Banished to Another World


Banished to Another World Chapter 1

The scum Medicine God was banished to a savage other world, forced to undergo reformation!
The soul of Yan Mo, who had thoroughly offended the heavens, passed through to another world, not waking for long before realizing the cruel circumstances he was in.
He was hit unconscious by another person and carried back as winter food reserves.
The tribe that he was at was a super-Spartan type of primitive tribe.
The people here only cared about two things: Fighting strength! Fighting strength!
The former fighting strength is used on the battlefield, the latter fighting strength……
Checking illness? Chinese medical doctor? Drinking bitter dregs? What sort of toy is that? Are you conspiring to murder my tribe’s young warriors? Kill!
Growing wheat? Raising pigs and chicken? We’re warriors, not slaves! Kill!
Teaching women how to make clothes and cook? Making soap and perfume for them? Fuck, unexpectedly seducing the tribe’s women! Kill!
You say you’re god’s messenger? Come to guide us in the direction of a more beautiful life? Very good, give you one day’s period, go and subdue all of our enemies and turn them all into slaves to bring back. Impossible? Kill!
Yan Mo, “……”

It wasn't known if the dried yellow weeds had been excessively eaten by herbivores or if it was just extremely dry, but one almost practically couldn't see the dry grass and were only able to see the hard grassroots that had turned gray and yellow.

There were some meadows where even the grassroots had been eaten away, only leaving behind the dirt that had turned into sand.

A gray-black hare came burying out from a sand burrow, sensitively taking note of the surrounding. Seeing that there weren't any threats, it lowered its head soon after to gnaw at the grassroots. Winter was about to arrive and all the animals needed to store up as much fat as possible inside this short time period in order to endure through the long winter.

A tall and large faraway figure gripped at a lance that had been cut into a pointed tip, hiding his back like a feral leopard as he quietly faced the fat rabbit while approaching.

"Shua!" *rustling sound*

The rabbit's foot trembled. It hadn't been stabbed to death by the pike, but instead its skull had been smashed flat by it.

The silhouette leaped near. Even though the skull had been smashed in, the fur of the hare hadn't been damaged at all. Using a grass rope, the rabbit's feet was suspended from the barb of the pike.

When the person was about to leave, they suddenly stopped their footsteps, bending down to carefully inspect the ground.

They saw on the grass meadow that had turned to sand a faint mark from west to east, as if something like a stake had been dragged across it.

The person straightened their back, following the streak mark for the whole journey. The mark was very long, continuously extending forward.

The tall and large suntanned man rubbed his finger, raising his hand to take a sniff, touching the bloodstain on the ground. It was dry, but still had the distinct smell of blood. Regardless of whether the one that had left behind the bloodstain was a person or an animal, it shouldn't have been more than half a day since it was left.

The animal or the human that received the injury, represented what?

The man licked his lips, a pair of long and narrow black eyes displaying ruthlessness and greed. Carrying a knife scar that formed a strange pattern made his face seem even more savage.

A single rabbit was too little, he needed to find even more food.

Following the traces the entire journey and searching east, approximately a distance of five li away appeared an area of small grass beach that was approximately only three to four zhang in radius.

In the middle of the grass beach was a depression that wasn't quite a pool, muddy yellow silt water was gathered inside. In the water there was still a good amount of water loving wild grass (?) growing. This was also the sole small piece of green in the vicinity, and even more so this small depression that didn't even reach one chi deep was the only source of water that could be found within twenty li.

At this moment, a person was lying by the edge of the water, life or death unknown.

It was unknown if this person had just used up their strength or had exhausted their last breath of vitality. They had already crawled to the water pool, one hand already inserted in the puddle, but in the end their mouth wasn't able to touch the water's surface.

The human's upper body was bare, with only a grass rope tied around his waist. From looking at the revealed skin, this person's age was definitely not large, and their height could also not be considered tall. From top to bottom, their body was so thin that it was all skin and bones.

Didn't know from where the flies had gathered from. Aside from flies there were also other bugs that he didn't know the names of, all considering the person who had fallen by the puddle to be their banquet for today and even the following days, very quickly finding a position to sit down on on the human's body, preparing to start eating.

The bugs on this person's right leg, in particular, were the most.

This person's right leg had a fairly large wound on it, as if a wild animal had bitten down above his knee, snapping the bone. The wound appeared as if it had gotten some simple treatment, the broken bone tightly bound by a grass rope. Not knowing whether it was because the weather was hot or because there was a lack of medicine for treatment, but the rotting skin surrounding the wound had begun to fester, a large amount of white maggots crawling here and there on top of it.

A black beetle bit down on the leg's rotten meat, further using its large pincers to tear open a piece. Using its sharp triangular skull, it wanted to drill deeper into the fresh and bloody meat on the inside.

The human lying on the ground trembled from head to toe, having been woken up by the pain.


Yan Mo didn't dare to believe that he would die just like this after fainting. He had crawled close to a day before crawling to this water supply. He thought that he had plunged into the puddle and drank until he was satisfied, but he didn't actually think that he had unexpectedly just directly fainted.

Yan Mo didn't pay attention to the sharp pain from the wound on his left leg, propping up his body as he went forward, falling head first and burying his head in the puddle.

The water wasn't at all cold and was actually a little tepid, but in concern towards a person who had been exposed to the strong sunlight for an entire day, this was already sufficiently cool, at the very least allowing the temperature of his head to lower a bit.

Yan Mo didn't drink the water from the puddle at all, only clearing his head a bit.

Not filtering water this dirty, to the current him with the condition of his injury and the state of his illness, a large problem would arise eight or nine out of ten times if he drank it.

During the time he had crawled over here earlier he had already scouted a bit and had discovered animal tracks by the edge of the water. Relying on his many years of medical experience and seeing that the water quality didn't appear poisonous, he had wanted to cup a bit of water in his hands and let it settle a bit before fainting, looking at the quality before considering how to go about drinking it.

Now he realized that it's very possible that because his wound had gotten infected that he developed a fever and was unable to wait for the water to settle. First soak and get cooler before speaking again.

Only until he couldn't continue holding his breath did Yan Mo take his head out of the water. Thanks to this burning hot weather and desert like climate, apart from the wild grass he couldn't see any other organisms inside the puddle.

It was a pity, he had still wanted to find two leeches to help him suck out the extravasated blood in the vicinity of the wound.

Yan Mo propped his upper body up, lowering his body to look down at the left leg that had gotten injured and saw the black beetle that had already buried half of its body into his wound.

He didn't directly use his hand to pull it out, instead tearing out a few hard grassroots, using them like a sharp knife as he heartlessly cut open his own flesh in one go, simply digging out the beetle from his flesh.

As the blood spurt out, Yan Mo reached out his hand into the puddle, wrist extending down, continuously digging into the bottom of the puddle and scooped out a large amount of the mud that was below the yellow sand, smearing it onto the opening of his wound.

This was the most crude and most forceful way to stop the bleeding, but he had no other alternatives.

He picked off all the bugs that were feasting on his wound opening, only leaving behind the white maggots that were eating the rotting flesh. As for the mosquitoes that were circling him, he wasn't concerned. Even if he was concerned, he was temporarily unable to take care of them. The corner of Yan Mo's mouth hooked up, exposing an extremely ridiculing smile.

Dragging his leg, Yan Mo once again crawled over to the water's edge and scooped up a handful of water. The water's sand content was very high, and as a result, if he wanted to wait until it was completely settled, it would take approximately an additional day at the least.

This type of water with high sand content, even if it could quench his thirst for a time, after not even a while it'll just let him feel even thirstier. But, he was already unable to bear it.

Die of thirst right now or die of thirst in the future? Is it die of thirst, or is it unable to drink clean water and completely die of illness?

Yan Mo found an area that could still be regarded as clean and used his hands to brush away the upper layer floating on the water. He used his fingers to simply filter the dust like objects that could be seen with the naked eye slightly and licked his lips, holding up the water and drinking just like that.

The slightly strange smelling water flowed down from his throat, giving his body moisture. Even if the water was extremely difficult to drink, he still drank one mouthful after the other. Not only did it temporarily relieve his thirst, it also filled his stomach.

After he finished drinking the water, he sat in his original place to rest a bit. He tried to ignore the pain in his leg as much as possible. In any case, he currently didn't have a better way to treat his wound.

He extended his head to take a look at the water's surface. The image in the water swayed, but even though it was indistinct, he could still see his current appearance.

A head of messy rice straw (?), half grown not grown hair (??), and a scalp that was itchy to death. He didn't know just how many lice there were being raised inside.

Feeling a part of his face, it could still be considered smooth. His chin hadn't grown any stubble, and the age shouldn't be old. Looking at his skin and feeling his bones, Yan Mo guessed that this body of his should be between about twelve to sixteen years of age. The reason that the difference was so big, was first because he was unable to see his face clearly, and second because this place's circumstances were special. In the first place, he wouldn't be able to tell the age just from looking at the skin, and the people in the desert had also always matured early, so as a result, he was unable to properly determine his age.

If he had a knife that would be good, and if he had a lighter that would be even better.

Yan Mo forbid himself from thinking about these. After wanting one thing, he would start wanting even more things. And for the him right now, aside from the straw rope around his waist and the grass skirt (?) that was protecting the source of his offspring (*coughs*), he had nothing else.

As for the straw rope and skirt, it was because he had to crawl on the sand turned grass ground (?), and fearing that he would injure that place, he temporarily weaved some weeds together. That being said, this temporarily made grass skirt was not comfortable at that place, and although it was not touching the ground directly, but the hard straw barbs had still poked him until he extremely hurt.

Yan Mo guessed that he had most likely been abandoned by someone. Because of his injuries, he was already unable to walk, and adding on the fact that it had gotten infected, most likely the person who had abandoned him had assumed that he would be unable to continue living. As for the fact that his body didn't have a single piece of clothing on it, mostly likely the person who abandoned him had felt that a person about to die wouldn't need those things and so had taken them.

If his guess was correct, then a place where people didn't even leave behind a piece of clothing to cover his shameful places, it could be seen just how poor it was.

Of course, he also had an optimistic line of thinking, such as that this body of his had been kidnapped, and when it was discovered that he couldn't go on they had quickly abandoned him. For the sake of not leaving behind any clues for the police, they didn't even leave behind his clothes.

In the case that this guess was correct, then there was still the possibility of returning to modern society.


Looking at the skin that had been tanned black, even though it wasn't a natural darkness, he also wasn't able to see whether he was a brown or yellow person.

Looking at this crude feet and palms, with one look one could tell that this person had done a lot of labor. Not only were there a bunch of calluses on his hands, feeling them they were especially course. Did this look like a young master of a wealthy family who would be kidnapped?

So he definitely should have arrived at a very impoverished place with valiant folkways (?). If not valiant, then how could they have abandoned a child who had yet to die? Maybe the people here didn't even understand legal systems, otherwise it would be a group of extremely poor and starving criminal concentration camp.

No matter which one of those it was, it was all terrible to the extreme.

"Eh!" Yan Mo suddenly cried out a stifled sound, putting his head back into the water puddle one more time, this time it wasn't too cool down but to wash his hair.

His hair was just about to itch to death. He could even clearly feel those blood-sucking small black bugs travelling back and forth through his hair.

If he had a knife in his hand, he would certainly have shaved off his hair till he was bald!

Yan Mo once more took his head back out from the water puddle, his hair finally not itching as much.

Now he started to consider how he could continue living.

First of all, he needed to carefully investigate this small grass beach once, in case he could find some blood staunching or fever reducing medicinal herbs.

If he could find some hard bush that could substitute for branches, that would be even better. This way, he could rebind and set his broken leg.

Next, he still needed weapons to defend himself. It was already almost nightfall. Not only would nocturnal animals start to appear, wild animals would also very quickly gather here to drink. If he was unable to leave this place before it got dark, then the him who didn't have weapons or a fire to protect himself, other than waiting to be eaten, there was still only being eaten.

In the end it was still better to quickly leave. Even though this place had water, it was too dangerous.

Yan Mo sweeped his eyes over the grass beach. He didn't see any sort of plants similar to bushes, there was only weeds.

Looking at a group of weeds that was deep and a lot, Yan Mo lay down, using his two arms to crawl forward, hoping that he could find some useful herbs.

Tudi*! A black wooden stick appeared before his eyes.

(*突地 no idea, I think it’s some sort of sound effect? )

Yan Mo's mind went black for a moment before immediately feeling ecstasy – there were people!

The man standing behind Yan Mo's back used his lance to obstruct Yan Mo's way, his eyes quickly sweeping over the youth's naked back once. Importantly, he took a few more glances at that butt that still had a little bit of meat on it.

The man used his empty hand to rub his crotch area a bit, considering whether he should first release that flood of fire (?), or directly slaughter him and bring him back.

This youngster had been injured to this point, most probably he would die, and if he didn't he would still certainly be disabled. Bringing him back would only be wasting food.

Yan Mo propped up his upper body with great effort, wanting to turn his head to look at the man who was standing behind him.

Yan Mo clearly saw the appearance of the person behind him.

And the man also clearly saw Yan Mo's appearance.

The small face was washed very clean. Kind-hearted and honest looking (?), it was a very sincere (naive) boy.

Yan Mo's heart thumped once. This man absolutely wasn't any good opportunity. The eyes that were sizing him up were like as if he was looking at a piece of meat.

Furthermore, these should be savage people?

No matter this person's stature was even better (?), it couldn't conceal the barbaric and blood-thirsty aura on his body. Moreso to say nothing of the fact that he not only had a face full of green (/blue/greenish black) marks, there was an animal pelt encircling his waist.

What sort of modern person would dress like this?

Yan Mo could feel bloodthirst. The other side wanted to kill him!

Almost at the same time as he was about to move his hand to kill him, Yan Mo speedily squeezed out the most honest and fawning smiling expression in his entire life.

The hand that was reaching out toward Yan Mo's neck stopped. He initially had wanted to directly wring this youngster's neck. Even though he really wanted to do it before then, but the day was quickly getting dark, and the sun was just about to set. He still needed to return to the tribe, and this grass beach couldn't be considered that safe.

"Bro, give me a mouthful of food to eat, I'll work like a bull and horse, okay?"

The man couldn't understand what Yan Mo was saying, but he looked at that small face that carried a simple and honest smile and had a very good impression.

Should he first bring him back to raise? Even if he was disabled to the point where he couldn't work he still had use, using until broken was also no problem, just right he could be used as winter grain reserves.

"Bro, my house doesn't have any other people. As long as you agree to saving me, I'll surely properly repay you."

Listening to the sound it also wasn't bad. XXXing him and listening to him crying would also be exciting.

"Bro…" Yan Mo's third sentence had no time to exit his mouth before the man used his palm as a knife to chop down at his neck, and he directly fainted away.