Befriending The Most Powerful Person


Befriending The Most Powerful Person Chapter 1.3


[Beep, beep, beep… The detected power is higher than the role of… According to the rules of the system the capture target will be replaced. Replacement is completed. The current capture target is Yin Han.]If you are seeing this, you are  reading this on a translation aggregator website. Please read this on haraftranslation[dot]wordpress[dot]com. Thank you!   

Shao Ci: "…." System, are you teasing me?

Although the system is called befriending the most powerful person and doesn't seem to have any moral integrity, but to actually change the capture target when a more powerful person emerge? Crap, is it really that heartless?!


Chapter 1.3

[Daily Task reset. The current task is to treat the capture target. Host, please do your best.]

Shao Ci was quite relieved when he heard the task. He is not nervous, he is actually scared every time the system gives out tasks for fear of how horrible the next task will be. Unexpectedly, the task this time is quite normal.

When Shao Ci explained the reason of his presence to the person in charge, most of the people turned towards Yin Han. Yin Han finished drinking his cup of tea before he gently nodded. Only then did those people let Shao Ci heal their wounds.

Everyone knows that while the possibility of infection is smaller when you are a psychic, they can still become a zombie if they don’t take medications or have a healer treat their  wounds. If you are not reading this on HaraFTranslation wordpress, then you are on a translation aggregator website.

Even though they know that, those psychics still opted to wait for Yin Han’s approval. This time, the reason they are in S City is also because of Yin Han’s orders. They completely distrusts outsiders. If Yin Han did not nod, they will not let outsiders treat them. Plus, Shao Ci also looks pure, good looking and well behaved making the people like him.

It is said that the people of B City suffered a zombie siege1 while traveling. Many men were injured, and Yin Han was able to freeze off the rest of the zombies in one move.

Shao Ci: “!” Wait, does that mean that Yin Han is not hurt at all?! Then, how can he treat him, ah?!

Forget it. He should treat those people first. HaraFTranslation[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Shao is not sure about what he is doing but he didn’t have any problem healing them. He can only give credit to the system for this because he is relying on the system’s plug-in. Even if the person is only a breath away from dying, with the plug-in, he can immediately save them.


BTMPP 1.3 2n part.pngS City people: “!!” Wait, Shao Ci isn’t usually this powerful!

B City people: “!!!” Crap, his healing ability is too powerful. It’s such a waste that he is a part of S City. Let us take him away!

Shao Ci himself was shocked: “…” It turns out that he was so powerful, and he didn’t even know it.

But he still needs to focus on the task that he needs to do otherwise the system will punish him. Shao Ci slowly look towards the direction of Yin Han. His face is flushed, and he looks like he wants to say something but did not know how to start. HaraFTranslation/./wordpress/./



[His face is flushed, and he looks like he wants to say something but did not know how to start.] Image is not mine. Image Credit:

The B City psychics who stayed felt pity for him.  They have seen some people express their love for Yin Han and many of those people died after their declaration. With such a power healing ability if he dies it will be a such waste.

Yin Han naturally knows when someone is looking at him. He placed down his tea cup, and raised an eyebrow at Shao Ci, waiting for him to speak.

Shao Ci’s face was completely red, and he summoned all his courage to whisper: “Then, that is… Can I help you by healing you?”

Then he seemed to realize that his words are too abrupt because of that he hurriedly added: “Even if there are no injuries, healing powers have many benefits. I- I didn’t mean anything else by that.”

Yin Han did not reply. He just stared at him until Shao Ci began to feel his eyes getting misty. Shao Ci helplessly bowed his head and suddenly heard a chuckle. Yin Han turned to him with a smile and said: “Come here.”

[Yin Han turned to him with a smile and said: “Come here.”] Image is not mine. Image Credit:

The B City psychics were stunned: “…” Wait, what have they just seen?!  Boss laughed, unbelievable!

As for the S City people because most of them are Chu Jin’s men they can’t bear to see such a scene. Most of them are Chu Jin’s men, and they don’t know how they will be able to explain this kind of development to him. /

“Well, okay.” Shao Ci raised his hopes again though he is still worried about being killed by Yin Han…he is just too much for him to handle.

Shao Ci walked towards him and put his hand on Yin Han’s slender ivory arm. From that point of view, he can observe more closely the stunning face of Yin Han.

This person is one of the best-looking person he has seen. Although his skin is pale, and his temperament is a bit gloomy. It only makes him more attractive.

‘Fortunately, I’m not gay…’ Shao Ci thought to himself.

Now that the capture target is not Chu, to be able to do all the daily tasks, he must find a way to stick to Yin Han’s side, ah!


“Is it alright for Chu Ge to let Xiao Shao go? Isn’t he afraid he will be disloyal?” One jokingly said: “I heard that one of the psychic from B City is very good-looking.”

Although they all know that Shao Ci is in an unrequited love with Chu Jin, most of them also know how important Shao Ci’s abilities are. If Shao Ci will like someone else , it will still be a great loss to Chu.

Hara’s Notes:

  1. The word here is 围攻 in Chinese dictionary it also means attack from all sides.

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Shao Ci didn't even know he is powerful! O_o Because he is too scared to try to use the full potential of his power. LOL XD Maybe, he could have gotten +1 affection from Chu Jin if Xiao Shao showed his full power.

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