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Baobei Baobei Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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"However, I am a very traditional man, able to support 3 wives and 4 concubines."

This brat is obviously a jerk, when he has nothing to do, he would tease his older sister until she was absolutely furious.

Wasn't this just asking for a beating? The Hummer ended up driving in zigzags for a few meters, and in the end because Xia Tian loudly asked for forgiveness, saying that he was driving, did BaoBei stop hitting him.

During the meal, BaoBei was opening her mouth wide as she gorged on food while pondering on whether she should let Xia Tian have a girlfriend. Rather than letting him go out and find a random girl, wouldn't it be better for her to introduce a decent girl and letting him decide early on.
That's right, should she introduce him to JiaHui or XiaoXi? Eh…… Xia Tian is part of the good looking club, so having XiaoXi as a partner should be more suitable. But thinking of XiaoXi representing their family image, and recalling how she acted like a scoundrel while saying vulgar things in front of the disciplinarian, BaoBei immediately dispelled the idea.

"Xia Tian, what kind of girls do you like?" BaoBei asked.

"Why? Thinking of introducing some to me?"

"You have to tell me what kind of girls you like first."

"Sis, a few days ago, third brother Liu in our dorms said that, a good girl is someone who is moe, and can act stupid; able to dress up as a loli, and act like a queen; acts cool to a limit, but blushes till her cheeks are red; is the refreshing type, but is also a heavy flavour; wears a sailor uniform but brandishes a whip; can go listen at concerts and eat at food stalls; if I was to ridicule her then she would reply with a poisonous tongue; if I were to be cold and indifferent, then she can be two-faced; able to dismiss my shameless and ignorant youthful years and able to hide from wretched uncles with evil intentions!" Xia Tian said eagerly.

BaoBei sighed heavily. It seems like she has been tricked by this brat. As it turns out, he isn't really interested in getting a girlfriend.

"Just calm down, sis. I am someone who has propriety. There will be absolutely no one who'll suddenly appear carrying a child while calling you second aunt." Xia Tian grinned with his usual smiling manner.

"Bullshit!" BaoBei drank a mouthful of the soup Xia Tian bought at the Hong Kong-style soup shop next door. It was already said that, with the skinny meat appearance, if they went back to S city for the holidays and were seen by their parents, they'd blame that he, this brother, didn’t take care of others, and start nagging while having him prostrate on his knees. However, eating soup with Japanese cuisine was quite refreshing.

"That’s right, Xia Tian, that Wen ZhuoJun from your faculty is quite pretty. How come I’ve heard that she is chasing you?" This was something BaoBei heard from her roommates. The sex scandals of the school beauties had always been the main focus of university dorm gossip.

which translate to “School’s(or university in this case) most beautiful girl, the institutions most beautiful girl, the faculty’s most beautiful girl, school’s most handsome man, institution’s most handsome man, faculty’s most handsome man.”
It’s something like “most beautiful girl, second most beautiful girl, 3rd most beautiful girl, most handsome guy, 2nd most handsome guy and 3rd most handsome guy.”

"Sis, please spare me! You didn’t see how thick her makeup is!" Xia Tian showed a face that said 'please excuse me for not complying'.

"No way! That Wen ZhuoJun is a very famous beauty. Moreover, to be crowned as the Business Faculty’s Beauty, she must be somewhat pretty." BaoBei retorted.

"Xia BaoBei, first go understand what exactly is makeup. For makeup, once you take it off, it’s about whether I still recognise you or not; If you took off your makeup and I couldn’t recognise you anymore, that’s called fake. I prefer women who are lotuses on clear water, a naturally decorated type." Xia Tian said in an exaggerated manner.

Too ridiculous! BaoBei naturally knew that her brother was trying to make her happy, but she still couldn’t help but laugh out loudly.

"Look, sis, our family's Three Great Beauties, I see them everyday, all the time. I’m already immune to other beauties. Right? Right?"

Who doesn’t like to be complemented? Listening to her brothers praise, BaoBei became very elated.

"What Three Great Beauties? You’re just trying to make me happy! At school, I’m so obscured and unknown." What BaoBei really meant was that she was still not satisfied and wanted him to continue praising her.

Xia Tian laughed out. "Sis, do you want me to tie up your admirers and put them in front of you?"

"I don’t have any admirers." BaoBei said with a bit of resentment.

"Of course you have admirers. It’s just that I have already disposed of them." Xia Tian replied cockily.

BaoBei's brow wrinkled as she paused for a bit. "Who did you dispose of?"

"Of course it’s those extremely daring fools who try to chase you! They should look in the mirror and see what kind of person they dare to chase. I, Xia Tian, this uncle's sister." Only after he cockily proclaimed all this did he realise that he had said something wrong. Seeing his sister squint at him, Xia Tian was immediately drenched in cold sweat.

"Sis! You can’t blame me! It’s absolutely because all those people were too unreasonable and didn’t match you at all. I am only trying to guard you. Once there is a good product, I will immediately, without any objection, tie him up on your imperial bed."

"What kind of things are you saying!?" BaoBei wanted to thrash Xia Tian, but after thinking about it, she felt that she wasn’t really that angry. What her brother did and said was just to protect her.

"Oh that’s right." BaoBei put down her chopsticks. Her face was one of confusion as she brushed her hands up and down her thighs a few times. "Do you still remember that big brother MoXiu who lived beside us when we used to live in the USA back when we were younger?"

"Of course I remember. Isn’t he back already?" Xia Tian also put down his chopsticks. Being asked like this by his sister, it felt a bit indescribable.

"You already know!?" BaoBei asked in surprise.

"Ever since we came back, I did keep in contact with big brother MoXiu and big brother MoJie." Xia Tian explained, then he gave BaoBei a sly smile. "Hehe, big brother MoXiu even asks about your situation often."

"He asked about me? Why did he ask about me?" BaoBei moved her hands to put away the hair on her cheeks and pin it behind her ears, her face a bit awkward. Trying to cover it up, it showed her charming attitude.

All of the sudden, Xia Tian became happy.

"Of course it’s because he likes you so he asks me about you. "

BaoBei choked.

"Sis, you can’t blame me for not telling you the truth. I actually wanted to tell you early on but big brother MoXiu wouldn’t let me. He said he wanted to personally tell you once he came back. I thought back on it and agreed. When it comes to things like feelings, it needs to be between each other for it to be strong. It’s not like I feel that he’s the only one able to be second brother-in-law. But big brother MoXiu is pretty quick, he’s only been back a few days and he’s already looked for you." Xia Tian gossiped a bit. "Did he say anything to you yet?"

"No!" BaoBei denied flatly. "He didn’t say anything."

BaoBei was perplexed. "It’s so weird. I’ve always just thought of him as the neighbour big brother."

"There's nothing wrong with that." Xia Tian picked up his chopsticks as he continued eating, not even pressured at the slightest. "Sweethearts of the ancient times, play together a few times and they’ll start feeling something for each other."

Xia Tian that wretch! When it was time to pay the bills, he realised that he didn’t bring his wallet and freeloaded a meal off his sister. BaoBei wanted to cry. It was only because Xia Tian said he was going to pay for the meal that she choose such an expensive place. She even specifically wore pants two sizes bigger before she came.

Too immoral!

Too shameless!

On the road back, BaoBei hugged her dried out wallet as she cried tearlessly.

"The world’s greatest friend will forever be the wallet. Once he becomes skinny, you can’t help but feel sorry……."
Back in the dorm, a rare sight of all three hot commodities being present was seen.

Shi XiaoXi was wearing a thick, red nightdress, a mess of hair draping over her shoulders as she stood on the balcony to hang clothes.

"Yo, you climbed so high."

JiaHui glanced at the balcony for a moment. "That stupid head, just for trying to drive away a few birds just now, she used the drying pole as a flying spear and threw it."

"You describe those birds properly! They were chirping away so noisily that they woke this sister up from her sleep." Shi XiaoXi loudly protested.

"Hey! Be careful! This is the fourth floor!" If she fell, it would be the death of XiaoXi.

"BaoBei, you're the only one who cares about me!" Shi XiaoXi tried to gain pity, "If I were to fall down…"

BaoBei put aside her bag on the chair and removed her jacket. "Rest assured, we will definitely help you hang out the clothes."

JiaHui burst out a laugh. This Xia BaoBei, she unexpectedly shocked everyone a bit. One of these days, she wanted to try out and see if suddenly shocking people was really that fun.

"Oh that's right. Where will your Law of Obligation class be held tonight?" Fang Jie asked.

"That's right, that's right. Where will it be? Bring us over with you." JiaHui butted in.

"At the lecture theater." BaoBei took out the Law of Obligation book she got from her brother-in-law's book shelf. Even though this elective had no required books, since she had already chosen it, she might as well learn. This great aunt was well aware on this aspect.

"Not bringing you guys!" Shi XiaoXi rushed into the room, and in passing locked the doors. "Leaving me alone on the balcony to hang clothes in mortal danger, just thinking about how heartless you guys are, as if I'll bring you guys."

"This I wholly agree! I was asking BaoBei to bring us, not you. At the time the three of us will sit together, you by all means must sit far away from us, thinking that we are heartless you deserve to be isolated to death!" JiaHui replied.

"+10086! Shi XiaoXi you better by all means stay far away from us, I'm afraid you might be unsatisfied with what happens at the dorm and shame us at class as well." Fang Jie responded.

"……" Shi XiaoXi stared at them with rage. And after looking at BaoBei's "oblivious and ignoring others" conduct screeched, "You guys are bullies!"

After that, she violently clung onto JiaHui's arm."Don't even think about abandoning me! Don't you dare!"

"Shi XiaoXi, you are my sun! Please maintain a 92955886.7km distance away from me. Thank you!" JiaHui followed on.

Seeing Shi XiaoXi and JiaHui playing around, Fang Jie played the profound thinker as she kneaded her temples. "You see, similar to Lu Ran this type of artistic example is someone who was sent from heaven, we are the normal type who come from the people, then Shi XiaoXi this type of 2B….."

BaoBei's line of sight temporarily moved from the book as she exclaimed loudly, "Oh her, she's probably from the nether world….."

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