Awakening Chapter 229

Chapter 229:   Kureji 's Karma.

"Hey, you have not told me how you reincarnated into the body of this child?"  Kureji Hai asked Lei Yin when he saw him leaving.

Lei Yin's form vanished. His voice reverberating in the air: "I will tell you the next time we meet". Watching Lei Yin's form vanish from sight Kureji couldn't help but grumble.

Naoko worried, saw Lei Yin appear before her, she was startled but she ran into his bosom as fast as possible.

Lei Yin's felt sorry, his eyes mild, gently stroked her silky long hair and apologized "I am sorry. Made you excessively worried. I am fine."

Naoko quiet hugged him tightly unwilling to let go, she was scared Lei Yin would disappear the moment she let go, held onto him tightly, indulging fully in the comfort of his warmth.

Lei Yin understood the evil blade alone was no threat to him, but the one who wielded the evil blade. However Naoko didn't know this, she was worried Lei yin would lose himself to the power of the evil blade.

Lei Yin unhappy to have caused her so much worry held her tightly, his heart felt gloomy.

A short while later, Naoko relaxed gradually, assured he was not going anywhere sobbed gently. Lei Yin comforted her, stroked her hair gently much like a child.

Lei Yin watched her, eyes full of gentle light, saw she was wearing only socks remembered he carried her and jumped out the window without giving her the chance to wear shoes. Feeling rather sorry, lei Yin knelt, his back to her said: "climb, I will carry you on my back".

Naoko refuted "I can walk myself!"

"Be obedient, climb quickly!" Lei Yin insisted.

Naoko looked at him gently, walked over; she lightly put her hands on his shoulders.

This was the first time Lei Yin carried her on his back. Naoko could not help but feel sweet in her heart. She leaned in closer, her hands tightly winding around his shoulders hugged his neck firmly. She rested her head on his back enjoying his warm temperature.

Naoko emotionally overwhelmed, raised her head, her voice soft, whispered "Lei"


We will always be together. Never leave me okay? "Her raised head closer to his face gently nudged him.

Lei Yin turned his head to look back, light, kissed her lips.  She responded gently, eyes closed savored the taste of his lips.

Lei Yin calmly spoke "I will forever take care of you, after our death, our ashes will be mixed together"

Naoko unable to contain her emotions, tears filled her eyes, took Lei yin's lips with hers.


After what seemed like forever, Lei Yin said suddenly: “Naoko”

"Yes?" Naoko red-faced, answered, looking at him coquettishly.

"My neck is a bit sour."

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