Because I Reincarnated as a Succubus, I'll Squeeze Out Milk


Because I Reincarnated as a Succubus, I'll Squeeze Out Milk Chapter 6

While it was an orc, "Orc" obviously wasn't it's name. But, since neither of us had introduced ourselves. I wouldn't know if it had a name, even I didn't know what to call myself. Even though I knew not to judge a book by it’s cover, I instinctively had a bad impression of the orc and I couldn't picture myself being friends with one either.

"Guffu… guffu"

He wasn't being vigilant about Minoko. He was however, staring at me suspiciously with a grin on his face… He was also mumbling to himself, giggling every so often.

It's suspicious.

As we followed the orc along a small trail, I could feel the cold strange gaze of the orc on me. Consciously, I avoided any eye contact with him.

As we continued trekking, we eventually reached a break in the tree line. Sunlight came pouring down, illuminating the great open alpine grass and blooming yellow cosmos flowers. It was truly a sight to behold.

The blowing wind caressed my body as if the nature itself is embracing me.

It was a place I wouldn't mind settling down in for the rest of my life, letting Minoko graze on the wide open fields freely… Along with the orc… nah, that's impossible after all, huh.

"We're 'ere."

To my surprise, standing like it belonged there was a small log cabin. I expected an orc's habitat to be some kind of cave or something similarly primitive. But it was an actual proper house, it even had glass windows.

The orc leaned down as he open the door to walk inside. As I got down from Minoko, it became apparent that the orc was a lot bigger than he appeared. The orc, stood at least 70-80 centimeter above me, easily reaching 2 meters tall with all the muscle he had. He was probably 300 Kilograms, six time heavier than the 50 kilogram me… no, I'm probably only 45 kilo now… even though the breast is unnecessarily heavy..


No offense to all the women in the world, but suddenly having something I didn't have and losing other things… All I could do was sigh at how helpless I felt.

"What, is it?"

"Ah, nothing. And sorry for the intrusion."

Anyway, just to be safe, I shouldn't be alone with the orc, if the situation soured, he could probably crush my bones with a single push.

"Could I bring the minotauros in too?"

"Why do, you ask?"

"He's pretty big, so I didn't know if it would be fine."

"Not, a problem. Just hurry on, in."

That's good. If he refused, I didn't know what I was going to do .

I really didn't want to be alone with the orc… he had been staring at my body with a sinister glare for some time now..

What was he thinking right now…?

There was only one possible reason I could think of..

"He was probably measuring my fighting potential."

I whispered to myself. Minoko looking at me, tilted her head as if asking what are you doing? She probably thought I was plotting something against the orc, like tying him up and stealing his food.

"It's fine. I'm just trying to be cautious."


'Then that's fine'……?

I didn't have any intentions on doing anything bad, it was just that I didn't know if what he did was out of kindness or one with malicious intent…

Or… it was being cautious of the fact that I was a succubus that had a minotauros following me around, thinking that I was actually stronger than I looked. Isn't that bad? Wouldn't he get super angry once the truth got out? Was I going to be safe letting this go on?

"Your face, pale. Tired?"

"Not at all! Although I might not look like it, I did practice martial art! And I do a lot of exercise too! I'm considerably strong!"

I exclaimed as I raised my fist in a boxing pose, throwing punches just like what I saw on the internet. Truth be told, the last time I got in a fight was back in kindergarten. The orc, doubting me started looking over me again…. Should I have done some footwork as well?

"Is that, so? You. trained? Gufu, gufufu."

It snorted as it once again licked its lips.


It felt like a hundred centipede crawled up my back. This dreadful feeling I never had as a boy clung to my body. What is this terrible feeling? Is it because my race changed, is it because I'm female now?

"Sit. I, get food. Anything, dislike?

"… raw meat is a bit…"

"gufu. Understood."

After asking, it disappeared inside the cabin.

It didn't seem to be bothered by my show of power just now. Did I really look that weak? Huh….

"Damn it. I won't let you gain the upper hand."

I said as I grit my teeth. As if to say 'yareyare', Minoko let out a sigh.

Steeling my resolve, I walked in after the orc, the small entrance way scratched the side of Minoko's belly as she waddled sideways in.

Once inside, I knit my brow at how messy the room was. Even though it looked so amazing outside next to its backdrop, the inside was like a big slap to the face.

White dust is piling up on the table and cupboard that clearly didn't see much use. Judging from the lone chair in the room, it was clear that the orc lived alone. I relaxed a bit at the thought that he didn't have any friends I had to worry about.

"He did say that I should sit down…"

Since I didn't want to sit on the dusty floor or the only chair in the room, I decided to sit on the side of the lone bed against the wooden wall. Minoko followed, folding her legs sitting down next to me, taking the chance, I started to rub her back.


"You're hungry? Me too. Please wait just a bit longer, okay?"

It felt like I was better at understanding her now. Anyway….…

"This cabin… something feels off about it.."

I could feel an unease sitting at the bottom of my stomach as I surveyed the interior of the cabin. The orc then came our of the kitchen, bending its head as it walked out the doorway. He looked comical as his head almost touched the ceiling. In his hand was a large wooden plate piled with food as he set it down on the table..

"Sorry, for the wait."

The food on the plate was really similar to that of my old world. There were fruits like apples and bananas, things like sweet potatoes, grains like corn as well as other types of food.

Although none of it was cooked, I didn't expect an orc to bring things like produce out. Did orcs excel at farming in this world?


Was he just going to sit there and watch us eat? Sitting cross legged on the floor, the orc grinned nonstop as it stared at me. Don't tell me… he was going to fatten us up before eating us was he? What was he thinking anyway? The face he had on was so hideous it was unbearable.

Let's just eat and quickly leave.

I got down from the bed and sat in front of the plate. I took an apple, since I couldn't eat raw corn or sweet potatoes. I'll just give them all to Minoko. I hesitantly looked looked at the apple in my hand, stealing glances at Minoko as she sniffed the food for a while before finally starting to eat.

"Is it good?"


'it's not something inedible' is it? You're quite full of yourself aren't you.

But still, even with this much food I had a feeling that it wouldn't satisfy Minoko's appetite. Wandering the forest aimlessly was clearly not possible, I had to find a place where I could provide her with enough food.

"not, gonna eat?"

"Ah, I'm eating. Thank you for this food."

If I ate like I used to in my previous life, this body would probably fall ill quickly, but what would happen if I ate normal human food? Would I get food poisoning like how dogs can't eat chocolate? The more I thought about it, the more I hesitated in fear. Well sooner or later, I had to find out…

With all my resolve, I bit down on the apple.

"*chewing* nnn, nnn!!"

I can certainly taste the familiar sweet and sour taste of an apple. My sense of taste hasn't changed at all. I made a victory pose in my mind for that fact.

But that happiness was soon gone. The moment I swallowed the apple, I didn't feel anything at all. Not even the sensation of food going down my throat or my stomach being filled. The next bite, and the next. No matter how much I ate, the empty feeling still remained.

The flavor is there but it was like I was eating air, I will never feel full. I would never be able to satisfy my hunger..

So this is the body of a succubus? Damn it! I feel like crying again.

"You, don't like, it?"

Having seen my reaction, the orc asked curiously. I shake my head in reply. At least I could eat, that in of itself was a good thing.

"Not at all, it's really delicious. Did you grow this yourself?"

"No. Humans, grew it."

"You do trading with humans!?"

Shocked from this revelation, my jaw dropped as I dropped my half eaten apple on the floor. Seems like I was underestimating the orcs social skills.

Although I had no problem living alone, that was mostly my hikikomori spirit rearing it's ugly head. I wanted to start a new and live a civilized life.

Alright, let's leave as soon as Minoko finishes eating.

I'll ask the orc about the nearby human village and quickly leave.,,

That plan quickly crumbled with the orc's next few words.

"Kill,then stole."

It took a few moments for what he said to process in my head. The orc said it so casually, like it was just any other day. I reached for the apple on the floor and took a bite out of it.



Those words couldn't have any peaceful meaning behind it.

"What… do you mean?"

Although I already knew what he meant, I stupidly asked again.

"Occasionally, some peddlers come. some don't have guards. Idiots. Kill. Fun. Sometimes have booze, lucky."

Did he think that I would admire him because we were both demons? He was gleefully gloating about his deeds and exploits.


So that's was the uneasy feeling I had ever since I came into the cabin..

The door that was too small for its owner, the low ceiling. The chair, table and bed behind me. All of them were too small for an orc.

Exactly what happened to the previous owner of this place apparently clear..

I put on my best attempt at a smile, but I couldn't. The thing that the office lady said wasn't a lie. The cause of the high death count was standing right in front of me.

"Minoko, let's go."

Even if I'm not a human anymore.

Even if the orc is actually nice to other demon.

As a former human, I couldn't bear it anymore. I definitely couldn't be able to be friends with someone who killed for fun.

"You, finished, eating?"

"Thank you very much. We can go our separate ways now. Just point us to the nearest road out of this forest. And although I can't guarantee it, I will repay this kindness one day.."

I don't even want to breathe the same air as this monster anymore. I slowly stood up, avoiding eye contact with it.

But then the orc suddenly push me down onto the bed.

"What are you…!?"

I quickly tried to break free in rage, but the orc had already pinned me down. It had straddled me like he was riding a horse. The bed creaking heavily from his weight.

"If really, grateful. Payback, now."

"It's too bad but I don't have anything on me."

"Then, live here. Be, my wife."


What did it just say? Its speech is a bit hard to understand so I missed what it just said.

Did I hear the word "live" and "here"? That’s a definite NO.

The problem is after that. Wife? Bride? Me? The orc's?

Nononononono. I heard it wrong, right?

Is this a proposal? No way, I'm surely just hearing it wrong.

"Sorry but… come again?"

"Be, my wife. Impregnate. Bear our child."

I'm utterly speechless.


[A/N] She got attacked. It's an orc stuff.

"Be my waifu."