Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū Chapter 140


All of You Are Very Affectionate

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

(Donation thanks to: Meropith, S.Taing, C.Govinden, M.Chhoun, N. Wongvitoothai)

The three of them went to Yun momo. They only said that they wanted to be close with the Miss of the Liu family before squeezing some silver in Yun momo's hand. Yun momo naturally agreed, it was nothing but a matter of shifting a bed and wouldn't cause a lot of disturbance after all. Thus, the three of them promptly went to move Liu MiaoQiu's things to their room.

Watching Jing Yue's group helping Liu MiaoQiu moving her things out, Dong SiEr who was sitting one the side coldly said, "It's good that she is moving out, people won't have to feel annoyed from seeing her again."

"Humph! There is only Miss Jing Yan who's compassionate enough to tolerate living with you, this kind of person who'd randomly slander others! No one knows whether or not you'll do it again in the future, but we definitely wouldn't be able to accept it!" Jing Yue coldly retorted, leaving the room holding a pile of Liu MiaoQiu's clothes.

"Hahaha… Miss Jing Yan's compassionate heart is really admirable!" ShangGuan LingLan sneered. The expressions of the two people left in the room changed when they heard her taunting words.

"You!" Dong SiEr's faced turned alternately between green and white. She watched furiously as Jing Yue and the others left the room before banging her hand on the table.

"Take a look at what you've done." Jing Yan said after she slowly sipped a mouthful of tea while staring coldly at Dong SiEr.

A bit afraid from seeing Jing Yan's cold expression, Dong SiEr hung her head down and whispered, "Jing Yan… I… I didn't do it on purpose."

"In the future, don't go asking for trouble again." Jing Yan said indifferently and slowly stood. She glanced at Dong SiEr from the side of her eyes, saying, "From what I saw, that Miss from the Liu family seems to really want to stay in our room. Go and invite her in, we can have the chance to get close."

Both Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan were rushing here and there, enthusiastically helping Liu MiaoQiu who felt extremely flattered by their enthusiastic behavior. She thought she was already beyond grateful when they spoke and defended her, but now, they actually accepted her among them.

"You! From now on, just live peacefully here… if there's anyone who'll dare to bully you again, I'll break her leg!" ShangGuan LingLan said while patting Liu MiaoQiu like they were good brothers.

"Aiya… Miss ShangGuan, your strength is really big…" Liu MiaoQiu said. She trembled and her faced reddened from being patted by ShangGuan LingLan.

"E… " ShangGuan LingLan foolishly stared at her own hand.

"Hahaha… just ignore her! She's a rough fellow!" Jing Yue bluntly laughed out loud.

"Jing Yue…" ShangGuan LingLan calmly turned around. She turned at Jing Yue with a murderous look and said, "You actually dared to say that this lady is a rough fellow! Such a great courage!"

"Rough fellow~ Rough fellow~! Come and hit me if you have the skill!" Jing Yue spun around and fled at a lightning speed.

"Just watch! This lady will beat you to death!" ShangGuan LingLan furiously chased after her.

"Aiya… Will they be all right?" Liu MiaoQiu said with worry as she watched them running out of the room. There was a faint guilt on her face for she thought that she must have had done something wrong.

Hearing Liu MiaoQiu's words, Ning XiangYuan smiled and said to appease her, "Don't worry, they're like this every day. You'll get used to them."

"All of you are very affectionate to each other…" Liu MiaoQiu's words were filled with admiration. She then turned around and started sorting her things.

Deep into the night, everyone was tired from the day's training and had dragged their beaten bodies back to their rooms. Now they were carrying their things to the public bath to cleanse themselves. The public bath was probably the place that Jing Yue was most satisfied about.