Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū Chapter 112


Fu RuoQing Actually Got Herself Pregnant

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

Jing Yue slowly stood up, dragging the thick layered bundle of an arm she had and walked out of the room. Seeing that bright and beautiful sunshine, she suddenly had a spell of mental and physical happiness. 'Very Good… She's still well alive.'

'But that damn strange man! Was really able to make her hate him until her teeth itched!'

'He was only relying on numerous subordinates!'

'If he has the ability, come and fight her one on one!'

'Heng (humph)!'

Jing Yue stood on the doorstep, the expression on her face continuously changed. She had scouted that man twice and on both occasions she didn't manage to clearly see his face. This made Jing Yue very unhappy. She really didn't know what had happened to that man, how he could possibly ended up with that appearance.

Could it be… he was poisoned?

Or it was some kind of disease?

Jing Yue turned around and went back to the room. She stared at the books in the bookshelf, thinking whether or not there would be some kind of books that recorded this kind of thing. Thinking like that, Jing Yue started to seriously look. At the moment she was enthusiastically searching, a cold sentence came from behind her, "What are you searching?"

"Aiya!" the sudden appearance of that voice startled Jing Yue that she instantly turned her body around, her eyes were wide open. She was a bit stunned to see Xiao Chen standing before her in magnificent robes. 'Unexpectedly, when Xiao Chen wears this kind of gorgeous clothes, he could actually be this handsome ah!'

"En?" Xiao Chen slightly raised his eyebrows as he stared at Jing Yue. His eyes were filled with suspicion.

"You…… How come you are back so soon?" Jing Yue spoke without moving her gaze.

"There were no matters to handle so I came back." Xiao Chen glanced at Jing Yue's bandaged arm. He frowned and said, "How does your wound feel?"

"……" Jing Yue stared resentfully at Xiao Chen and said, "The whole arm doesn't feel anything."

"What?" Xiao Chen frowned like he was completely puzzled. He had certainly cleared all the poison in Jing Yue's body, how could her whole arm be numb?

"You've bandaged it so tightly, so tight I almost died, could it still feel something?" Jing Yue rolled her clear eyes and looked at Xiao Chen, "Quick untie me! If you can't put a bandage properly, then just call someone else to do it!"


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Jing Yue finally had her wish fulfilled, her arm was released. A shadow of fear appeared in her heart upon seeing that shallow graze wound on her arm. She was only lightly grazed yet it almost took her life! What a strong poison ah!

Jing Yue once again looked at her bandaged wound. She slightly raised her gaze at Xiao Chen and asked, "I remember that I was poisoned ah, how did you get the antidote to help me clear the poison?"

"Nothing but a bit of insignificant poison. Do you think this kind of thing could stop me?" Xiao Chen glanced at Jing Yue from the side of his eyes. Those cold, narrowed eyes made the corner of Jing Yue's mouth instantly twitched. 'Turns out the poison which in her eyes was extremely frightening, was just turned into a bit of insignificant poison in Xiao Chen's face!?'

'Indeed worthy to be called Ninth Huang Shu!'

'Very domineering!'

"Furthermore." Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes and stared coldly at Jing Yue before saying, "That day, why did you get rid of Xing Er? This wound… what happened?"

"A…… This……" Being asked by Xiao Chen like this, Jing Yue nervously straightened her body right away. If she said she went to look for a man, she reckoned in the next second she would be directly choked to death by Xiao Chen!

Openly cheating ah! cheating!

Jing Yue became even more terrified thinking about that kind of scene. Her eyes shifted and she laughingly said, "Never mind…… By the way, why did you suddenly go to the palace today? How could Imperial Consort faint?" Jing Yue shifted the subject firmly .

"Imperial Consort is pregnant." Sure enough, with Jing Yue's lead, Xiao Chen changed the subject. However, the words Xiao Chen said actually stunned Jing Yue that her eyes were wide open.

She looked at Xiao Chen with a weird expression on her face. 'Didn't expect Fu RuoQing actually got herself pregnant… Xiao Chen's heart must have found it unbearable.'

'After all, the other party is someone who, years ago when they were still unborn, had been chosen as his wife!'

'And then now, she's going to have and raise his brother's child!?'

'Your mom…… What an extreme feeling……'


  • Openly cheating (赤果果的爬墙/Chìguǒguǒ de páqiáng): I'm not sure about this sentence (whether it has a connotative meaning or not), from what I know, Chi guo guo is how 赤裸裸/chìluǒluǒ was said in the internet. Chi luo luo itself means naked/undisguised/plain. Pa qiang means 'climb a wall', figurative way to say cheating.