Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū Chapter 128


Go and Have a Match With Men?

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

A man in Xiao Chen's team unexpectedly let the ball slip, causing the other team to rob the ball. Jing Yue was almost choked by anger. That was how angry she was!

"I want to enter… I want to enter…! Aiya!" Jing Yue abruptly stood up. Watching the ball continues to be intercepted again and again, her face turned green, and she could no longer sit still. 'Deng deng deng' (onom. heavy steps), she ran down from the high stand. These series of movement attracted the eyes of the Emperor as well as a group of Imperial Consorts. Everyone stared at Jing Yue, confused about what she wanted to do.

"Hm? This… Jing Yue, why did she get on a horse?" Xiao Ye frowned. His eyes filled with amazement when he saw Jing Yue drove the horse into the field.

"How could she, a woman, fight in a match against men?" The Empress, Fei YaZhu, frowned.

Everyone's attention was obviously now on Jing Yue. Whispers started everywhere.

Jing Yue, holding a polo stick in her hand, went into Xiao Chen's team. She squeezed herself in and pushed the man, who from the beginning felt unpleasant to her eyes, away.  Seeing Jing Yue suddenly came onto the field, both Xiao Chen and Xiao JingRan were dumbfounded for a moment.

Devilish hooks appeared on the corners of Jing Yue's lips and without warning, she directly gave command to everyone, "Xiao Chen, you block their escape route! A few of you guys surround Xiao JingRan! I'm going to score a goal!"

Xiao Chen's eyes were somewhat narrowed. Under everyone's astonished and frightened gazes, he finally answered, "All right."

My God! Not to mention she straight forwardly called Ninth Huang Shu's official name, she even went as far as giving command to Ninth Huang Shu!

The most important thing was, Ninth Huang Shu actually agreed!

Everyone in the team felt kind of dizzy. Seeing that Ninth Huang Shu obediently did as he was told, they naturally didn't dare to disobey. Just like Jing Yue told them to, they went like a swarm of bees to surround Xiao JingRan. Jing Yue focused her eyes at the man who possessed the ball. Back then on the high stand, she had seen everything very clearly.

It was only Xiao JingRan who was the most difficult to deal with in this group. Without Xiao JingRan giving command to the team, Jing Yue was confident that she could score a goal.

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Jing Yue turned her horse back and stationed herself in front of the man possessing the ball, blocking his way. With a smile as beautiful as a flower, she called out, "Handsome guy!"

Originally, that man had wanted to pass the ball over, yet he was suddenly dumbfounded after being called like that by Jing Yue. He blinked his eyes in doubt, staring at Jing Yue, "A?"

"I'm praising you for having good looks!" the polo stick in Jing Yue's hand brandished. In one turn, she seized the ball the man had dropped. She laughingly rode her horse far away, driving the ball. The man who got stunned from Jing Yue's actions finally moved and cursed in a low voice before rushing to chase after her.

Jing Yue agilely moved the ball in her hand. Her excellent ball-driving skill made the surrounding audience continuously gasp with surprise. Even Xiao Ye, who sat in the highest place, had eyes filled with endless surprise and admiration. He didn't expect that Jing Yue had actually concealed such skill.

"Ai… Why is this ball so disobedient?" Jing Yue grumbled and drove the ball ahead of her before running after it. From the corners of her eyes, she saw everyone from the blue team coming from all directions to surround her. The corners of her mouth rose into a cold curve as she watched them coming closer and closer towards her.

Finally, right when they were about to reach Jing Yue, Jing Yue used all her strength to swing the stick in her hand, sending that ball far away. As everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the ball, Jing Yue powerfully flung the horsewhip and rushed to chase after the ball, once again showing beautiful horse-riding technique.

Xiao Chen urged his horse and arrived, blocking the pursuers from the blue team. He saw Jing Yue fling her whip and swing her polo stick. He then saw the ball fly away, going into the net without any obstruction. As for Jing Yue, she had already moved towards the hanging gongs and drums. She just needed to sound them to win.


"Xiao Chen! These are too high! I can't hit them!" With an expression of complaint on her face, Jing Yue stared at Xiao Chen, whose horse was treading towards her. Seeing those gongs and drums hanging high above her, her heart was really filled with grievances ah~!


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