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Back to the Apocalypse Chapter 34


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Translated by HappySheep and Selwyna

Bai Jing hung up and at the next moment was already on the go as he hurriedly ordered his plane tickets for N city, the town where Xiao San was it's main local bully. The other man would come quite often to help Bai Jing manage their business and on the same occasion, transport new weapons to D city. The trip was therefore always troublesome, however when this young master would personally ran the trip, as he has his secret space with him, there would be nothing left to incriminate him with.

Before leaving, he threw on the counter a pile of notes with instructions on them. Among those, some urging Qin Yi to find some good people to work for him, others giving him the authority to contact their different suppliers and ask of them as much goods as they have.

In the past few days, Qin Yi came to understand the meaning behind Cao Lei's words of advice. This young Master was indeed someone worth working for but sometimes, he had just the strangest of ideas. And nowadays, with the accumulation of mysterious actions, he would now honestly want to understand what was the truth underneath.

But for the moment, there were too many headache-inducing matters to deal with and simply handling the business as instructed was less troublesome than overthinking it. In any case, the young master background was strong as he had a powerful person supporting him. The sky could collapse before somebody could ever touch him.

In any case Qin Yi received his massive amount of assignment of the day without a complaint as anyways, the poor can't be picky but in his heart, he had grew increasingly restless. Since the day the weather started to heat up strangely, the young master started giving him those sort of specific work. He could not help but ponder whether or not his boss was hiding information.

That afternoon, Bai Jing arrived in N City at last. Just as he stepped out of the plane, he caught sight of Xiao San's firm and unyielding silhouette, emanating cold like usual. He had to admit that even lost in the middle of a crowd, that man was still striking. And as if to prove it, all eyes in the room were converged towards him. Seen the one he was waiting for waving as he approached, that man freezing expression turned softer.

''Let's go.'' said Bai Jing, not even bothering to say hi. In his heart, Xiao San sadly sigh. But a second later, indifferent to people's gaze, he took Bai Jing's hand into his own and they walked out.

Outside of the airport hall, endless waves of heat surged against them as their bodies were drenched in sweat in a matter of seconds. Xiao Sa pulled Bai Jing and, as he was himself enduring the heat, said quietly

"Don't stay outside for too long, let's just get into the car."

Bai Jing laughed,

"I'm not that delicate."

Looking up at Xiao San, the young man could see the exhaustion in his eyes. Actually, his whole complexion looked bad. These days must have been dreadful as even his stare, usually so bright was dulled by the dark and heavy shadows under his eyes.

"But I can't bear it."

said Xiao San faintly, the tone of his voice as gentle as if his words were about love rather than his opinion in respect of the insufferable weather.

Although he was sweating like a pig, Xiao San face showed no trace of emotions and, grabbing the boy's hand, they quickly left towards the parking lot.

In Bai Jing's wounded mind, his EQ (emotional intelligence) had already taught him long ago never to expect anything from others. But, deeply concealed into his heart was now hiding a snip of true delight. Even with his body going through this oppressive weather, it somehow didn't felt so bad.

Upon getting near the car, Bai Jing immediately felt comfortable as Xiao San had been very thoughtful. Though he left to fetch him, the air conditioning had not been turned off and from the car itself you could feel bursts of coolness.

Despise having just arrived, Xiao San didn't took him to rest as they both knew that time was tight. He therefore drove directly to a building in the outskirt of an abandoned suburb. Getting out of the car, Xiao San went behind and unhurriedly took out a big suitcase from the trunk.

Bai Jing looked around curiously, appreciating the location and silently wondering as for what reason underworld criminals always seems to like holding business deals in places like those.

"This is the suburbs on a hot day. Random people are unlikely to come. And I keep our things here as I don't want others to know about it."

Indifferently explain Xiao San.

But the result was Bai Jing's cheeks turning red as he realized what was the meaning underneath.

Originally, he casually had on his mind to ask about the origin of the weapons. But his blood had not taken one turn that his mind hit on the nail of the truth.

His eyes shook open as he immediately asked

"These weapons and ammunitions, were they bought in secret?".

Xiao San nodded. Having no intention of concealing the truth, his eyes showed a bit of helplessness.

"When people get mixed with the underworld, they become brothers till death. And in this family, there is a lot of old and younger ones to take care of…"

Those words had just left his lips that he fell into silence. In his heart, a feeling difficult to describe had arisen. According to Bai Jing, during the latest stage of the Apocalypse, everybody would become everyone else's enemy. There would be no time to spare for others and even less for oneself. But those 'others' were his sworn brothers with whom he went through mud and blood and who often risked their life for him.

He truly felt the urgency to save his people but again, who? With three paternal aunts, six more by alliance, that's seven uncles and nine aunts. And afterwards there are the relatives of the relatives. Every last of them would probably drag him to his death. There was no need to strain his imagination to understand that. Besides, who knows how things will be when the first zombies will appear. Who knows if in the face of survival, brothers won't become enemies. Somehow, Xiao San felt sorrowful…

"Natural or manmade disasters should weight the same in your mind. In both case, you do your best, that's all".

coolly stated Bai Jing.

But in his heart, he wasn't taking Xiao San worries as lightly as his words implied. He had experienced the end of the world already. He knows about human apathy during those days.

Xiao San has a lot in his hands and although he does not lead the whole clan, he is nonetheless the leader of his group.

And indeed if he were to eat in the same pot as everyone else, it would be no wonder if they get caught directly. But anyways, it’s a criminal organisation they are talking about. It wouldn't have been wrong nor strange to steal from the thieves, right?

“Let's go inside.”

In merely a moment, the thin veil of gloom fell from Xiao San eyes. Clear and bright, he had in fact already made his decision.

There was no need to feel tangled with those feelings. He just had to prioritize human resources, obey destiny and nothing more. For his brothers sake, he will prepare them but to the dead it's own remnants tablet.

Leaving this heartache behind, Xiao San walked in front to lead the way. They passed from one discard corridor to another, then went directly to the fifth floor. Hitting on a wall three time, someone appeared immediately.

Bai Jing hadn't noticed at first, but the place he was about to lean against was unexpectedly part of a secret door. Those Syndicate people… they really do what they want…

"Yo, Brother Saaan! How come there's two of you today? You came with your preteen lover?"

From the door walked out a big muscular guy, his height about 1m80 (5 feet 9). He face and expression came across as violent as furthermore, one deep thin scar ran on his forehead.

Through his familiar tone, it was easy to see that the guy was close to Xiao San, and also very skilled. Which therefore explain how the older man would feel comfortable retrieving the goods alone.

“This shipment is for private use, as your boss M.Hong probably mentioned to you. Here is the money, count it. In addition, there are some cards. Regard it as a bonus.”

Xiao San indifferently said. The big guy didn’t seem to mind it as he proceeded with the exchange.

Catching the suitcase thrown at him, he loudly proclaimed

“Hey!! Thanks a lot Big Brother San! Your reputation does precedes you, but you truly are likeable. In anycase, money doesn't keep the smell of its owner and we still have to answer to our boss. Anyways, today is really hot, I don't want to stay any longer. Right, want me to ask some brothers for the transport? You can definitely trust they won't spray any rumors”.

“No need, my men will come. You will probably be very busy but remember to inform me ahead of time if you get your hands on some good deals. Also, let me introduce to you the son of the State Counsellor Bai. If you ever need his help, do remember to ask politely.”

The big guy looked at Bai Jing with confusion before chuckling, his attitude no longer coarse. It was as simple as change of direction, but the boy was now suddenly the incarnation of his wildest dream. Hastily beating a dozen to greet him, he fumbled his own hair as he couldn't recall how to address this capital individual.

“You ……how are you? ……”

“You can call him young master Jing.” answered Xiao San.

.As soon as the big guy head the name, his eyes sparkled and, as his intonation got brisker, asked with delight and amazement

“Young master Jing? you are that young master Jing?”

Bai Jing, raising an eyebrow glanced at Xiao San. What was that? Was he known in N City?

Looking embarrassed, the large guy smiled and, aware of his lack of manners and having no more to say, said some polite compliments before hastily leaving with several other men.

Bai Jing watched them leave before glaring at Xiao San. Did that man dared to catch him to make a raft? (That one is weird. I guess it's about been used without fishing any benefits?)

About the blatant stare, Xiao San neither care or at least, acted as if. In his eyes, a spark flashed through as the corners of his lips raise into a profound semi-arc.

"You see, this young master reputation grew quite big recently. With the desire of making what would be a major social connection, many people took the trouble to come forwards. And as you might imagine, it wasn't without advantage, without ever claiming to own it, to merely fill the seat.

Just yesterday, M.Hong was inquiring after you. I've heard he was in some sort of trouble and now, things were positively worst. That man from a moment ago is his right hand. Tonight, the news will likely be spread at once.”.

On hearing that, Bai Jing was very dissatisfied. Ruthlessly pinching him, he angrily spoke

"And for that reason you had me come to N City?"

“How could this be? I miss you. Besides, collecting the goods was just as important and M.Hong is solely convenient. To show my sincerity, I can have you delivered all of my belongings with this body on top. However, you will have to help around with the housekeeping as well."

Although Xiao San had been pinched quite ruthlessly, his mood was awfully good. The gloom from a moment ago was sweep and removed as Bai Jing was acting quite crude towards him. Was it not a sign of their relationship getting more intimate?

“Go away! Don't you have any shame? Who do you think would ever housekeep your house!”

“You. Just a moment ago, you didn't denied it remember?”


Bai Jing stared at his face, confused.

“When that guy called you my lover.”

Pointed out Xiao San like a good child correcting it's teacher.

Clearly remembering where were applied these words, Bai Jing felt exponentially angry. To have him so determined to twist words and force logic, his purpose was transparent enough.

“Naturally” said Bai Jing ” I didn't wish to waste time correcting him.”

“Still, you didn't deny it.”

“Have you even pursued me yet, before considering having gained the benefit to be regarded as my lover? “

“I've chased you for a long time.”

“Then why did I not see it?”

“You mean that, as long as I chase after you, you would agree?”

“Get lost! We have more important business to attend to. “

(For those a bit confused, it's because Xiao San has been MORE than clear about his intentions though his acts, but not yet though his words. That subtlety is kind of lost in translation but to make it simple, he never told him in his face HEY! I LIKE YOU! LET'S MAKE BABIES which is what Bai Jing is more or less criticizing.)

Xiao San shyly touched his nose, his white cheeks now painted in red. To think he would feel embarrassed. To also think he must not force things. In any case, the future is long, and he has the rest of his life to get what he wants. Bai Jing won't be allowed to escape but for the present time, as it has been said there were more urgent matter to deal with.

Yet unaware, Bai Jing's face had also turned red, and this time not of anger…….

Seen the others getting into their car and leaving, Bai Jing hardly hesitate as he glanced at everything inside of the room and directly took the weapons and ammunitions into his storage space.

After that, they ran around to three other location in different areas until the sky was almost dark and they finally returned home. Of course, it's Xiao San's home we are talking about. But perhaps it would be better to call it the place where he grew up. A very simple house, a closed residence with a courtyard surrounded by many buildings.

Since they arrival Bai Jing had been frowning, somehow disgusted by this place he couldn’t get a lick of warm feeling from at all. Despite being without any living relative, it was to be considered Xiao San's home. But it would be more accurate to call it his office. As Xiao San was residing in the main house, others were outside handling business. In addition to the four men patrolling the area, there were a lot of people in and around.

But what Bai Jing was beyond fed up with was precisely those people, who kept looking at him with meaningful glance. Not with curiosity or even with the intention of studying him but rather with a kind of deep-rooted disdain blended with contempt.

” I won't live here. I'm going to a hotel.”

Bai Jing wasn't known for his soft temper. He cared about Xiao San only, the rest of the world wasn’t of his concern.

“No problem.”

Xiao San readily agreed. In his heart he felt regretful, as he had forgotten that the people around him regarded Bai Jing as a black sheep. One by one, the whispers turned progressively hostile and it seemed now more than ever a necessity to go and beat some sense into those people. Worst than that, how did they even felt entitled to gossip? To keep that tendency was also bad for his name. But Bai Jing having turned around and left, there was nothing he could do about the sea of murmur coming from behind. Each and every one of them would work hard to serve Brother San the best they could but none considered themselves equal to him. In their eyes, no one could ever be worthy of their brother.

Xiao San took Bai Jing to the hotel and, attentively opening the door for him, with a loud “Bang!” the young master loudly slammed it back into his face.

What a joke.

If at present he was given the authority to boss around these 'brothers', there would be no sweet amount of payback good enough to satisfy him. How fortunate of him to have been preparing for a long time as he already had Wang Xuebing and the others behind his back. And even otherwise there was Xiao San he could depend on.

Although he can't say the same about the others, he knew Han Yan to have been very close to Xiao San since their youth and from his personality, to be the kind whose loyalty was from the cradle to the grave. But even with that knowledge, just having perceived that man among that crowd was enough to vex him as the past Han Yan, whose only desire was to murder him, was still fresh in his memory. Of course it was then to avenge Xiao San but nevertheless, he was now in a very bad mood.

All those brothers who would gladly use their life to protect him and who, during the Apocalypse would consider themselves and this city as vassal of his, why on earth would they think this time would be the same?

He owned Xiao San. And this bunch is especially ill-suited to believe he belongs to them! Even supposing that for the benefits of it he should give them face, I'm so sorry to say but this young master does not wait upon anyone.


Xiao San stared at the tightly closed door for a while before his heart gave up as nothing more could be done. He, who was so fond of his kitten's bare fangs and brandish claws style was now more than aware of the consequences of provoking him too much. Thereupon he resolved in going back first. And as for his brothers, towards the person he liked it should be fundamental that they showed some respect but presently, he wouldn’t blame nor force them to. Anyways according to Bai Jing the end of the world was imminent and, admitting that his last wish would ever be to be left completely friendless, the young man was still after all, not a people lover at heart.

For the past few days, the kitten stayed at his hotel which in itself wasn't such a bad idea. The people around him were the rough kind and although he didn't believe one second Bai Jing to be frightened, he guessed that he was still too mad to be in contact with any of them. Until then, there were many things to plan and when his kitty would feel better, they would leave together.

Bai Jing was born to get angry but he was also the kind to always come around quickly. The next day, he thus went along with Xiao San through his different pressing business. As he had already had been convinced by the older man, he took on himself to play the Young Master Jing at it's best. The next day they arrived in the afternoon at Mr.Hong's place who, as soon as they meet renewed his wishes of being an ally to Xiao San and how earnestly he had desired meeting him. After getting along for one meal, both parties separated; Xiao San having obtained from him a whole batch of weaponry and Bai Jing many precious jade.

As usual, that evening Bai Jing went back to the hotel. Only then, none would have expected to end up been separated for as long as 10 days. During that time, Xiao San fell short of containing his intestines of turning green from regrets. That his kitten had an accident when he wasn't looking, he couldn't decide whether to take his anger upon himself or on his brothers. if it wasn't on their account, his kitten couldn't possibly have went to the hotel alone. But he also couldn't stop his dark thoughts to turn on himself … Just why was he not with him… …

It was midnight and Bai Jing was sleeping peacefully. For the past two days, he had been running around with Xiao San and was now quite exhausted. As he was sleeping like in a dream, suddenly from his body came up a burst of intense pain. Feeling as if an explosion had occurred from the inside of his body, the pain ran till the depths of his marrow bones. Bai Jing instantly opened his eyes. He was living on the 38th floor in the hotel's best presidential suite which also happened to be the highest point of view around. The window's curtains weren't opened but, lifting his eyes at once he met with pure scarlet. The midnight sky, shrouded in layers of red lights had turned bright, giving the impression that the world had caught on fire. From time to time, some purple lightning would flash through, indicating that he wasn't far from the center of the storm.

Bai Jing pupil suddenly shrink and, enduring the pain hastily picked up his cellphone. With both his hands trembling, he composed Wang Xuebing's number but it wouldn't go through. Trying again, the line was still obstructed. He switched to Cao Lei's but the same happened again. He went for Xiao San only to hear once more the busy noise.

Truly wishing to leave, his body however seemed determined to stay. Desirous to walk, even taking a step was impossible as he was in too much pain. It seemed like his soul wanted to be teared apart, his blood also beginning to move in weird place. Red fluid floating out of his pores as his whole body was enduring the agony of arteries and veins swelling with the apparent desire of bursting. Bai Jing body was stiff as he was considering how, in that very moment the circumstances were not in his favor when a nearby lightning went straight to the hotel top floor, breaking it apart.

Bai Jing stared into space with his eyes wide open as if trying to understand. For a brief moment there, he thought he had just meet with his death as he clearly saw that this lightning should have been powerful enough to burn him as he was. In his heart however, he immediately anticipate the meteorite. The sky was burning when he saw the meteor streaking across a single path covered in a sort of purple lightning belt. Here at last was the destroyer of the sky and extinguisher of the world.

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