Bandit, Be Ambitious! To Accomplish Kingdom Revival!


Bandit, Be Ambitious! To Accomplish Kingdom Revival! Chapter 13

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The Method to Increase Comrades

As we went past the highway corner it came to our eyes; frequent bursts of flaming bullets flying around in the distance and sounds of explosion.

The startled horses stood upright making noises while the men were trying to hold them down.

It seems the soldiers in the rear line wanted to join the fight but they could not proceed with all those horses going on a rampage among the carts.

「It is as planned. Let's go! 」 [Princess]

Everyone quickened their pace as the princess’s orders came.

Now is the chance for us who are unnoticed, to launch a surprise attack.

The knights dashed ahead and thrust their spears at the soldiers in the rear line and promptly stepped back readying their spears again.

It was only this time when the others turned to face us after hearing the enemy soldier’s shout.

Flame bullets exploded successively between the dense enemy troops like dumplings.

Those with burning clothes from flame bullets rolled on the ground trying to put out the fire.

Whoa…… With bloodshot eyes they came over to us swing their swords but were struck with the spears of the knights lined up in the front.

Then, the bolts from the crossbows were released.

The collapsed soldiers were pierced with spears to confirm their deaths.

It's good that we are only glaring at each other.

The heavy infantry’s armor has thick chain mails with metal plates attached here and there.

Directly crossing swords is disadvantageous to us, but the momentum is on our side.

As expected, spears are not that useful here. But we have to break through the swords and rounded shields with these spears only…….

A dull soldier of the infantry gets a bolt stuck on its chest.

Seems like the bolt was fired from the cliff top.

Gradually the enemy soldiers were downed, and before long the enemy troops all collapsed on the highway.

After the knights confirmed that there were no escapees, they started stack the bags and tied them to the rope lowered down from the cliff top.

「Rizer, climb up the cliff. Radi and others, keep a lookout on the surroundings.」 [Zairas]

A few knights quickly climbed up the cliff and put boards on the ladder to pull up the bags while sliding on it.

Two of the dwarves are throwing the bags 3 m high.

Where does their strength come from? In any case, each bag weighs about 20 kg.

I carry them one by one while other soldiers carry two of them on their shoulders.

I thought I couldn’t help it because of my incompetence but when I saw Maria san carrying two bags in the same way, I was stunned.

I guess I have to put on more muscles after all……..

After the moving of the bags was finished, the corpses were put on the carts and horses were whipped.

As soon the horses cried out, they pulled the carts and moved eastwards on the highway.

The soldiers’ belongings were collected inside the bags but there was nothing decent among them.

The captain and platoon leaders had more money than others.

They had several sake bottles in the cart and separate food for the travelling period.

The dwarves are disassembling 3 of the carts.

They would be needed to transport goods to the abandoned village.

They have the intention to assemble it again at the hideout.

Finally, the rolled stones were moved away from the highway.

We are not thinking of blocking the highway. It will be a problem if people don’t pass through here.

I took one of the bags and returned to the hideout to take rest.

The knights will go out again to carry the bags from the cliff.

There’s no other way than to carry it since the road till here is not good.

I lit the pipe in the fireplace and decided to take rest for the time being.

「Thank you for the good work. It seems there was a spot where the princess found Banta’s strategy a bit sore.」 [Maria]

It was Maria san who brought tea.

Receiving it gratefully, I took a sip.

This tea is better than the usual one.

She looked at me sitting on the usual seat with a grin.

I think it's thanks to Radi san and the others who worked hard on the cliff that today’s raid was successful.

「It was quite a risky raid. I think it thanks to Radi san and the others that it went well.」 [Banta]

「You think so too? 」 [Zairas]

Zairas san just came in as we looked towards the door.

He sat down at his usual seat.

「Drafting a strategy is there but, it is difficult to enact the same situation as planned. Radi was able to do that.」 [Zairas]

「I think of making a special unit for Radi san.」 [Banta]

It seems that the word ‘special unit’ is drawing the interest of Zairas san.

With his brows twitching, he looked towards me.

「Everyone will gather in a little while. Let’s tell the princess at that time. I can imagine how helpful Radi and others would be.  As of now, I think it’s a waste as it is.」 [Zairas]

After about an hour later all important people gathered.

A smile was hanging on everyone’s lips since the raid carrying the prospects of food and water over the winter was successful.

Wines were served in cups and everyone toasted to the princess’s words of appreciation.

「Defeating enemy with almost double the war potential as us while using such a strategy is truly unusual. I was prepared to see Banta’s plan failing without using swords.」 [Princess]

Although it said in humorous tone so as to keep the good mood and spirits high after the battle, I will accept it as a compliment.

I answered by properly giving my thanks.

「There’s no need to worry about food during winter anymore. Now then what should we do about the next raid? 」 [Princess]

「I will leave it to Banta. Although I have come to comprehend it due to all the raids we done, but it's clear that Banta is more proficient about it.」 [Zairas]

「That’s right. There would be excessive feelings in the parents who said that they could cross the world with a head rather than the sword. You can use the sword, if the strategy is brilliant. Since it came to this, we will look forward to the next raid.」 [Princess]

From the talks of the princess and Zairas san, it seems they plan to leave everything to me.

「The raid can wait for a while. Before that, I’d like to organize a unit. It will be good to let the knights be led by their captains and leave the princess’s magician unit intact, but it is also important to fix Radi san’s unit. If possible I wanted to have it made entirely of cat tribesmen, but it won’t go that way.」 [Banta]

The princess and Radi san are looking towards me with an interested expression.

Since there was basically no change in other parties, it seems that they only want to know what kind of idea I have.

「Certainly, this time’s raid is mostly credited to Radi’s effort. Taking this into account, does Banta wants to improve this composition? 」 [Princess]

「That is correct. I will make a mobile unit. The other units are basically for ambushes, there is a need to set the place. It will be a unit to attack the enemy while moving around freely to other places. Think of it as rehearsal for the future penetrating units. 」 [Banta]

「Ho! So it’s the preparation for future. This small unit will toy with the enemy units, and it certainly will lure the heavy infantry, it's splendid. 」 [Princess]

This discussion was quickly concluded in approval of the purpose.

Personnel selection will be left after discussion with Radi san.

In this case, some of the village guards may leave, but the villagers will replace them.

「So in the next raid, we need to increase our numbers! 」 [Banta]

Everyone looked towards me.

「How can we increase our numbers? We cannot take people from the village. And those who pass it are mostly farmers」 [Zairas]

「Well, they may be farmers, but they might also be soldiers tied to prisons. It's quite easy to do it, let’s start as such for the time being. I am thinking of moving people tied to prison as slaves to resolve the shortage of the tax of the raid…」 [Banta]

I explained the plan briefly.

It’s convenient for the strategy preparation to end simply by destroying the cliffs by the highway.

「This will hinder the traffic on the highway! 」 [Princess]

「That’s our aim. The next wagon units will turn back if the roads are blocked. The people coming from the east will be the reinforcements. Will they fix the collapsed road? They will head westwards without doing it. Then the extent of cliff collapse will be known.」 [Banta]

「I see! They will send construction workers. I get where it’s going. It’s understandable for them to mobilize prisoners for this job. The problem is their size and the number of patrolling soldiers.」 [Princess]

「Usually, one squad for a platoon of prisoners would be enough, but considering the rumors about us, they might increase the guards. We can arrange a unit to watch over those guards as well as those squads that will be there for suppressing us.」 [Zairas]

They will be mostly as many as the prisoners and not more than that.

It is impossible to believe that the cliffs collapsed naturally.

「This time will be an unusual raid. Remember, our goal this time is to scoop out as many as possible men……」 [Banta]

The traces of bonfire were made on square south of the cliffs.

It is to inform the preceding units of our traces.

Perhaps they will release a reconnaissance unit, but if no one is found there, they would think at their convenience.

「Are you thinking of abandoning the raid? 」 [Zairas]

「Yes! For the time being it is vital to remove the soil from there first, thus we will not attack.」 [Banta]

It’s a problem after the disposal of the debris is finished.

In this case, they will advance towards east without taking prisoners.

It's just the matter of where to make a judgment.

There is nothing to think about on the way.

Then it all comes to our preparations.

If they go to the kingdom through the highway, they will need a considerable amount of food for the prisoners even if they eat only 2 meals a day.

Then, it will be good if we can ascertain the number of wagons that will follow at the back.

「In the case that they use soldiers to do the construction work; will you still encircle the area? 」 [Banta]

「Of course! They will have chains on their legs, not their hands.」 [Zairas]

「If you attack during lunch time, what will the prisoners do? 」 [Zainen]

Everyone’s eyes moved to Zainen san.

I was a bit bewildered there, but I coughed a little after drinking mouthful of wine.

「Escape to east! There’s the prison in the west. If they run towards east, they will still have a chance to escape.」 [Zairas]

As expected. And then……

「There should be a flag of this country」 [Banta]

「There is. But what will you use it for? 」 [Zairas]

「Before the prisoners escape, Zairas san and the knights will raise that flag! 」 [Banta]

Bang! Kicking the chair Zairas san stood up.

「So that’s how it is…… I will rush in there myself. The squad will be good with Rizer. We also have spare weapons ready. I’m sorry Rider, but I need you to help me unfasten the chains.」 [Zairas]

「Ou! No problem. But after that we are on our own.」 [Rider]

If this goes well, we can increase our numbers to the size of a platoon.

Placing the strategy map on the table, I arranged the pieces of each unit.

In recent times, the princess started to express her opinions excitedly.

Does she realize how important strategies are now?