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Baobei Baobei Chapter 6

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Baby Baby

Chapter 6

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"My name is Jiang MoXiu. I have lived in Boston since I was a kid." Looking at BaoBei's eyes that became clearer and brighter, Jiang MoXiu raised his brows and nodded. "Boston."

"……" BaoBei opened her mouth, one of her hands pointed at the man opposite her. "Big brother MoXiu!"

Big brother MoXiu: MoXiu isn’t really her blood related brother… rather, it’s a way to call someone who is older than you.

MoXiu relaxed and let out a breath, "I'm glad that you still remember me."

"Why are you back? Where's MoJie? Did MoJie come back? Gosh, why didn't you tell me earlier?! When I first saw you, I thought you looked familiar, and the name sounded familiar too. Seriously!" There, she even blame others. "I remembered you settled down in the US, what did you come back for?"

BaoBei had dug a hole for herself.

Some men, when they want something, are very clear about their goal. Their wills are strong. Once they've aimed at the target, they will immediately attack. Jiang MoXiu is a typical businessman type. After assessing the situation and thinking about how he's waited for so long and has no patience  left to guide little children, couples with the fact that he knows exactly what kind of person Xia BaoBei is and how such a small matter wouldn't stump her, he decided to not beat around the bush.

"In fact I really miss some people. So I came back." The man gave the little kid an earnest look, a light smile on his lips. He know exactly when he's at his most fascinating, and didn't hesitate using this to entice the little kid.

These words were pretty ambiguous. BaoBei's heart jumped, however, she couldn't really understand what he meant.

If this was said to an experienced and matured lady, these words would be more than blunt.

"Okay, BaoBei, do you have a boyfriend?"

BaoBei blankly shook her head.

"Is there anyone you like?"

BaoBei shook her head again.

The person opposite her suddenly had a very satisfied smile.

"Then I came back at just the right time."

BaoBei was still a bit clueless. What does her having a boyfriend or someone she likes has to do with him?!

"BaoBei, why don't you think about it for a bit? Be my girlfriend, what do you think?"

In the end, Jiang MoXiu took BaoBei's phone and saved his number on it. He also took down and saved her phone number.

Afterwards, BaoBei drifted back to the dorms bewilderedly. This is because when she was exiting the car, Jiang MoXiu gave her a box of little cakes, as if he was certain that he would run into her even before that. But the crucial point wasn't the cake, but the kiss he left on her forehead!

This man is too direct!

BaoBei might not have understood any of MoXiu's clear or vague words, but that kiss at the end clearly affected her. His slightly cold lips was on her forehead for about four to five seconds. Even the slow witted and clueless BaoBei can now more or less understand what he meant with his words.

Suddenly, BaoBei felt very nervous. After 19 years, there was finally someone who was interested in her! Even though he is a bit old… eh… 27 should be okay…

Inside the dorm room, the three roommates were already gossiping among themselves. Once BaoBei came in, they raised their heads, a vulgar smile on each one of their faces.

"BaoBei, this is the first time I realise how indecent your name is." Shi XiaoXi laughed crudely. "Who was that BMW guy? He called your name in such a flirty way, you guys must have something going on huh!?"

"There's even presents!" Shi XiaoXi quickly snatched the cake box. Once she opened the box, she immediately clamoured, "Tiramisu eyy… Just take me away…"

Fang Jie also joined in to make fun of BaoBei. She held Shi XiaoXi's chin and purposely said in a low, deep voice, "BaoBei, just take me away."

"Just die!" BaoBei immediately snatched back the tiramisu. Ever since she was a little girl, BaoBei has always loved tiramisu flavoured desserts. This elder brother MoXiu, he really came back like a torrential rush. After only having been reunited for 5 days, and meeting each other just 3 times, he has already (directly)  told her his feelings.

He didn't even confess, yet the little kid is already so distraught.

Two-faced, and definitely a scoundrel.

JiaHui walked up and touched BaoBei's forehead. The latter stared at the former in bewilderment.

JiaHui grinned, "Xia BaoBei, you also have days like this."

"I heard that love is just like a fever. Those who burn till they're crazy get married. Those that heal break up. And those that are a bit silly and idiotic are the ones who are currently burning up. My BaoBei, seems to have a fever."

Once JiaHui finished talking, the other three girls broke into laughter.

"You guys are crazy!" Even though she usually has a sharp tongue, at the moment, BaoBei didn't know what to say. What JiaHui said was right. Xia BaoBei also had a day where she couldn't refute what others said. This was retribution! Retribution!

"I think that, that BMW elder brother is pretty good. He was so handsome, he almost blinded this elder sister. Not just that, he was also tall and rich. I have already carefully observed him just then. He's got the body, and that ass was so perky and elastic……"

"Wait! Elastic? You touched it?" BaoBei was dishevelled.

"Tch! Wasn't I sitting behind the front passenger seat just now? I was observing his ass. This elder sister guarantees it! That ass is surely elastic." Shi XiaoXi scoffed.

"Shi XiaoXi, you are so indecent. If this was in ancient times, you would have be thrown into a pig cage." BaoBei said calmly, slowly regaining her fighting power.

JiaHui clasped XiaoXi's shoulder. "Even though I haven't seen the person, but based on what these two are saying, he doesn't seem bad. I suggest that you quickly take him. If he doesn't attack you, then you switch in to attack him. Lady White deliberately called down the rain so that she could borrow Xu Xian's umbrella, Zhu YingTai tries to get Liang ShanBo to marry her “sister” so that she could trick him into marrying her, the Seventh Fairy blocked Dong Yong's way out and the Cowherd took advantage of when the weaver girl was bathing to take away her clothes. What do these story tell us? They tell us that for almighty love to exist, there must be one who plays the scoundrel."

Lady White and Xu Xian: The main characters of The Legend of the White Snake (one of China’s Four Great Folktales).
Zhu YingTai and Liang ShanBo: The main characters of The Butterfly Lovers (one of China’s Four Great Folktales).
Dong Yong and the Seventh Fairy: The main characters of The Legend of Dong Yong, a Chinese folktale about tragic love.
Cowherd and the Weaver Girl: The main characters of the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd (one of China’s Four Great Folktales).

"Where have your thoughts gone to?! We grew up together. In my heart, he is an elder brother." BaoBei pushed her friends away and sat on her seat. She was at a loss.

"Oh! A brother!"

"They're childhood sweethearts!"

"'Bro'-friend! 'Bro'-friend!" The three started to holler and squawk around again.

'Bro'-friend: The original used “情哥哥” which is slang for boyfriend. However, it is usually used in a deragatory way. Also, I suspect they used this particular word for boyfriend because BaoBei used the word 哥哥 to describe MoXiu.
This is my crappy way of trying to show that orz

"Don't be crazy, guys." Jiang MoXiu is a genuine, rich, tall and handsome man. I am just a commoner. Why would he like me?" Little friend, the man has already confessed , and yet you still spout such careless words. However, it was clear that these words were merely said to ward off her dorm mates, as BaoBei's voice got smaller and smaller as she talked.

"Then what kind of woman do you think he likes?" Fang Jie asked.

"Pretty ones."

"You're not pretty?"

"Mature ones."

"Wrong! Nowadays, men prefer lolis."

"Successful career women."

"He's already so successful, no need for him to mess with a tigress so he could keep it at home."

Her dorm mates seemed to be able to counter her every move, BaoBei didn't want to care anymore. "You guys aren't even him, how would you know what he's thinking?"

This sentence, no matter how many times you listened, sounded like it was full of resentment.

"Come here, let this big sis tell you the truth." XiaoXi earnestly pulled up BaoBei's hands. "For successful career women, the impression they gave me is one full of confidence and at the same time, strong.  However, confident women aren't necessarily beautiful. For example, Sister Feng. Strong women aren't necessarily charming. For example, Abbess Miejue.

Sister Feng: Real name Luo Yufeng, is a Chinese woman who became an internet famous person and a bully meme,
She is known for saying outrageous comments. For example, she called herself the brightest human being in the past three centuries, and added that she would remain the smartest person for the next 300 years.
Abbess Miejue: A fictional character from the wuxia novel, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (third installment in the Condor Trilogy). As an old woman who is the leader of the Emei sect, she is known for being vicious and ruthless.

BaoBei gave her a haughty look and ignored her.

These kids just can't read the atmosphere. All they saw was a high quality man so they wanted to fool around. However, it was not the same for BaoBei. This… This… The confession today, the confessor was someone she couldn't even imagine to dream about.

And so, BaoBei couldn't sleep that night. No matter how much she tossed and turned, she just couldn't fall asleep.

Oh, this beauty, this is how you’ve caused such troubles! BaoBei wrung a corner of her quilt as she became more and more distressed.

Oh, this beauty, this is how you’ve caused such troubles!: The original was 美色啊美色,男色啊男色,祸水啊祸水!
 If I were to break it down,
美色 is most probably referring to beautiful women or the charm/loveliness of beautiful women.
男色 is either referring to men who love to be pampered by beautiful women, men who liked to flaunt their sex appeal or men who are homosexuals. It’s most probably the first definition though.
祸水 is referring to calamities caused by beautiful women. It shows that women are the source of trouble.
I think this sentence is suppose to express how BaoBei felt that she was a beautiful woman(美色) that was doted on/asked to dote on MoXiu (男色) and this was the reason for her troubles (祸水).
I’m not really sure though and this is only my guess….

In the afternoon, BaoBei invited Xia Tian out for lunch. That brat only came back from S City on Wednesday and wanted to meet up today to give BaoBei the thing.

BaoBei waited for Xia Tian at the doorway of the Teaching block. Not long after class ended, a flashy Hummer stopped right in front of BaoBei. Unexpectedly, the car window descended, and inside was Xia Tian.

"You changed car?!" BaoBei expressed her alarm.

"No way! It's my sixth young master's." Xia Tian grinned at BaoBei as he hinted her to quickly get into the car.  Xia Tian, this  little brat, it seems that his connections in Beijing are especially good. Not only does he want to get familiar with their brother-in-law, but he also wants to be familiar with their brother-in-law's brothers and friends. As if he was some kind of young master, they had only separated for a few days and he had already went and changed car.

Sixth young master: The word used here is actually “six less” which I assumed meant “sixth young master” just like how I translated their brother-in-law as “third young master” even though the literal translation was “three less”.

Once BaoBei sat properly, Xia Tian extended his hand to pinch her cheeks. "This elder has not seen you for a few days and you've already become so skinny!"

Xia Tian was also at a loss. He can't help but feel that the way he treats his older sister is similar to a daughter, always afraid that she would starve to death. Even if an Almighty Emperor were to text or call him, he might ignore them. But if it was Xia BaoBei, he would put aside all his important matters just for her alone. Especially if he heard that someone was interested in her sister and wanted to pursue her, he would suddenly become like a father who found out that his maiden daughter was coveted by others, just hearing a bit of gossip and already rolling up his sleeves to start fighting.

"Get lost!" BaoBei slapped away Xia Tian's hand.

"Let's go! I'll buy you something delicious to eat!" Xia Tian decided to bring BaoBei to eat her favourite Japanese cuisine.

BaoBei ignored him, and blatantly looked through the pockets in the back seats without permission and started doing an inspection.

"I didn't bring the wrong stuff, right?" Xia Tian said proudly. His sister has always more or less asked him to bring back the same things, in addition to how he had took away almost everything movable in their house's kitchen.

"Basically, you have finished your job." BaoBei was very satisfied.

"You think I'll die with just one sentence?" Xia Tian laughed smugly.

BaoBei recently has met with many love related matters. Now that she's seen Xia Tian, she was suddenly concerned about her brother's love affairs.

"Xia Tian, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No." Xia Tian gave a very straight-forward reply.

It's just that BaoBei usually felt that her brother was very unpleasant to look at, but actually Xia Tian was also a high quality good looking boy. Seeing him hitting the driving wheels was quite handsome, very handsome.

"You've never even had one?"

Xia Tian gave his sister a look, his clear eyes clearly stating "You're joking, right?"

"You have?"

"Yes. A lot."

"How come I didn't know?!"

"But I did let you know?" Xia Tian laughed in reply.

"Then you didn't learn from those tall, rich and handsome men to go around and play, right?" What BaoBei really cared about was this. Actually, how could BaoBei not know, with her house's Xia Tian being such a good prospect, ever since kindergarten there were already girls chasing him, how could he have never had a girlfriend before?

"Our mother has said this before, and wants me to study properly to advance forward. For now, I don't have the chance to play around. Xia Tian was definitely not a scoundrel.

"That is not bad" BaoBei whispered to herself.


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