Battle Through the Heavens


Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 1340-1343

Chapter 1340: Talk

That middle-aged man involuntarily laughed when he saw Xiao Yan's lack of expression. He asked, "Are you very surprised?"

Xiao Yan gradually recovered from his shock when he heard this question. He secretly observed the middle-aged man in front of him and dryly laughed. He found that he did not know what to say. In front of this frightening person with overwhelming strength, it was as though any thought that lingered within his heart would be discovered by the other party.

"Ha ha, I am called Gu Yuan. Speaking of which, we met when you were born. However, no one knew my identity…" The middle-aged man faintly laughed.

Xiao Yan was stunned again. He had not expected that he had met this overwhelmingly powerful clan head when he had arrived in this world.

"May I know what important matter has caused this Gu clan to wait for this junior here?" Xiao Yan hesitated a moment before respectfully asking.

"It is naturally because of the matter between you and Xun Er." Gu Yuan smiled and replied.

Xiao Yan's heart became slightly stern when he heard this. He involuntarily frowned and said, "Does clan head Gu Yuan not wish for Xun Er to be together with me?"

"This is not my intention. As long as Xun Er is willing, I, as her father, will not force her. Moreover, with her current divine bloodline, even I, this clan head of the Gu clan, will not be able to force her to do anything…" Gu Yuan smiled as he continued, "If it is you, you are passable despite not being as strong as the peak of the younger generation from the Gu clan…"

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard these words. A joy immediately surged within his eyes. Most of the members from the Gu clan in the Gu Realm were full of enmity toward him. However, this Gu Yuan in front of him was somewhat beyond his expectations.

"Thank you very much clan head Gu Yuan." Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and joyously spoke.

"You should not be in such a hurry to rejoice. Although I will not stop the both of you, some Elders of the Gu clan and some even older existences still feel some grudges in regard to this relationship. After all, Xun Er has the divine bloodline that has not appeared within the Gu clan for a thousand years. They will naturally be unwilling for such a bloodline to become imperfect because of some other thing. Therefore, you will be faced with some hindrances and it will not be easy. From the perspective of my position as the clan head of the Gu clan, I am unable to provide you much help. After all, the clan head must put the clan ahead…" Gu Yuan faintly explained.

Xiao Yan was quiet as he nodded.

"Of course, other than the position of clan head, I am also Xun Er's father. I will naturally like something as long as it is something she likes…" Gu Yuan faintly smiled and said, "I am not too dissatisfied with you. Although the bloodline in your body has been wasted, you are able to rely on your own hard work to achieve something that is not inferior to those who possess a bloodline. This is really admirable."

"Honestly speaking, if I had known of the results today, I would not have sent Xun Er to the Xiao clan back then… ugh, it is unexpected that not only did I fail to obtain that thing, I also ended up losing a daughter. This trade is really a great loss."

Xiao Yan could only smile awkwardly in the face of such words. He did not dare reply.

"I will not intervene in the matter between the two of you. However, I need you to promise me some things…"

Xiao Yan's heart pounded when he heard these words. He carefully asked, "May I know what they are?"

"Relax, it is not something that you will find difficult to achieve. I just hope that when you are together with Xun Er in the future, you will allow her… to maintain an untouched body before she reaches the Dou Sheng class." Gu Yuan hesitated for a moment as he spoke.

Xiao Yan's face immediately became embarrassed when he heard this. He had not imagined that the thing that Gu Yuan wanted him to promise was such a ridiculous request. Did he appear like a person who had uncontrolled sexual desires?

"Ha ha, a young person will inevitably have moments when one is impulsive. Moreover, the both of you aren't frequently together. Cough…" Gu Yuan involuntarily and dryly coughed. He said, "The main thing is that the bloodline within Xun Er's body is unstable, and you are also not a member of the Gu clan. If you randomly perform intercourse, it would damage the bloodline within Xun Er's body. In the event that such a thing occurs, it is likely that those old fellows from the clan will act forcefully. You should be aware of the consequences."

Xiao Yan bitterly smiled and nodded. Did this great person appear in front of him in order to talk to him about this somewhat ridiculous matter?

"This is something that I am only reminding you of in passing. The greatest reason for me to reveal myself is because of the Tou She Ancient God's Jade on you." Gu Yuan paused. After which, he looked at Xiao Yan and slowly spoke.

Xiao Yan's expression involuntarily changed when he heard the words Tou She Ancient God's Jade. He was naturally aware that this Tou She Ancient God's Jade was a precious object within the Xiao clan. The reason that the Hall of Souls had captured his father was because of this mysterious ancient jade piece. However, hardly anyone knew that the ancient jade was with him.

"The Tou She Ancient God was the last Dou Di on the Dou Qi continent. After him, not a single person has managed to reach the level of a Dou Di, which exists only in the legends even now…" Gu Yuan spoke on his own without being concerned about the change in Xiao Yan's expression. "It is rumored that when the Tou She Ancient God died, he left behind a Dou Di remains. Within it contains the secrets of breaking through the Dou Sheng class… no one has discovered the Dou Di remains even now, a big battle erupted among the eight ancient clans and some super factions of the Central Plains many years ago. In the end, they only obtained a key to the remains… the Tou She Ancient God's Jade in your hands. This thing is ordinarly divided into three pieces, but after experiencing a string of miserable battles, it was divided into eight. Coincidentally, they were obtained by the eight ancient clans back then. The piece in your hand is one of the eight…"

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. He was vaguely aware of some of these matters. However, he had always thought that the Tou She Ancient God's Jade had only been divided into three pieces, but there was actually eight of them.

"The reason why the Hall of Souls captured your father is because of the Xiao clan's Tou She Ancient God's Jade…" Gu Yuan frowned slightly when he mention the Hall of Souls. "The Hun clan has always been the most strange and mysterious clan among the eight ancient clans. Back then, the Gu clan and the Xiao clan had joined hands and engaged in a big battle with them. Both parties ended up with their own losses, but we failed to cause the Hun clan too much damage. After which, Xiao Xuan became the clan head of the Xiao clan. Originally, we had the opportunity to seriously damage the Hun clan. However, Xiao Xuan was eventually surrounded and killed by many experts from the Hun clan. The Xiao clan was hence brought to its knees…

"Having lost the support of the Xiao clan, the Gu clan was not able to declare war against the Hun clan by itself because everyone knew that both clans would have suffered great losses if we ended up fighting, which would provide the other factions with an opportunity. Hence, things have continued until now…

"From some of the actions of the Hun clan during these years, they are likely ready to cause trouble again. Hence, this Ancient God Jade will definitely be their target… if they are allowed to obtain all the Ancient God Jade, the strength of the Hun clan will definitely soar and break the equilibrium…" The expression of Gu Yuan was a little grave as he studieded Xiao Yan. He said, "You should know just how important the Tou She Ancient God Jade is, right?"

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. However, an image of an underground magma world suddenly flashed across his heart. That place was the magma world under the Jia Nan Academy. There was something at the end of the magma that had caused the Tou She Ancient God Jade in his hand to react.

"Could it be that the end of the magma world is the hidden location of the Dou Di remains?"

Xiao Yan was contemplsting the thought. He got a premonition that the thing at the end of the magma world was definitely extremely important.

"What is clan head Gu Yuan's intentions?" Xiao Yan recovered and slowly asked.

Gu Yuan started at Xiao Yan. A moment later, he shook his head and helplessly said, "According to the intention of those old fellows from within the clan, they wish for you to hand the ancient jade in your hands to the Gu clan for safekeeping, but I think that you will be unwilling to hand it over."

Xiao Yan gently nodded and replied, "There is the trace of a spiritual imprint of my father within the ancient jade. I need to rely on this to ascertain whether he is alive. Therefore, I will definitely need to keep this ancient jade."

The Tou She Ancient God Jade was the most precious thing of the Xiao clan. If it really came to that time in the future, Xiao Yan would not hesitate even a little if he had to use it to exchange for Xiao Zhan. This was a chip. With it in his hands, the Hall of Souls would not kill his father. However, if he handed the ancient jade to the Gu clan, the Hun clan might really end up doing some heartless and crazy things upon knowing that it was hopeless.

Gu Yuan seemed to have already expected this answer. Hence, he did not reveal a different expression. All he did was helplessly nod as he said, "I had already guessed this reply."

"I'm sorry, clan head Gu Yuan." Xiao Yan apologized.

"This suggestion was not made by me to begin with. However, the other old fellows will not easily allow you to bring such an important thing in front of the Hun clan." Gu Yuan shook his head. He waved his hand and said, "Forget it, we will discuss this in the future. The Heavenly Tomb will open in another two days. We will discuss the matter of the ancient jade after you have come out of the Heavenly Tomb…"

Xiao Yan nodded. He was just about to reply when the rushing sound of wind suddenly appeared at the foot of the mountain. His eyes immediately followed the sound and looked over, only to see a figure swiftly rushing over. That figure was Xun Er.

"Ugh, it is really the case of a girl to end up being married off when she matures. Seeing how frantic she is, she is worried that I will do something to you…" Gu Yuan helplessly smiled when he saw Xun Er swiftly rushing over. After which, he said more to Xiao Yan, "Let's end our conversation today. Remember the thing that you have promised me. Do not cross the line. Additionally, protect the ancient jade properly…"

After Gu Yuan's final word sounded, his body slowly disappeared.

Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed in relief when he saw Gu Yuan's figure disappear. Subsequently, he turned his head and glanced at the extremely beautiful figure rushing over. Her face was tense, and her pretty eyes were filled with worry. He involuntarily smiled.

"This girl…"

Chapter 1341: Opening of the Heavenly Tomb

A beautiful figure shot to the top of the green mountain with lightning speed. Within a couple of flashes, she had appeared in front of Xiao Yan. Her pretty eyes were filled with worry.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you alright? Earlier…"

Xiao Yan grinned and shook his head. He studied Xun Er's tense face and said, "Ugh, that person earlier was your father, clan head Gu Yuan."

"I knew it!" Xun Er knit her brows. Her tone faintly contained some fury. It was unexpected that even her father could not resist revealing himself after those fellows had unveiled their faces one after another.

"Ha ha, clan head Gu Yuan did not say anything to stop the two of us. He only discussed some matters related to the Xiao clan." Xiao Yan smiled and defended Gu Yuan.

"Is it true? He didn't talk about the matter between us?" Xun Er was slightly startled. Clearly, she felt very surprised.

Xiao Yan rubbed his nose. He suddenly approached Xun Er's delicate ear and softly uttered a couple of sentences. Xun Er's elegant face immediately turned bright-red when she heard his soft voice. Her pretty eyes cut Xiao Yan in a lovely and displeased manner. However, her expression had relaxed a little. Gu Yuan possessed an extremely high position within the Gu clan. If even he opposed their relationship, she would really end up in a dilemma. She was very unwilling to deal with that kind of situation.

"Let's return first. Xiao Yan ge-ge, you already possess one of the spots to enter the Heavenly Tomb. All you need to do is wait for two days now and we will be able to enter it together." Xun Er gently pulled Xiao Yan's hand as she informed him with a smile.

Joy flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes when he heard her words. He was worried that the Elders within the Gu clan would come up with reasons to prevent him from entering the Heavenly Tomb. After hearing what Xun Er had said, it was obvious that this problem had been resolved.

"Thank you very much Xun Er…"

Xiao Yan's hand gently rubbed her warm jade-like hand as he softly thanked her. He guessed that Xun Er had helped him again. His act of hurrying to the Gu clan today was related to this.

Xun Er hinted at a smile. She twisted her delicate and gentle waist. Her face contained a bright redness as she gently leaned on Xiao Yan's shoulder. She shut her pretty eyes as she greedily inhaled the warm air that caused her to feel relaxed.

A warmth rose within Xiao Yan's heart as studied the person in his embrace. His hand gently rested on a delicate waist. At the same time, his head was buried in soft black hair. Upon inhaling a faint fragrance, it appeared as though his fatigue had gradually disappeared.

Gu Yuan's body slowly appeared in the empty sky above. He observed the man and woman embracing each other on the mountain top and involuntarily sighed. After which, his body moved, and he once again disappeared…

"Xiao Xuan, you are still the superior one…"

All agony seemed to have been abandoned within this pleasant country scene. Two days swiftly passed amid this quiet life…

No one from the Gu clan came to disturb Xiao Yan's group during these two days. This kind of peace and quiet was wonderful. However, this silence could not last for long. When the morning light of the third day scattered down from the sky, an unusual atmosphere began to spread over the mountain range. Even Xiao Yan's group felt it…

"Today is the day that the Heavenly Tomb will open…"

Xun Er stood in front of the bamboo house and uttered these words to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan grinned. Xun Er beckoned with her hand, and the snow-white single-horned beast flew out of the mountain forest. Xiao Yan's group quickly got onto it with a familiarity. Finally, the single-horned beast flapped both its wings and flew to the east after Xun Er gave a soft whistle.

"The Heavenly Tomb will open deep within the Gu Sacred Mountain Range. That place are a forbidden grounds of the Gu clan. No one is allowed to enter them normally. It will only open when the Heavenly Tomb is opened."

A gentle breeze blew over the single-horned beast's back and lifted Xun Er's black hair, which extended all the way to her delicate waist. At the same time, she was explaining things to Xiao Yan's group.

"There is some danger within the Heavenly Tomb. A countless number of experts from ancient times are buried within it. Although their souls have already disappeared, the energy from when they were alive have transformed into their past appearances due to the mysteriousness of the Heavenly Tomb. This energy is filled with an extremely powerful offensive strength. Moreover, they also know their Dou Skills from when they were alive. It will be extremely difficult to deal with them…" Xun Er's expression became a little grave when she mentioned the interior of the Heavenly Tomb. She said, "Therefore, if one ends up meeting an overly powerful energy body, it is best to try and avoid it. It is rumored that some experts with extremely great strength when they were alive have produced energy bodies with some intelligence. They could even be considered a mysterious living creature…"

"A living creature that has been transformed from the dead, huh." Xiao Yan thought aloud. The overly great strength from when these people were alive and the mysterious effects of the Heavenly Tomb were the reasons why such a strange occurrence happens.

"The Heavenly Tomb is divided into three levels. The energy bodies on the first level are mostly three star Dou Zuns or weaker. They drift around without any consciousness and are not very difficult to deal with. The second level's energy bodies are between a three and eight star Dou Zun. They are quite troublesome to deal with. As for the third level, those are genuinely at the peak of the Dou Zun class. There are even some ultimate experts who have reached the Dou Sheng class when they were alive… normally speaking, seldom anyone barges into the third level without absolute confidence. That place is too dangerous." Xun Er slowly explained.

"The tomb of my ancestor, Xiao Xuan, is in the third level?" Xiao Yan asked.

"This… it is rumored that it is in the deepest part of the third level. However, seldom anyone dares to enter that place even from our Gu clan…" Xun Er helplessly replied.

"It is actually so troublesome…"

"There will definitely be a path when we get there. Let's enter the Heavenly Tomb before discussing our plans."

Xiao Yan felt much calmer after this thought flashed across his heart. After which, he asked Xun Er about information related to the Heavenly Tomb.

The single-horned beast gradually traveled deep into the mountain range while the two of them were chatting. Xiao Yan's group had met some people who were hurrying to this place along the way. They were mostly experts from the other six clans and some Gu clan experts. Although they had met them, there were not many conversations. Only the clan members from the Gu clan respectfully greeted Xun Er from a distance before they swiftly left.

The flying continued for around ten minutes before the single-horned beast finally stopped by some steep mountains. At this moment, quite a number of figures had gathered here. Xiao Yan's eyes swept over, only to see quite a number of familiar figures.

Xiao Yan's eyes suddenly hardened as they swept across the surrounding mountains. Three black-robed figures were suspended in the empty air where his gaze froze A dark and cold aura slowly spread from the bodies of these three.

"Hun Ya…"

Xiao Yan's eyes narrowed when he saw these three people. The fist under his sleeve was slowly tightened.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, be careful of the person leading those from the Hun clan. He is called Hun Ya. It is rumored that he is quite renowned among the members of the younger generation from the Hun clan, and he is extremely difficult to deal with. He is likely going to be entering the Heavenly Tomb. You should be more careful if you meet him in the Heavenly Tomb." Xun Er whispered beside Xiao Yan's ear.

"Aye, I have already met him…"

Xiao Yan nodded. He was naturally aware of just how strong Hun Ya was. From his guess, this person was likely as difficult to deal with as Gu Yao. Those geniuses within the clans with long history did indeed possess true strength. They were not the same level as those useless geniuses outside.

"The members from the Ling clan from the eight clans did not arrive this time around. That group to the south-east is from the Yao clan…"

"Oh? A thought passed through Xiao Yan's heart. He glanced where Xun Er pointed and saw a couple of figures suspended in the air. There was a medicinal cauldron image on their foreheads.

A man, who was leading those from the Yao clan, sensed something when Xiao Yan's eyes landed on this group. He tilted his head and shifted his eyes to Xiao Yan. He was briefly startled before an unfriendly smile was lifted onto his face.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes when he saw this gaze. It seemed that the people from the Yao clan were prejudiced against him.

"The eastern side are those from the Lei clan. Old mister Mang Tian Chi is leading them this trip. However, he will not enter the Heavenly Tomb. Most of the time, the ones who enter are members of the younger generation. After all, the Heavenly Tomb is not a bad training ground."

Xiao Yan once again shifted his eyes. He looked to a group of people with a lightning mark on their foreheads and nodded.

"You have already met those from the Yan clan…"

"On the western side are those from the Shi clan. Due to their bloodline, their physical bodies are all extremely frightening. They could be comparable to some of the top Magical Beasts within the Magical Beast World." Xiao Yan turned to the west. A group of grayish-white individuals stood there. An enormous rock was tattooed on their foreheads.

"These are all the people who will enter the Heavenly Tomb this time around. Other than the Gu clan, which looks after the Heavenly Tomb, the other clans only possess two spots each…" Xun Er smiled as she spoke.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. He was just about to speak when he suddenly sensed this entire place trembling. A vast ancient aura slowly spread from empty space. Everyone present felt respect and fear surging from deep within their souls when faced with this ancient aura…

"The Heavenly Tomb is about to open…"

Xun Er softly said as she watched the sky suddenly become dark.


Xun Er's words had just sounded when a shockingly loud noise was emitted from empty space, and a ten-thousand-foot-large spatial crack spread across the sky. A cluster of silver light gradually surfaced in the middle of this spatial line. Finally, the line transformed into a thousand-foot-large spatial door with a vast ancient aura spreading from it.

"This is the Heavenly Tomb, huh…"

Xiao Yan muttered to himself as he studied the ancient door standing between the sky and earth.

Chapter 1342: Entering the Heavenly Tomb

The ancient spatial door stood between the sky and the earth. An ancient aura spread from it, causing everyone's soul to quiver…

"Everyone, should be aware of the rules regarding entering the Heavenly Tomb. Every clan has two places. There cannot be an excess number of people entering…" Elder Tong Xuan's elderly figure was suspended in the sky. His eyes looked down at the surrounding human figures as he spoke.

Everyone slightly nodded upon hearing his words. The rules of entering the Heavenly Tomb has always been like this. Each clan has two places. This has continued even now. However, only the Gu clan, being the clan that guarded the Heavenly Tomb, received preferential treatment. For example, there were five from the Gu clan who could enter the Heavenly Tomb this time around. This kind of preferential treatment made the other clans a little jealous.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, we will be randomly separated if we enter separately. Therefore we must enter together…" Xun Er turned her head and smiled as she spoke to Xiao Yan.

"Aye." Xiao Yan nodded. He was extremely unfamiliar with the Heavenly Tomb. If he had Xun Er with him, he would be saved from many unnecessary troubles.


The ancient door that was within the spatial crack in the sky suddenly unleashed a loud rumbling sound while Xiao Yan nodded. That large door slowly opened, forming a gap. A glaring light erupted from it and lit up the land.

"If people have been properly assigned, please prepare to enter the Heavenly Tomb. Remember, all of you can only remain in the Heavenly Tomb for three years. After three years, the Heavenly Tomb will automatically expel you…" Elder Tong Xuan once again spoke in a deep voice as he watched the ancient door slowly open.

"Three years, around half a year in the outside world…" Xiao Yan mused. This was quite a good opportunity. The Heavenly Tomb was an extremely useful training spot since the flow of time within it was strange. If Xiao Yan were to train for three years within it, his strength would definitely increase.


The gap of the ancient door in the sky grew wider. It was a hundred feet in size. A dense aura from ancient times rolled out like a fog.


A couple sounds of rushing wind suddenly appeared from within the mountain forest after the ancient door opened. Four figures rushed toward the sky with lightning-like speed and entered the door that had just opened in front of many eyes.

"The members of the Gu clan… Gu Zhen has also entered?" Xiao Yan was slightly surprised when he saw the four figures. The figure leading them was that strong green-clothed man, whom Xiao Yan had sensed back then. Behind that man was a silver-robed man and a man with a burly appearance. Of course, the person who caused Xiao Yan to be the most surprised was the last figure, Gu Zhen.

"Gu Yao did not choose to enter the Heavenly Tomb this time around. It seems he undertook a retreat. Therefore, the Elders got Gu Zhen to replace him." Xun Er softly explained. "It seems that this failure has been a big blow to him."

"If he is unable to accept this kind of failure, he will stop at this level…" Xiao Yan indifferently shook his head. When he fought with others, he would not become dispirited if he lost. The stronger the opponent, the greater his desire to win. With the state of mind of someone like Gu Yao, it would be extremely difficult if he truly wished to breakthrough to the Dou Zun class to become a Dou Sheng. Compared with Gu Zhen, Xiao Yan felt that Gu Zhen's achievement would be even greater. Gu Zhen's talent might not be as great as Gu Yao, but his character was the most calm and indifferent among all the members of the younger generation whom Xiao Yan and met during these years.

This kind of character, which is as firm as a mountain, has bestowed him with an exceptionally indomitable ability to survive.

Xun Er nodded. She smiled sweetly and asked, "Shall we also get moving?"

Xiao Yan inclined his head. After which, he turned his head and looked at the Little Fairy Doctor behind him. He smiled as he said, "The time that I will spend in the Heavenly Tomb will likely be quite long. You can return to the Falling Star Pavilion first should anything happen."

"Be careful."

The Little Fairy Doctor nodded. Her voice was warm and gentle.

Xiao Yan smiled. After which, he exchanged glances with Xun Er. Their bodies moved, and they transformed into two light figures that swiftly bolted toward the large ancient door. They subsequently disappeared within the intense light from the large door. The members from the remaining clans began to move one after another after the duo disappeared. They turned into numerous rays of light that flew into the large door.

After the final figure entered the large door, an intense ripple suddenly appeared, and the door slowly became illusory in front of everyone's eyes until it disappeared…

The foggy place occasionally had some strange fire glows flashing in the distance. They would flash and disappear. A death-like silence covered this foreign land.


The space within the silent land suddenly became distorted. Immediately, two figures, holding hands, slowly stepped out of the space and appeared. The Dou Qi within their bodies circulated as their eyes cautiously observed their surroundings.

"This is the Heavenly Tomb?"

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after failing to detect an unexpected situation. He curiously observed his surroundings as he asked.

"Aye." Xun Er smiled and nodded. The others had been transported to other places. This Heavenly Tomb was extremely vast. It was difficult to say whether or not they would run into others.

"There is an extremely rich energy. It is even stronger than the Gu Realm's energy…" Xiao Yan grabbed the foggy air in front of him. He was surprised to discover that the natural energy contained within the air was extremely dense, and its purity greatly exceeded his expectations.

Xun Er sweetly smiled. She tilted her head, looked at Xiao Yan, and asked, "Which level does Xiao Yan ge-ge wish to head to?"

"If it is possible, I wish to head to ancestor Xiao Xuan's tomb on the third level of the Heavenly Tomb. However, that place is too dangerous. We are in no hurry now. After all, we have three years." Xiao Yan mused for a moment before replying.

Xun Er did not appear surprised by Xiao Yan's reply. She was aware of his character. Having come here, it was only natural that he would not give up on Xiao Xuan's tomb.

"Let's get moving. The Heavenly Tomb is extremely large. We should hurry to the second level first. Based on my estimations, it will take around four months or so. Due to the energy pressure within this Heavenly Tomb, we are unable to fly for long. Therefore, we must spend most of the time walking…" Xun Er spoke with a smile. Her pretty eyes landed on Xiao Yan as she said, "When we reach the entrance of the second level, Xiao Yan ge-ge might reach the peak of a five star Dou Zun. Of course, if you are lucky, it is not impossible to even reach the sixth star…"

"Oh? So quick?" Xiao Yan was startled.

Xun Er softly laughed. She turned her head, and her pretty eyes looked at the foggy air to her right. Her hand was slowly lifted before she suddenly clenched it.

Energy swiftly agglomerated when Xun Er clenched her hand. In the blink of an eye, the fog there completely scattered. An illusory body vaguely appeared in Xiao Yan's sight.

"This is… energy body?"

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this illusory figure. He had not detected the approach of this thing.

"Aye… they can rely on the energy fog to hide themselves. They will quietly approach us and then launch an attack." Xun Er smiled and nodded. She flicked her finger and the illusory figure suddenly became distorted. A 'puff' sounded and the figure exploded. A thumb-sized cluster of light swiftly rushed to Xun Er before she grabbed it.

"This is an energy core. It stores extremely pure energy, and it is the extremely nourishing thing that I had mentioned…" Xun Er opened her hand and a rhombus-shaped thumb-sized crystal appeared in her palm. It glowed with an extremely rich energy fog.

"Normally speaking, the energy cores within the Heavenly Tomb are divided into nine grades. The energy contained within the core in my hand has only reached the second grade. It isn't considered very good. Those high grade energy cores are all in the deepest parts of the first level or the lower levels. Well, Xiao Yan ge-ge, why don't you give it a try first? Hold it in your palm and use your Qi Method to absorb it." Xun Er flicked her finger as she spoke. She shot the energy core toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan received the energy core and curiously played with it. After which, he did what Xun Er had said. He grabbed the energy core in his hand and circulated his Qi Method.

Following the circulation of the Flame Mantra, Xiao Yan suddenly felt a chill within his heart. He was stunned to sense wave after wave of warm pure energy surging out of the energy core like floodwater. After which, the energy surged around Xiao Yan's body. He rejoiced because he barely needed to refine this energy. All he needed to do was circulate it within his veins, and the energy was deposited in his limbs and bones. Finally, it entered his muscles, bones, and cells…

The way it seeped in caused Xiao Yan sense the gradually strengthening energy within his body.

"Hu… what a mysterious thing. It is even smoother to absorb it than ordinary medicinal pills… no wonder even the Gu clan, Hun clan, and these ultimate factions hold it in such high regards. It is such a mysterious treasure ground…"

Xiao Yan opened his hand after the final cluster of energy entered his body, and the energy core had turned into dust. An expression of surprise had surged onto his face. If it was not difficult to obtain such an energy core, it would not be impossible for him to advance to a six star Dou Zun within four months!

Xun Er smiled when she saw the shock on Xiao Yan's face. She placed her hands behind her, and her toes were pressed on the ground. Her lovely body appeared just like a butterfly as she elegantly drifted forward. A sweet clear laughter softly spread.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, let's go. Why don't we play a game? Who will be able to obtain more energy cores during these three years?"

Xiao Yan smiled, strode forward, and swiftly followed. He was very curious just how strong he would grow during these three years.

Chapter 1343: Bitter Training

Fluorescent lights drifted above the foggy land. At a glance, it appeared like the entire world was covered in a deadly silence. There was not even the slightest life force present…

This dead silence remained for an unknown period of time. Suddenly, the low and deep sound of rushing wind appeared. A low cry was mixed within it. The sound followed the fog and penetrated through it. If one's eyes were to follow the direction where the sound originated, one would be able to see two blurry figures…

Only upon closer inspection one would discover ten illusory figures around the two people. These figures had empty eye sockets floating around. Despite the absence of eyes, the speed and strength of these energy figures was not weakened even a little. A majestic energy surged when they attacked. Some of the large rocks on the ground were shattered.

"Hee, attack!"

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed as he watched the energy bodies surrounding him. After which, he let out a loud cry.

Xiao Yan's figure rushed away almost instantly after his loud cry sounded. At the same time, a lovely figure also flashed and appeared from another spot beside Xiao Yan. A golden light was unleashed from her hand, and it smashed into the many energy bodies with lightning-like speed.

A deep explosion spread over the area. Even the dense fog had become much thinner.

This kind of explosion continued for a moment before it swiftly came to a stop. Two figures once again appeared together. They exchanged looks and laughed.

"Five pieces…" Xiao Yan opened his palm. Five thumb-sized energy cores appeared in it. They emitted a dense energy.

"Six pieces…" Xun Er also extended her white-jade-like hand. Six similar energy cores appeared in her palm. Xun Er covered her mouth and softly laughed when she saw the difference. She said in a lovely voice, "Xiao Yan ge-ge, I have won again this time around…"

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. Although the strength of these energy bodies was at the two star Dou Zun class, dealing with five of them at the same time was already his limit. If there were any more of them, he would have to use a Dou Skill. If they continued to compete like this, he was unable to match Xun Er.

"Absorb the energy cores first. I will stand guard." Xun Er placed all of the energy cores in Xiao Yan's hand as she ordered him.

Xiao Yan took the energy cores into his hand without rejecting her. He was aware that he was extremely pressed to raise his strength. Hence, he did not utter any pointless rejections. He received the energy cores and swiftly sat down. His Qi Method was circulated and wave after wave of rich energy surged from the energy core. It appeared like a thick fog that wrapped around Xiao Yan and poured into his body like an air dragon, following his breathing.

Xun Er smiled when she saw Xiao Yan absorb the energy. She gently sat beside Xiao Yan, and her hand parted the black hair in front of her forehead. It had been nearly two months since they had entered the Heavenly Tomb. During these two months, the two of them had continued to walk through this vast land. Any energy bodies that they meet along the way would be turned into energy cores and would appear in their hands. Hence, the gains that they had obtained during these two months were quite rich, but they felt somewhat regretful since the energy bodies were not very strong. The energy cores that they had obtained only appeared to be of the second grade or third grade. These energy cores were still a little useful. When Xiao Yan absorbed more and more energy cores, their effects seemed to become a little poorer. Only now did he understand that if one absorbed too much of this energy, one's body would form a resistance to it. However, this resistance was much weaker than what was formed against a medicinal pill.

This quiet world was extremely beneficial to train in. However, one would have to endure a dullness that was many times greater than the outside world. Fortunately, Xiao Yan and Xun Er were accompanying each other, so the days might appear dull, but there was an additional liveliness.


Xiao Yan's absorption of the energy core did not last for long before his eyes slowly opened. He inhaled a deep breath of air, and the energy lingering around him turned into a cluster of air that was swallowed into his stomach.

"How is it?" Xun Er stretched her lazy waist after watching Xiao Yan complete the absorption. Her pretty curves were completely exposed, and her tone contained a tempting laziness.

"There has been an improvement. However, I am still aways from the six star level. It seems that we must find some higher grade energy cores." Xiao Yan frowned as he spoke.

"Ha ha, we are already approaching the middle section of the first level. The energy bodies from here on will gradually become stronger. If we are lucky, we might even be able to meet an energy body with the strength of a six star Dou Zun or higher. The energy cores within their bodies are most suitable to you." Xun Er sweetly smiled as she explained the situation. Her enchanting smile caused the irritation that had appeared within Xiao Yan's body to quietly disappear.

"How far is it to the second level?"

"It should take another month or so. The Heavenly Tomb has three levels. The first level is the most spacious. The subsequent two levels are a little better. However, the danger will also increase." Xun Er replied.

"There is still another month, huh…" Xiao Yan mused. He nodded and stood up. He looked to the horizon and smiled as he said, "In that case, let's continue to travel. I wonder what those other fellows are like now."

"Those who can enter the Heavenly Tomb are all very strong individuals within the clan. They also understand the Heavenly Tomb quite well. Unless they end up provoking an extremely powerful existence, nothing should happen to them. Moreover, an existence that has reached that level will rarely be found on the first level."

"Let's go…"

Xiao Yan nodded. After which, he waved his large hand, took a step forward, and quickly headed in the direction of the deepest part of the Heavenly Tomb. Xun Er smiled and followed close behind him. Although this world was dull, any dull place would become extremely warm when she could be with him…

The vast Heavenly Tomb was filled with a dense energy fog. Under this energy pressure, anything that flew would feel their bodies grow as heavy as a mountain. One would feel extremely exhausted after flying for a short period of time. Thus, the Heavenly Tomb appeared endless…

The world in the Heavenly Tomb was dead quiet and uninteresting. However, no mediocre person could enter this mysterious place. The people who could enter stood out from the many geniuses within their clans. Not only did they possess powerful strengths, even their characters were quite clam. Although this dullness was a little abominable to them, it was still within their ability to endure.

Under this kind of dullness, it appeared that the concept of time had become much weaker. Hence, Xiao Yan and Xun Er could not help but feel a little stunned when they saw an energy wall on the edge of their sights after they had spent four months crossing the vast Heavenly Tomb.

"Is this the entrance to the second level?"

Xiao Yan asked in a slightly surprised voice after seeing the energy light wall, which seemed to pour down from the edge of the sky.

A travel-worn feeling spread from Xiao Yan. His black hair had become a little longer, and his face seemed to have become a little thinner. However, his dark-black eyes contained a glint of flickering light.

Ever since Xiao Yan and Xun Er had entered the deepest parts of the first level, they have had to face the attacks of some powerful energy bodies. Xiao Yan was the one who had dealt with most of these attacks because Xiao Yan could only stop Xun Er from intervening after seeing her destroy a six star Dou Zun energy body in a swift and simple manner. The first level did not pose much of a threat to her, and it would not have much of an effect on her training. However, it was different for Xiao Yan. He was only a five star Dou Zun. If he did not use any Dou Skills, he would obtain benefits from exchanging blows with those six star Dou Zun energy bodies…

Of course, this was temporary. After the number of times they fought increased, Xiao Yan had become familiar with these energy bodies. Hence, the time of the fight had been reduced from a dozen plus exchanges to less than ten exchanges. Some of the weaker six star energy bodies were dealt with by Xiao Yan within three exchanges.

"Xiao Yan ge-ge, you are currently at the peak of the fifth star and will breakthrough to the sixth star level soon. I suggest you breakthrough before entering the second level. Otherwise, the Dou Qi within your body will not be stable if it is full. Moreover, the second level is more dangerous than the first. One cannot guarantee that nothing will happen if one advances one's level there…" Xun Er looked at the enormous energy light curtain in the distance before turning her head. She smiled as she gave Xiao Yan a suggestion.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after hearing her words. Finally, he nodded. After having trained for four months within the Heavenly Tomb and having swallowed thousands of energy cores, the Dou Qi within his body was at a full state. He would be able to breakthrough to the sixth star at any moment. However, one's aura would end up unstable when advancing one's level, and it would not be suitable to stay in such a place.

"The advancement between levels in the Dou Zun class requires too much energy. The energy that I have absorbed during these four months is something that I would not have been able to obtain in the outside world even after an entire year. This energy has barely reached the requirement to breakthrough. I wonder just what kind of frightening energy one requires to breakthrough the sixth star to the seventh star…"

Xiao Yan softly sighed in his heart. He swiftly focused his mind, turned his head to Xun Er, and said, "In that case, I will have to ask you to guard me again…"

Xun Er smiled and nodded.

Xiao Yan swept his eyes around him when he saw her nod. His body leaped onto a large rock. After which, he swiftly sat down. He entered his training condition and a cluster Dou Qi began to gradually spread from his body. It covered the area within a hundred meter radius…

After Xiao Yan shut his eyes and attempted to breakthrough, Xun Er's toes pressed against the ground. Her body drifted onto a large rock. Her eyes were shut and the activity within a thousand-foot-radius was captured within her heart.

Following the silence of these two, the land once again became completely quiet…

After this dead silence continued for around two hours, a dark and cold wind suddenly rushed over…

Xun Er on the large rock suddenly opened her eyes when this dark and cold wind appear. Her face was ice-cold as she looked t the sky in the north. She spoke in an indifferent voice, "Since you are here, why do you need to continue hiding? Have the current members of the Hun clan become this terrible?"

"Ha ha, your are worthy of being in possession of the divine bloodline of the Gu clan. Such perception is indeed praiseworthy…"

The space in the distance fluctuated after Xun Er's cold voice sounded. Immediately, two black robed figures slowly stepped in the air and arrive. A dark and dense aura slowly spread from them.