Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū Chapter 40


That Woman Has What Kind Of Backing?

ShangGuan LingLan came before Jing Yue; up and down looking at Jing Yue, she happily said: "It really is you?"

Jing Yue raised her eyebrows staring at ShangGuan LingLan and spoke: "You didn't know whether it is me or not yet you just came forward and called out loud, really bold."

ShangGuan LingLan went slightly blank for a moment before giving out a hearty laugh; looking at Jing Yue who became increasingly pleasing to her eyes, she opened her mouth and said: "Haha…… I still thought you'd come to school riding your wolf."

"Those two guys were drunk; they're still half sober now." Jing Yue helplessly rubbed her forehead and said: "You also come to this school?"

"Yes a, we'll be schoolmates in the future." ShangGuan LingLan smiled as she looked at Jing Yue and said: "My name is ShangGuan LingLan; later, if you have any problems, you can ask me. Inside this school, it is neither smooth nor steady; you don't have any background so you will definitely be bullied; whoever dares to touch you, you can come and tell me."

Jing Yue was looking at ShangGuan LingLan with astonishment after hearing what she had said; her 'I'll cover you' appearance greatly increased Jing Yue's good impression towards her. Smiling as she nodded her head, she said: "I will."

"Let's go." ShangGuan LingLan was about to take Jing Yue into the school, yet they saw Jing Yan walked directly towards them.

Jing Yan smiled looking at Jing Yue and said: "Ninth Huang Fei also comes here to study etiquettes? We'll be schoolmates later."

"Yes a, later we'll be studying together." Jing Yue forced a few laughs out, turned towards ShangGuan LingLan and said: "We should go inside." Unexpectedly, Jing Yue took ShangGuan LingLan walked into the school and just like that, ignored Jing Yan's goodwill.

ShangGuan LingLan was slightly dumbfounded; she then gave Jing Yue a thumb up; to actually ignored Jing Yan just like that, really arrogant ah!

"That woman has what kind backing?" Jing Yue also didn't know why, but when she looked at Jing Yan; she had an ineffable feeling that Jing Yan was too fake; it made people couldn't have a good impression towards her.

Hearing Jing Yue's question; ShangGuan LingLan's eyes suddenly widened, staring at Jing Yue in amazement she said: "You actually don't know?"

Jing Yue blinked her eyes, seemed bewildered, and asked: "Should I know?"

"She is the miss from the Prime Minister's Residence, her name is Jing Yan; inside this school, she can be considered as one of the best." ShangGuan LingLan opened her mouth and spoke.

"Prime Minister's Residence a……" Jing Yue nodded her head and didn't say more. Strolling slowly, they finally arrived to a field inside the school; looking at those jam-packed beauties, a stunned expression suddenly flashed through her eyes, she suddenly thought about the time the Emperor selected concubines.

Must have had been very easy ah!

"The first lesson today, standing." The people who were teaching were three momo* who came from inside the palace; they had not the slightest amount of gentleness nor leniency when they were teaching; should be hit then they would hit, should be chided then they would chide; there was no family's background in these momo's eyes; at least, that was what they showed in their behavior.

Standing, for Jing Yue who had already stood at attention in military once, simply was not even a bit of trouble. Looking at Jing Yue's posture that didn't budge even for an inch, Yun momo who led the lesson nodded her head in satisfaction. "Not bad." Yun momo, who rarely opened her mouth to praise people, was actually praising someone.

Suddenly, everyone was perturbed; anger flashed through Jing Yan's eyes, this woman had just came in this school for one day and she already grabbed her limelight; she was obviously only a woman without any background, only a wild girl counting on Ninth Huang Fei this identity as a support; she was actually being better than herself.

The more Jing Yan thought about it, the angrier she became; her chest moved up and down quickly; her standing posture also became somewhat unsteady and couldn't help but started to sway.

"Jing Yan, what's the matter with you today?" Yun momo frowned looking at Jing Yan; usually this Jing Yan could be considered as the best among these girls; how could she repeatedly make mistakes today?

*momo: older/senior maid; you can read that as mama or momo; personally, I preferred to say momo…. (Growing up watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge, I'm more comfortable to hear momo.)

Ps: I managed to reach chapter 40  \(^o^)/  , I know both my English and translating skill still need a lot of improvement, I’ll try harder in the future to make BFGAH easier to read. <(^3^)>