Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison


Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison Chapter 4

Anal Cleaning 2

Needless to say the members of the club were sadists without exception

A customer can use electric shock till the slave faints, ad the current flows through her sensitive parts

A customer can have the woman suspended in a water tank and fuck her from behind

That was the difference; torture was common to the prisoners


I want to trample a woman as much as I desire

I want to hear her scream

I want to cruelly torture her

In order to satisfy such dark desires the club was established

With both financial and political power, and a few pathetic sacrifice of animals in the prison

The club was started

To qualify as a member, in addition to being rich, they must bring a kidnapped woman with them

Of course the club conducts an investigation before all of this

However the act of kidnapping in always one by the members itself

Accompanied with all the activities inside they have crossed a line that they can never go back from

If they ever choose to leave the club

That person’s future will be destroyed

The club also has a few female members

Those who enjoy lesbian play are a part of it