance, but they are already shivering too much  from the cold. Even if they are not willing they have to do it because they fear Yin Han. In front of him they don’t have any power to resist.

Chu Jin didn’t think that Yin Han will actually dare to threaten his people in his face1, however he still have use for him so he was forced to back down. If you are not on HaraFtranslation(dot)wordpress(dot)com. You are reading this on a translator aggregator.

Then, Yin Han took Shao Ci’s hand and as they passed by Chu he whispered, “As you can see, I have a good relationship with Xiao Ci. Outsiders like you don’t need to worry about it.” Please read this only on

“Outsiders?” Chu unconsciously turned to look at the two people. ‘How could he be an outsider?’

It is clear that the person who Shao Ci relies on the most is him, without him he can’t even eat his food. He will always look at him with sparkling eyes, watching him, even if his attitude is lukewarm. Shao Ci has not changed. He will always be devoted to him. As for Yin Han, he had only known Shao Ci for less than a day. What rights does he have to call him an outsider?

Chu almost blurted out those words, but he quickly calmed down and his mouth curved up in a fake but perfect smile. “Hearing that reassures me. Then, I entrust him in your care.” His eyes subconsciously sought Shao Ci yet he didn’t even glanced back at him.

Everyone subtly look at Chu. They know that after what happened today, Shao Ci won’t come back. Everyone in the base knows about Shao Ci’s unrequited love for Chu Jin and Yin Han treats him better. Even a fool would not come back.

Seeing that Chu Jin’s expression is normal, a few psychics decided to talk to him and sighed.”Chu Jin, I didn’t think Shao Ci would really…”

“Hey, don’t be sad. You’re such a good person, If anyone is with you what more can they ask for?”

“Let’s try to force him to stay. Yin Han is already too strong, and it's a big loss to the whole base if Shao leaves.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. It was probably because I had been too distant lately that he did this. He will come back eventually.” That’s right… Chu told himself. This situation is just temporary. Sooner or later, Shao will go back to his side. Later he will treat him a bit better. After all, Shao Ci is still quite useful.

The idea of Shao Ci with another person made  Chu Jin feel restless. He must take control of the situation.


Shao did not know why but after they left the banquet, Yin Han took him back to his room in the villa like it's the most natural thing to do… And Yin Han is even taking a bath while he is there.

What is this strange event that’s starting to unfold, ah! He had been able to stay this long in Chu Jin’s room. 
Shao Ci sat on the couch in the room and felt like he was on pins and needles.

Hara’s Notes:

  1. It is like Yin Han is not giving Chu Jin any face because he threatened his subordinates in front of him. So now Chu Jin, is backed in a corner because he need to save his face/reputation.

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