Befriending The Most Powerful Person


Befriending The Most Powerful Person Chapter 1.5


A man with extremely handsome looks appeared that Chu recognized as Yin Han because of his various inquiries on B City, though that was not what brought him a sense of crisis, after all he can always be dealt with. What made Chu feel uneasy is that Shao Ci is currently  following Yin Han and looking at him with dreamy eyes and blushing cheeks.


Chapter 1.5

Chu soon realized that he is reacting strangely and quickly calmed himself down. Don't mind it, it’s just Shao Ci. He is not worth the trouble. He knows what kind of person Shao Ci is. It is very clear that Shao Ci is just following him because he is powerful. It is nothing but a hero worship for his strength. He knows he is the most important person for him. Yin Han is obviously a powerful psychic, there are a lot of people competing for his affections. 1 Surely, Shao Ci is just a fling.

He believed he now understood the situation clearly with that he then turned to smile respectfully at the other person. He tried to appear sincere and said, “You must be Yin Han from B City, your reputation precedes you. Thank you very much for coming here to help us.”

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More than half of the people unknowingly gathered around them, looking at Yin Han with admiration when they heard his name.

Yin Had is said to be one of the top psychics on the whole C country. It is said that his psychic powers have already reached level seven. B City was almost destroyed because of zombies and Yin Han was the one who saved the entire base. He made the B city base and now it is one of the most powerful forces in the surrounding area.

It is simply shocking that B city base willingly let Yin Han come over to help them.

Shao Ci knows the reason why Yin Han can come to S City, it is because the former leader of B City is a villain. He tried to steal Yin Han’s powers and as a result was killed by him. Then, everyone voted for Yin Han to be the leader. 

But as a protagonist, Yin Han wants to become stronger, for that reason he can’t stay in the base forever. Which is why he let his younger brother become the person in charge while he went to S City.

Chu Jin only have a level six water ability. It is also very powerful but there is a big difference when compare it to Yin Han’s powers, so even if he is Chu, he can only treat Yin Han with respect.

If you compare him to Yin Han, Chu Jin’s brilliance will look so dim, almost like it is completely covered.

Because of that, even if there are rumors that many of Yin Han’s people have died because of him, there are still countless people who want to have a relationship with him. Those people did not directly approach Yin Han before, because he seemed indifferent. But if he can tolerate Shao Ci, then they also have a chance, ah. Compared to Shao Ci they are so much better than him, they can easily replace him.

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Hearing that, the originally noisy banquet suddenly become quiet, everyone pricked their ears up, listening eagerly like they are afraid of missing any important information.

“Xiao Ci?” Yin Han narrowed his eyes, a contemplative look on his face.

Shao Ci: “…It’s a nickname.” Although he is used to being called with that nickname, he still feels that it is embarrassing to be called that!

“Xiao Ci is a really good boy.” Chu Jin said with a smile, as if their relationship is very intimate, but then sighed: “I have always been worrying about him because I want him to make more friends. Now, I am very relieved that he can get along well with other people.”

“Really?” Yin Han’s expression become dark.

The onlookers who are jealous of Shao Ci quickly took advantage of this and began muttering: “Look at him, he is already currying favor with Yin Han, he is such a fast worker.” 3

“Chu Jin Daren 4 is good to him but he is not satisfied, now let’s see who will still want him after this.”

“Now that Yin Han Daren knows about this he will certainly reject him.”

“Shao Ci thinks he is very important because of his healing ability. What a joke, which base doesn’t have an anti-zombie medicine now, ah. It’s no problem even if we don’t have him in our base.”

They keep belittling his abilities, but the truth is that if they are injured and they take the medicine, it will be necessary for them to rest for several days. If they are treated with his healing ability, they can go on fighting without taking a break.

The effect is completely different.

Chu Jin smiled as he listened to those harsh words. This is exactly what he wants to achieve.

Yes, that’s right. After this Shao Ci will be abandoned by Yin Han. He would no longer think of leaving him.

After listening to those people, Shao felt like he is listening to people from another world.

What kind of lines are those? Hello, he is just an ordinary person who wants to hug thighs. Why does it seem like they are making him out to be a two-timer, ah!

And he knows that in this X point end of the world story, Yin Han is definitely a straight man. As a straight man, if he thinks that he is gay, then how can he hug the thigh, ah!

Shao Ci couldn’t stop himself from taking hold of Yin Han’s sleeve.

Yin Han lowered his head and saw Shao Ci holding on his sleeve. He looked like he was fighting back tears and wanted to explain but do not know what he should say. The sight broke Yin’s heart into pieces.

“Don’t worry, I’m not angry with you.” Yin smiled, and there was immediately many sound of surprise that was heard. Then he leaned over and kissed his forehead gently.

It felt like a feather is softly touching his forehead. It is so gentle, like he is dreaming it all, but it’s actually happening.

[It felt like a feather is softly touching his forehead. It is so gentle, like he is dreaming it all, but it’s actually happening.] Image is not mine. Image Credit:

It took a very long time for Shao to react: “!!?”

Wait, wait, what just happened?!


The onlookers were also shocked at witnessing the scene. The didn’t speak for a long time and though that this is not what was supposed to happen. Yin Han should have abandoned Shao Ci when he was fiercely ridiculed.

Yin Han raised his head and coldly stared at the people who taunted Shao.

Hara’s Notes:

1. It states that ‘There is no shortage of people’. It refers to the fact that Yin Han can pick anyone he wants. The literal translation doesn’t carry the implied meaning so I tweaked it to emphasize that a lot of people are vying for his attention which also have the same meaning and carries the same tone.

2. The original chinese here is: 楚谨的脸色有些难看. At first I wanted to translate it to ‘he grimaced’ or ‘he scrunched up his face’ but I decided to keep it the way it is because it just did not really carry-over the same meaning.

3. The first part of this talks about how Shao Ci quickly become close/hooked up to Yin Han but the second part is more difficult. This is the second part: 还以为多有手段呢 . I tried searching it on Chinese dictionary but it is still difficult. Just message me if you have an alternative translation for this. 🙂 Thank you!

4. Daren = is a honorific and a title of respect to the person. It is like saying Sir Chu Jin.

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