Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū Chapter 138


Is There Anything I Wouldn't Dare to Do?

"You!" Dong SiEr's face paled. She uttered a cold humph and went directly back into the room, rampantly rummaging through Liu MiaoQiu's bed and things. Her expression became increasingly ugly as she found nothing even after looking for a while. In the end, she shifted her gaze towards Liu MiaoQiu,

"You must have hidden it on your body!" Right after she finished speaking, Dong SiEr stepped forward wanting to tear Liu MiaoQiu's clothes.

Jing Yue pursed her lips. She stepped forward and stood in front of Dong SiEr to block her way. She glanced at her and asked indifferently, "Why are you being so insistent that she was the one who took your things? Did you saw her do that?"

"Step aside! She definitely hides it on her body!" Dong SiEr said, glaring at Jing Yue who was blocking her way.

"Miss Dong, could you perhaps have lost it yourself and couldn't find it, thus you're blaming others, trying to get Miss Liu expelled from the school?" Jing Yue fought a yawn, feeling bored. She then said, "I think Miss Dong had better try to look in your own cupboard, under your bed, or on your dressing table again."

"Impossible! I put it on the dressing table and when I came back, it was gone already!" Dong SiEr flatly denied.

"How could you be so sure when you're not even trying to look?" Jing Yue rolled her eyes. She crouched and helped Liu MiaoQiu to pick up her scattered things, saying indifferently, "Perhaps everyone should look for it together… it would be fair that way."

"Indeed!" Ning XiangYuan also stepped forward and called everyone to enter the room, completely ignoring Dong SiEr's change of expression. Jing Yan, who had been watching everyone's movement on the sideline, was shoved away even before she had the chance to say something to stop them.

A hint of anger flashed in Jing Yan's eyes as she stared at Jing Yue who was crouching on the ground picking up things. She had just wanted to say something when something happened among the people who entered the room and attracted everyone's gazes. A woman walked out, holding a bracelet in her hand, saying, "Miss Dong, this is your bracelet right?"

"Aiya! This really is my bracelet! Where did you find it!?" Dong SiEr asked. Surprise and joy flashed in her eyes as she looked at that woman.

"I found it under your own bed." Ning XiangYuan took a step forward. She stared at Dong SiEr and said, "Does Miss Dong still have anything else to say?"

Dong SiEr put the bracelet on her wrist like it was a very precious treasure. Hearing Ning XiangYuan's question, she froze for a moment before raising her chin to say, "Since… Since the bracelet has been found, then just forget it!"

"Forget it!?" Jing Yue stood up. She stared up and down at Dong SiEr and said, "It was really easy to say that… Then, what do you have to say about you groundlessly blaming Miss Liu? What do you have to say about these things on the ground?"

"Aren't they only some worn out books? How much are they worth? Compensating her will do." Dong SiEr said with disdain.

"Good! Then how about I'll burn all of your things? Anyway, they're worth nothing but some money!" Jing Yue ringed her hand on her chest and laughed. Her words were filled with extreme arrogance.

"You… You dare!" Dong SiEr's expression changed. She stared angrily at Jing Yue.

"Is there anything I wouldn't dare to do!?" Jing Yue laughed disdainfully.

"I think it'd be better for us to let Yun momo decide!" ShangGuan LingLan was helping Liu MiaoQiu putting her things back into her trunk before she stood up and said, "If everyone behaves like Miss Dong, indiscriminately humiliating innocent people, this school wouldn't be able to go on much longer!"

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Good story but the editing quality is extremely poor. Hire someone to clean this up so it doesn't ruin the flow.

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Ugh… was hoping the bad quality was just an off day… turns out that's just their ability.. disappointing… dunno why translators, who are in the business of writing out novels for people to read, can't even recognize when their own quality of translating/editing is extremely bad.

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CHAPTER 37 You…… You Are Not Keeping Your Words! "Hu (huff)…… that's good." That small groom loosened his breath. …

Your words?…. dumb. It's keeping your WORD. Not words. Dumb.

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