Battle Through the Heavens Prequel - The Legend of Yao Lao


Battle Through the Heavens Prequel - The Legend of Yao Lao Volume 2 Chapter 7

Volume 2 Chapter 7: Feng Xian

            Yao Chen looked at the writing as well as a messy Nine Star Fox picture that were on the ground and felt a bit disappointed….

            When she was present he genuinely felt she was very annoying. Yes she had saved his life, but she really knew how to be noisy and cause trouble.

            But now when he had awoken to find out she had already left, he truly felt that a piece of his heart was missing.

            "I should be happy she's gone… who else tells people to go die… really, and she didn't give a proper farewell before leaving…."

            Yao Chen shook his head, and fixed up his emotions. Looking around, he collected his things and after washing up, he found a small bamboo forest. Chopping down ten or so trunks that were around the thickness of a bowl, he brought them to a river bank and using some tough tree bark as rope he started to make a bamboo raft.

            Although this was his first time, but he had heard once before the little fatty's brother Luo Shan talking about this method, and after a couple of experiments Yao Chen quickly grasped how to do it. Although he grasped the concept quickly it was already the afternoon by the time he finished it

 Testing it a couple times, he found that the bamboo raft was definitely secure, and he pushed it into the water. Standing in the center of the bamboo raft, he quietly floated down the river. A day later he drifted out of the Shennong mountain range, and the riverside changed from towering mountain cliffs to a stone mountain and large and spacious fields.

            At this time the bamboo raft's speed was becoming more and more slow on the river, and Yao Chen had no choice but to abandon it and go on shore. It appeared that his wish to follow the flow all the way until the middle of the fields was too naïve.  中央平原 is this central states or what. In the mountain range the water flowed extremely fast and allowed him to travel a thousand miles in one day. But now that he had entered the fields the water was almost level and extremely gentle, so the bamboo raft's spread wasn't as good as walking.

            Getting ashore, he followed the riverside forward. Without the little demon lady present, Yao Chen didn't know why he still had to move towards the Central Plains center.

            But having left the Yao clan and entering this unfamiliar world, other than moving forward he had nowhere else to go.

            As he walked alongside the river, when he became hungry he would catch some fish to eat, and if his luck was good he could catch some wild animals in the forest beside the shore.

            In this manner one month passed. A large city appeared beside the river in the horizon.

            South Shore City.

            Outside the city gate, Yao Chen paid the entry fee and entered into the city when a burst of hot breaths hit him in the face. People… lots of people. There were peddlers and lower class people coming and going everywhere and it was bustling with noise and liveliness. This was something that could not be found in the Yao clan. Everything in the Yao clan was neat and in good order, and even if there were more people the Yao clan would definitely stay peaceful and quiet. There would absolutely not be people who would dare to make a ruckus in the clan. But as for here, the sounds of people laughing and chattering was everywhere.

            Not walking far he saw a couple kids with the word Lou written on them bothering a youngster by demanding money from him. The youngster was wearing embroidered clothes so he appeared to be the young lord of a rich family and he had an honest looking face with red lips and white teeth.

            "I really don't have any money…" The embroidered clothed youngster turned red from shouting, but in this place his words had no effect on the beggings. These beggars were all either orphans that had been picked up or came from human trafficking. Behind them were adults who controlled them, and if they didn't get enough money when they returned then they wouldn't get any food to eat. They would even get strongly beat halfway to death. In the eyes of the people who controlled them it didn't matter if they broke a foot or dug out an eye. The more miserable and deformed they looked the better, as long as it could move people's compassion to give money it was fine. As for the children's future, they'd either get picked up by others or die in a couple years and then get buried in the deep mountains. They'd just buy or pick up a couple more of them.

            It wasn't that the embroidered clothed youngster didn't have money, it's just that he clearly knew that if he gave these people money it would appear like he was doing a good thing in fact but it was no different from acting as an accomplice to the tiger.

            The embroidered clothed youngster was chased by the little begs down the entire road before he managed to shake them off, before he turned his head and say Yao Chen, "I've already said, I don't have any money."

            "… what?" Yao Chen blankly asked, but even before the words were out his mouth his stomach let out a loud grumbling noise.

            The embroidered clothed youngster knit his eyebrows, and actually said, "If you're hungry I can treat you to a meal."

            "Why would you want to treat me to a meal?" Yao Chen blankly and foolishly replied. Were all the outside world's people this nice? The first time they met and they didn't even know each other's names but they still treated them to food.

            Not right, there's definitely been a misunderstanding. Treating anyone you saw to food, then even if you had even more money you would eventually be eaten empty and poor.

            "If you want money then there's none, but if you're hungry I can treat you this one time."

            The embroidered clothed youngster took out a food basket from his storage ring, and the sweet smell of the food filled the air. Gulu… Yao Chen's stomach fiercely rumbled, and in comparison his own storage ring's dry meats were basically just dregs he could use to fill his stomach.

            "Ok." Yao Chen didn't stand on courtesy, and pondering for a second, he said, "Meeting each other was fate; today you treat me and next time I'll treat you."

            "Haha, anything is fine as long as you're not asking for money." The embroidered clothed youngster laughed as he curiously looked at Yao Chen. This was the first time he had met a beggar who would say these kinds of words.

            Walking along a small riverbank within the city, the two of them picked a willow tree to sit under. The embroidered clothed youngster opened the food basket and the inside were four neatly piled up double layered food containers. Opening one, the fragrant aroma became even stronger.

            "You can eat."

            Yao Chen nodded, and completely not standing on courtesy and with an enthusiasm that he had learned from fatty Luo he ferociously started eating.

            Obviously the embroidered clothed youngster's family was very strict. He sat with proper posture, ate with proper etiquette, and all his movements were coordinated with a refined and proper etiquette. This kind of behaviour was something that only a noble would have; if you didn't start getting nurtured like this from a young age to the point where these etiquettes had seeped into your bones there was no way you could learn to do it in such a manner later in life.

            The embroidered clothed youngster had only eaten two mouthfuls when he noticed that the entire food basket had already been completely eaten to the point where nothing was left.

            "Uh… I…" The embroidered clothed youngster's mouth was faintly trembling, and he wanted to say something but he was unable to actually it. He only looked at Yao Chen in shock, and he thought to himself that this kid really knew how to eat! However his own stomach was also growling in hunger.

            Yao Chen's face turned red with embarrassment. Having become accustomed to having to fight for food with Luo Shu he had forgotten how to eat with normal people.

            "It's no problem. If we have karma we'll see each other again." The embroidered clothed youngster collected the food containers into his storage rining, and faintly saying a couple words to Yao Chen he prepared to leave.

            "Wait, what's your name?

            "Haha, my name's not important. But seeing brother with your whole arms and whole legs, you might be in difficult times, but in the end begging is not something a true man should do. These are just the words of a stranger. Brother shouldn't blame me for meddling too much in other people's business with these unpleasant words. If it's fate we will meet again.

            The embroidered clothed youngster jumped up using a Dou Technique and all of a sudden disappeared.

            Yao Chen was in a blankly stared in a daze. His speed was quite fast, but what really stunned him were the words he had just said. Beg? When did he go beg?

            Walking along the river Yao Chen looked down and saw his reflection. Oh… in the river's reflection he saw a youngster with ragged clothing, messy hair, and with streaks of black all over his face. Yao Chen couldn't help but to let out a shocked noise as he looked down at his reflection.

            Yao Chen bitterly laughed. With his current appearance anyone who saw him would think he was a beggar. It was fortunate the embroidered clothed youngster had the good self control to ignore his appearance and let him eat with him. It was a pity that he didn't even know what he was called. If he had the opportunity then he had to pay him back properly.

            Coming to here in his thoughts, Yao Chen once again moved himself. He didn't know whether Yao Wangui would send out more people when no one returned, so it was difficult to guarantee his own life let alone talk about paying people back.

            Yao Chen didn't stay too long along the within the city of South Shore. After buying new clothes and supplies, he ended up leaving this huge city.

            To the north of South Shore City, there were more and more vestiges of human activities. Not only were there cultivators of large sects, but there were also even more regular people who had villages and cities all over the place. Travelling merchants come and went along the roads on their caravans, and every five or so kilometers along the road there was a tavern that could supply them with supplies and food. All in all this part of the world was very prosperous.

            Although Yao Chen left, he didn't have any target so he just followed the road towards the center of the Central Plains.

            However things that occur by fate always come suddenly. On the third day's nightfall Yao Chen arrived in front of a family owned tavern along the road.

            He had only just entered when he noticed the embroidered clothed youngster, however this time he wasn't alone. Sitting beside him were several middle aged men that were talking to him, and the embroidered clothed youngster would occasionally nod.

            When Yao Chen entered the embroidered clothed youngster did notice him, but obviously he didn't recognize him now that he had tidied himself up. He only indifferently glanced at him before once again focusing on the middle aged men's talk.

            Yao Chen looked for a place to sit, and one of the tavern's waiters came over, pouring him some tea and offering him the menu, "Does the guest want to eat something… or maybe you want to stay a couple days?"

            Yao Chen took a small sip of the tea and said, "Stay for the night. As for food bring me half a pound of meat and rice."

            The waiter presented the menu and said, "There's first-rate fragrant rice and other than meat there's also fish…."

            Yao Chen didn't have much experience. Listening to the waiter's presentation and quickly reading a bit of the menu, many of the items were things he had never heard of in the Yao clan.

            Only when the food arrived did he notice that had ordered a bit too much, and there wasn't even enough space on the table to hold. It was fortunate that Yao Chen wasn't afraid that he would waste it, and when he opened his stomach and started eating he emptied every single plate. Some of the dishes' flavors were just average, but since it was the first time he tasted they still felt novel and fresh.

            The guests currently eating all around him were all a bit stunned by Yao Chen. This guy could really eat.

            "Haha, who knows where he came from that he hasn't even tried sheep and cow meat before."

            "It's not that weird, I've done some trading in the deep mountains and some of the people there are from poor and secluded villages, that can only eat pork, and that would only be during celebrations. Most of them make their living from hunting. In the mountains and forests they don't have good land for domestication and can only raise chickens and dogs. In most of those people's lives they haven't even seen something like beef.

            At this moment, a rumbling noise came from the tavern's entrance and twelve people covered in dust wearing violet capes and black clothes rushed into the tavern.

            "People from the Violet Fiend Gang."

            "Recently the Azure Fiend gang's people have been very active. It seems like something big is happening."

            "Shhh, quiet, if they hear you you'll definitely die."

            The merchants within the tavern were all quietly discussing them, with most of them having fearful expressions on their face.

            Yao Chen looked over of the group of people wearing black clothes. He simply continued eating his own food and he was already basically ninety percent full.

            "Guest, the dishes you've asked for are all here now, please eat slowly."

            The waiter at this moment had brought over the very last plate, and after quietly saying this he was just about to withdraw when Yao Chen stopped him, saying, "I'll pay the bill now."

            Saying this, he took out five second tier Energy Accumulating Pills and placed them on the table.

            In the Yao clan, after eating such a huge feast it would require two Energy Accumulating Pills, and sleeping for a night would require three of them. The Yao Chen who didn't have any experience of living outside the Yao clan naturally thought that the world outside the Yao clan would also use Energy Accumulating Pills to settle bills.

            He hardly imagined that….

            The tavern's waiter's eyes almost popped out of his face, this… this was… medicinal pills!"

            "Guest… guest, do you really want to use these medicinal pills to settle the bill?" The waiter's voice had even started to stutter and tremble.

            "Is there a problem?" Yao Chen wrinkled his brows, according to the rumors in the Yao clan, their medicinal pills were much more valuable outside the clan than within. Since he had paid five Energy Accumulating Pills using clan standards to pay, it should be worth more than enough.

            "No! No problem! I just wanted to confirm." The tavern waiter collected the pills at lightning speed. Heavens! He was just the brother of the head of a farming family; unexpectedly for just a couple taels of silver worth of food someone used medicinal pills to pay for it. No matter what kind of medicinal pill it was even, even if it was the worst Energy Support Pill, just one pill's value was already tens of silver taels, and furthermore just having the money was useless most of the time since not anyone who wanted to buy it could find a seller. This offspring of a farming family obtaining five pills was equivalent to gaining hundreds of silver taels of profit.

            To the side, all the merchants were all dumbfounded. They never would have thought that this food-hound would so crazily spend his money in such an extravagant manner.

            "Wait, this little brother's bill will be settled by us. Xiao Jiu, bring the medicinal pills back." The guests who had just entered, the Violet Fiend Gang, all ordered with an overbearing laughter.


            A broken piece of silver not equal to even two silver taels was thrown onto the ground, and one of the members of the Violet Fiend Gang strode over to the waiter.  

            The waiter's expression became terrified, and he crashed to the ground. Kneeling he raised the five Energy Accumulating Pills over his head as an offering.

            "I guess you're not an idiot."

            Xiao Jiu coldly laughed, and taking the five Energy Accumulating Pills he walked back.

            Boss Bai, should we?"

            Between sentences he shot glances in Yao Chen's direction.

            "Forget about it. After we finish eating we still have to hurry on our way." Boss Bai's eyes also seemed to hesitate.

            Yao Chen faintly narrowed his eyes, understanding a bit. His problem was that he lacked experience, not that he was an idiot. Wealth couldn't be flaunted, and obviously the outside world didn't use medicinal pills to settle bills like this. His taking out of medicinal pills had already caused him to taken note of by other people.

            However this place was already outside the Yao clan's sphere of influence so Yao Chen didn't worry that he'd be once again chased and attempted to be killed. In the end he was only quietly chased. In all likelihood Yao Wangui wouldn't go too far for him and act with all the power of the clan.

            In addition, the Yao clan was still comparatively isolated. Disciples that completed missions outside the clan were very few in number. The ancestral lands of the Yao clan had all of their needs, and even the spiritual energy was greater than in the outside world which would benefit their training. Basically there weren't any clan members who would want to leave the ancestral lands. In this kind of situation, as long as he left the Yao clan's sphere of influence Yao Chen could be calm and have nothing to fear.


            The embroidered clothed youngster startled, not expecting that saying he'd leave he would just leave. The two fire clouds coming out of his hands weakened, and not even a black shadow could be hidden from it.

            Yao Chen faintly smiled, his gaze staring at the shadowy figures outside the courtyard, apparently none of them had noticed him. The embroidered clothed youngster was like a blade as he parted a path through the battle, frightening the people with ulterior motives into fleeing.

            The embroidered clothed youngster quickly arrived inside the courtyard, and his gaze was like lightning as it passed through the window intersected with Yao Chen.

            "Sorry for bothering you."

            "No problem." Yao Chen nodded.

            "I don't know where brother plans on going. How about we can go together tomorrow? And can I have a name for you?"

            "Many thanks for your good intentions, but I'm already accustomed to being by myself. I don't know whether this respected brother has a great name?"

            "Haha, my family name is Feng, while my surname is just one word, Xian. Since brother has no such intention, I've meddled in your affairs too much. It's getting late in the night, please don't blame me for bothering you. I'll take my leave now." The embroidered clothed youngster's eyes flashed slightly, and cupping his hands, he unfolded a pair of flame wings and flew off. In the blink of an eye he had already disappeared.

            Yao Chen smiled. He knew that the embroidered clothed youngster had good intentions, however since he had left the Yao clan, he had to rely on his own strength to pass through his life. Without some difficulties how could you train yourself?

            After obtaining his food, he called the waiter over to bring him to his lodging. Since Yao Chen had paid using medicinal pills, although they had been taken away by the Violet Fiend Gang, the owner still personally brought Yao Chen to a room far away from the main street with only a small village in the vicinity. This was the best room within fifteen kilometers of the inn. 

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