Beautiful Wife And Genius Son


Beautiful Wife And Genius Son Chapter 85


On Zhen Wu and Lucy’s secret wedding day, Zhen Wu smiled and greeted all the students.

Zhen Wu planned a private wedding for him and Lucy at a small city church. He wanted for them to look back on their wedding, and remember how happy they were with just the two of them.

Lam Ting carried books to the front gate. It was her habit to look out for Zhen Wu. She thought he looked like he would smile at her if she greeted him that day.

When Lam Ting noticed Yang Han An held a knife, she automatically ran to protect Zhen Wu. Yang Han An’s knife stabbed her stomach. Zhen Wu caught her before she fell. She looked at her bleeding stomach, and didn’t know why she took a knife stab for Zhen Wu. She heard Yang Han An scream and cry.

The next moment Lam Ting woke up, it was night and she heard Zhen Wu’s usual cold voice spoke warmly on the phone.

‘Lucy, there’s been an incident,’ Zhen Wu said. ‘Do you want us to change it to a different day… you want to wait… OK, wait for me, I promise I’ll come.’

Zhen Wu said bye to Lucy, and he saw Lam Ting wake up. Bai Yu Tian had a gifted surgeon’s hands. Lam Ting looked pale, but she was in a stable condition.

‘You’re awake,’ Zhen Wu said.

‘Yes… ah…’ Lam Ting said.

‘Don’t sit up,’ Zhen Wu said.

‘Yang Han An…’ Lam Ting said.

‘A student called the police,’ Zhen Wu said. ‘The police arrested her.’

‘I didn’t expect she would do this,’ Lam Ting said.

Lam Ting thought Zhen Wu looked too handsome sitting in front of her hospital bed.

‘Is it worth sacrificing yourself for your father?’ Zhen Wu asked.

Lam Ting thought she was a foolish person. She loved Zhen Wu, but he only believed she had an ulterior motive to save his life. Her pride stopped herself from telling him how heartbroken she was.

‘It’s worth it,’ Lam Ting said.

Zhen Wu looked at the prideful Lam Ting. He didn’t understand why chose to sit on a pedestal.

‘I promise no one can touch your father’s position,’ Zhen Wu said.

Lam Ting closed her eyes and she spoke softly.

‘Thank you,’ Lam Ting said.

Lam Ting opened her eyes, and saw Zhen Wu stood up.

‘Where are you going?’ Lam Ting asked. ‘I heard you speaking on the phone with Lucy before. Are you dressed like this to go on a date with her?’

‘Yes,’ Zhen Wu said. ‘Today is mine and Lucy’s wedding day. She’s been waiting for me all night. I’ll come visit you another day.’

Zhen Wu opened the door. He didn’t regret leaving Lam Ting crying silently on the hospital bed. Love couldn’t be forced. He loved Lucy, and he knew in Lucy’s heart he was her husband since they met as children.

At three in the morning the priest pitied the bride. Lucy had stood waiting at the door all night.

‘Miss, it’s late,’ the priest said. ‘Your fiance isn’t here. I can marry you and your fiance another day.’

‘I’m sorry father,’ Lucy said. ‘I’m sorry I made you wait this long. Can we wait for another half an hour? I believe he’ll come because he promised.’

‘Alright,’ the priest said.

‘Thank you father,’ Lucy said.

Lucy looked up at the full moon. She was too anxious to feel the cold wind. She didn’t wait in vain, the man she loved was running toward her and his tie flew back behind his shoulder.

‘I’ll deal with you later for being late,’ Lucy teased.

‘I’ll listen to everything my wife says,’ Zhen Wu said.

Lucy heard Zhen Wu called her wife and she blushed. She held his hand and led him to the altar.

‘Father, this is my fiance Zhen Wu,’ Lucy said.

The priest opened his eyes from a nap. He stood and smiled at Lucy and Zhen Wu.

‘You’re finally here,’ the priest said. ‘You let your beautiful bride wait a long time. She’s a good girl. You should treasure her.’

‘Yes father,’ Zhen Wu said.

‘Let’s start,’ the priest said. ‘Do you two promise to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health?’

‘Father, can you speed up the ceremony?’ Zhen Wu asked.

‘Young man, you need to learn to be patient,’ the father chided. ‘Do you two promise to love and honor each other all the days of your lives together?’

‘I do,’ Lucy said.

‘I do,’ Zhen Wu said.

‘Lucy Brenda and Zhen Wu, exchange rings with each other,’ the priest said.

Zhen Wu took out the ring he bought for Lucy from his jacket pocket and they exchanged rings.

‘By the power vested in me,’ the priest said. ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife.’

‘Father, I hope you can understand how happy I am to marry my wife,’ Zhen Wu said. ‘Can I kiss my wife yet?’

‘You may now kiss your bride,’ the priest said.

The priest thought young couples these days were always in a rush.

The moonlight shone through the stained glass windows. The priest smiled at the happy newlyweds who looked like they would be together forever.

In that moment at the hospital, Lam Ting was a smart insomniac. She laid in her bed, and knew it was best to let go of unrequited love.

In the city church, Zhen Wu vowed not to let go of Lucy. He kissed her soft lips. She was the reason why he wanted to stay in the world, and why he understood love and happiness.

Lucy had waited years to be married to Zhen Wu. Finally he held her in his arms as her husband. She surrendered herself to him, and kissed him with love in her heart.

Zhen Wu held Lucy’s hands and smiled at her. She knew he would always be her man.

Every morning, everyone continued on with their lives. Yue Di Yi ran away from home like usual. Yue Ni continued to train like a demoness. Shu Tang Li slowly became accustomed to his life as the leader of Tan Lang. Yue Gu Zai and Zhen Zhen’s love for each other still tasted sweet. Shu Tang Jue and Nan Ma still bantered affectionately. No matter how many days past, everyone aspired to make beautiful memories.


End of Chapter Eighty-Five