Bandit, Be Ambitious! To Accomplish Kingdom Revival!


Bandit, Be Ambitious! To Accomplish Kingdom Revival! Chapter 12 part1

The Heavy Infantry is Quite Formidable

For four days, we were waiting patiently for an opportunity to raid.

Radi san brought out our long-awaited news of a provision transporting caravan from the east.

It seems they went out to hunt some game in nearby villages.

「I heard that there are 55 wagons in this unit.

The formation is the same as Banta explained before 」[Zairas]

「Then you mean there are 2 platoons?」[Banta]

「No, there are 3 platoons staying in the village」[Radi]

We looked at each other on Radi san’s words.

It that not a bit too much?

「How it is Banta?」

「Would you like the farmers to assists us? Even they can use crossbows.

We need to increase the number of crossbows on the cliff.

Also, it would be helpful if someone from the village can help with 【Mel】.」[Banta]

「There are 12 crossbows in the village.

Only about 2 people know how to use the 【Mels】.

But, they can only use it 8 times at the maximum with their spirit」[Radi]

「That’s enough.

We will advance to the highway tomorrow.

Send the messenger to the village to bring half of the crossbow troops and those who can use 【Mel】 」[Zairas]

Zairas san swiftly issued the commands to a squad captain.

With this, the cliff part is secured.

「Again, we will confirm the raid.

Radi san should lead the additional crossbow troops.

You may kill one of the squads in the earliest stages.

I will leave the survivors to Zaruto san and the others」[Banta]

I place the pieces again and again on the map and confirm the attack arrangements with the squad captains.

We will let 80% of the transporting unit to pass, and will receive the remaining 20% of the unit ourselves.

We will manage to get some more being greedy, but such unreasonableness is not good.

「It seems they are inviting us since they are big in numbers.

I will take 3 people good on their feet to assist Radi in the ambush here…….」[Zairas]

I will shoot arrows from the foot of the cliff from the southern side of the highway.

It will probably down one enemy at least.

Even though the enemy is careful, it’s impossible to advance while monitoring all around the highway.

If we attack twice they will come chasing but it wont be for too far.

Apart from that, we will put the advance group to be several hundred meters apart before the carts.

Since the unit is the in-charge of damages, they will be highly nervous while monitoring the surroundings.

The advancement will be delayed due to that.

There will be no changes even if  there are 2 squads, probably.

「Are you trying to disrupt the guards? That’s quite a drastic method. In that case,  we will go and hide ourselves under the cliffs  along the highway.」[Zairas]

「We should lie low in the forest away from the cliff. It will be troublesome to get on the highway, but their attention would be on the cliffs so we can creep up easily.」[Banta]

「Meanwhile, the rest would attack as per the plan huh. Crossbows will takeover on the cliff when rocks and fire bullet attacks would stop. The wagon on the west will come to halt, whereas those on the east will scurry off the highway towards the east. Even if a subsequent squad tries to leave ahead of the carts, they will be attacked with the crossbows from the cliff, isn’t that right.」[Zairas]

「Right. Since the attention of the defense unit would be on the cliffs, it will become easy for us from the forest in the south.」[Banta]

「This kind of situation would be sufficient for us. There are 15 knights.  Me with 7 others and Banta would precisely make 2 squads with them as war potentials.  We will draw closer to the line of spears, and deal with anyone who shows up with crossbows and flame bullets.」

「Zairas san should always be cautious. Even though it is unlikely, but if soldiers that escaped to the east come back, we might suffer a pincer attack. Therefore Radi san, please keep the watch at full alert.」[Banta]

「OK. You are well aware of our pace.」[Radi]

She is a cat after all. No doubt they are born with a hunting nature. Ambush is what cats are best at.

「Lastly, there are too many enemies. Do not hesitate to use long swords in case your opponents are superior to you. However if you do, kill everyone that witnessed it!」[Banta]

The knight put their arms on their chest and gave a dignified bow.

Its probably the knights’ mannerism. It looks pretty good. Even I want to try doing it.

「Then I’ll go get my clan members. When finished, we will head for the rocky wall on the cliff. Since the stones will be dropped from there, we need to make ample arrangements.」[Radi]

「Excuse me. Please don’t take any risks.」[Banta]

Hearing my words, she lightly waved her hand as she left.

It seems the wagon unit will leave early morning tomorrow, but we should start preparing early.

I took my meal and went to sleep early to get myself ready for tomorrow.

People in this world sleep relatively early.

Though waking up early is good for health, I was surprised at first when everyone was awake even before sunrise.

I came to be able to wake up a lot earlier now-a-days but, still it seems I am the last one to wake up at the end.

The next day, I woke up to the sound from the next hall.

Hurrying up the preparations, I took the spear in one hand and carried the crossbow on my back.

When I reached the hall, they were eating together.

I washed my face in a hurry and arrived at my seat. Bread with soup and baked ham was placed in front of me.

There are 2 of them, so its probably for lunch.

Wrapping it in the cloth, I placed it inside my bag.