Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison


Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison Chapter 1 part2

Chapter 3/8

"What are you eating?"

"Ummm,  it's animal bait. It is our meal given to us by the mercy of the trainers and guards. We, livestock really appreciate it"

"It doesn't look good."

"No…no…it is very tasty"

The woman answered with her eyes closed.

"We don't care about taste, because livestock are not worth anything other than animal bait, they are not humans to care about food, these animals only need to take the required nutrients enough to live and look beautiful"

The trainer answered, while casting a glance at the woman.

"This woman is holding her hands next to her waist, while the other woman has her hands behinds her, what’s the difference?"

Surely, as the woman next to Mariko had her hands behind her, it will always protrude her breasts forward, increasing the appeal.

"And, the chain of the woman in next room is longer."

In the C rank room, different levels of restraint are used.

From loosely movable, to tightly strapped.

They can sleep on the rock bed if they are loose.

If they are tight, even moving is difficult.

"Our dear customer has quite a wonderful eye."

The trainer responded while admiring the new guy's perspective.

"If you do not severely discipline these animals, they will get used to the good treatment. To reward a good working pig, and to punish a bad pig, the way of restraints are used."

"Well, I don't really understand."

"The treatment is not only determined on their behavior, but also, the customer's review is an important factor."

Whether you obey the trainer's instructions and do not mind the guards physical abuse decides whether you get enough sleep or not.

If you show up with less sleep, and the customers are dissatisfied with the service, their evaluation decreases.

It's a vicious cycle.

The C rank prison is where the lowest ranked slaves are kept.

Falling below would mean the end of their lives

It's not needed for the club to lose their dignity over a single animal.

It is better to have the slave killed than kept living.

Slaves are non-human livestock. in fact, they are only objects.

That means that they are expendable.

They are going to be used for a few days and will be finished after they lose their appeal.

Or if unlucky, they will be broken by the customers.

The trainer's work is to remodel the slaves to increase their appeal.

The slaves must also maintain their sanity;

this is also one of the trainer's jobs.

"Teacher…. Curiosity is prohibited."

"I'm sorry Asumi…"

*I don't care about anything, no one cares about me. I am just a human livestock, an unnecessary existence…* Mariko strongly reminds herself once again.

Mariko,after finishing her bait, pushed the washbowl into the corridor through the small opening under the iron rails.

The value of slaves who were kidnapped was known through the food they were given.

The washbowls were cleaned to shine.

But because she ate it like a dog, a few residue was present on her face

In the same room, Asumi finished eating and also pushed her bowl outside.

And then the two women faced each other

They approached each others faces as if they were about to kiss.

Of course, the two did not kiss.

They licked off the remains on each other's face.

Both Mariko and Asumi were C ranked slaves.

A C ranked slave could not afford washing her body.

There were only two bowls for food and two slits for bathroom purpose

Of course there was no toilet paper

Even if there was they could not use it because there hands were restricted

If the trainer would find any remains of animal bait on there faces, severe punishment would await them. So, they have to clean each other's face with their tongues.

In a dark room, the two prisoners kissed each other all over their faces like beasts.

As they were cleaning each other's face, Asumi started kissing Mariko. She was surprised, and immediately turned her face away and held herself back from kissing a younger girl.

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