Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū Chapter 80


Will Be Buried in a Tiger's Mouth Today

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: , Proofread by: Strix)

"Ah~!!!!!" That scream, which could scare even the heavens, made Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan instantly turn around. In a flash, they could already see the tiger that was going to throw itself towards Ning XiangYuan.

"Run! Quick!!" Without any hesitation, ShangGuan LingLan ran and threw herself at Ning XiangYuan, pushing her away.

Having lost Ning XiangYuan as a target, the tiger ran directly towards Jing Yue.

ShangGuan LingLan held Ning XiangYuan and rolled on the ground. Her head seemed to have bumped into something and it felt extremely painful. She hadn't had the time to sense the pain when she suddenly saw that tiger rushing towards Jing Yue. ShangGuan LingLan instantly turned pale from the fright. She even forgot to scream.

"Aaaah! Tiger! There's a tiger!"

"A tiger has run inside! Aaah!"

Panic screams appeared from all directions, everyone was running all over the place. Jing Yue's soul finally came back. She saw that the tiger was already in front of her and her gaze suddenly changed. In a flash, she had run to the side, avoiding the tiger's attack.

However, the unexpected thing was, that tiger seemed to be aiming at her. It completely didn't chase after other people, directing its sharp claws ruthlessly only towards Jing Yue.

Jing Yue had no weapon in her hands, she really couldn't fight such a fierce tiger. She found an opportunity and rolled away, however, she still couldn't escape from the tiger's pursuit.

"Damn……" Jing Yue looked messy and embarrassed, panting heavily. This skirt really made her unable to do anything.

Just as Jing Yue kneeled wanting to tear her skirt, that tiger suddenly opened its mouth towards Jing Yue, wanting to bite her. Her eyes widened seeing that tiger pounced at her direction.

'Finished! Finished! Today I'll be buried in a tiger's mouth……'

That was probably the only thought in Jing Yue's mind at the moment.

However, just a moment after that idea appeared in Jing Yue's mind, a swishing sound suddenly appeared. A silvery white sword appeared in front of that tiger. She only saw a blurry scene in her eyes, before she finally saw a man in brocade clothing.

"Jing Yue!" ShangGuan LingLan finally reacted, opening her mouth and shouting Jing Yue's name.

Jing Yue didn't shift her gaze towards ShangGuan LingLan. With an expression of being completely amazed on her face, she watched as that man fought with the tiger. The man's martial arts was extraordinary, however, that tiger seemed just like it had eaten a stimulant, going crazily violent. That man's hand slowed down only for a moment and that tiger already managed to injure him with its sharp claws.

That man's blood provoked the tiger into letting out a more violent roar. Jing Yue's expression slowly went cold. ShangGuan LingLan had ran to Jing Yue's side, wanting to see whether or not she was injured, however, all of a sudden, Jing Yue unexpectedly turned her head and stared at ShangGuan LingLan's head.

"Lend me your hairpin for a moment." Without hesitating, Jing Yue took off a hairpin from ShangGuan LingLan's hair. Then without the slightest qualm, she straight away ran towards the tiger.

"Jing Yue!" ShangGuan LingLan's face turned pale from fear, completely unable to give any reaction. She lifted her gaze and saw Jing Yue suddenly bent her knees and jumped, knocking herself against that tiger. Obviously, the man holding the sword was also frightened. His eyes widened in stupefaction watching Jing Yue's action.

"Bastard!" Jing Yue ruthlessly knocked her knees against the tiger's neck. She suddenly thrust the hairpin in her hand into the tiger's neck. However, Jing Yue didn't thrust the entire hairpin in.

"Calm down!" Jing Yue used her feet to step on the tiger's head. That tiger whimpered in pain and fell to its knees. Jing Yue firmly pressed that tiger's head on the ground. From an angle that no one could see through, she used a pair of ice-cold eyes to stare at that tiger face to face.

Jing Yue's pitch black eyes suddenly changed color into a dark green that gleamed with wild rays. Words with a thread of hard to defy command came out of her mouth, "Calm down."

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