Avoid the Death Route!


Avoid the Death Route! Chapter 30

《Iya~n. Ria-chan is a really good child~》

After a yellow light fired from Gillbert and me and settled down as usual, Miria suddenly charged and embraced me.

《Aren’t you glad, Lightning…… no, it’s Gillbert now. To use Gill as your pet name, Ria is really a considerable child. As expected of the child I have contracted》
《Lightning has cherished the name Gill very much after all~》

It was a precious name after all!
Why did they not tell me when everyone knew about it~~~

「Really~ it was a precious name as I thought~ I’m glad it wasn’t just my imagination~」
「I can’t put personal feelings between the new contract」
《Gill, you are too stiff》

It’s true.
Even if I took the initiative, I think I would at least ask a request!
You have to speak your mind properly!

「No! You have to properly convey something so important the next time, okay!」
「Promise me!」
《Gill, Ria won’t back down over this no matter what. Give up》
「…… I understand」

Gillbert was looking at me in silence as if double checking, but he promised at last after Hughley’s insurance.

「A, also, tell me if you have something you dislike. There’s no need to force yourself after all」

Spirits have emotions as well, so I don’t want to force them.

「…… Yes」

It feels like I’m forcing him while talking about not forcing him, but I won’t yield over this~
Un, un, this is good!

《Oh my, right, right. Ria-chan, I will return your pochette before I forget~ Also, I used some of the money~》
「I don’t really mind that, but…… it’s unusual for Miria to go shopping, isn’t it?」

Shopping is really unusual for Miria.
Was there something she wanted?
I earned the money thanks to Hughley and Miria in the first place, so she can use it regularly without holding back, but……

《Fufufu~ Ria-chan, you have been looking forward to that store’s cake, right~? That’s why I bought a lot of cakes from there~》

What a thing!
Miria wasn’t shopping for herself, but she bought cakes for me!?

「~~~! Miria, I love you~!」

Be embraced!

《Muu…… that’s not fair, Miria》
《It’s my victory this time, isn’t it~》

For some reason, Hughley was glaring at Miria and Miria was returning a composed smile at such Hughley.

「What’s the matter?」
《It’s nothing. Now then, let’s return home and have a relaxing tea break~》
「Waa~ I can’t wait~」
《That’s right. Our business is already over after all》
《It’s fine for me to go as well, right?》
「Of course, it is. Luke and Gill too, let’s return together and eat cakes」
「I will come later」

I was about to return home in a cheerful mode, but Gillbert wants to remain in this place alone.

「Eh? Why?」
「I currently belong to the Knights Order after all. I can’t leave without talking about this」

That was the case!
U, umm…… what should we do?

「Umm, erm, err……?」

I wonder if I have to make him withdraw from the order?
But, but, I’m late saying this, but Gillbert has become a Royal Guard after putting so much effort, it would be wasteful for him to just quit, right?

「It will be fine. I will deal with it myself」

While I was all shook up, Gillbert said such and soothed me and we then returned home leaving him behind.
This is something I have noticed later, but I have completely forgotten about Kyle Spinel and left, didn’t I~
It seems father has dealt with him because he remained at that place, but Kyle Spinel has not appeared in front of me since then.
Ah, but, but, it’s not like he was secretly disposed of!
He didn’t tell me the details, but it seems he was sent to re-train from the beginning or something……
He was removed from the Royal Guards and from the Capital though.
It seems he will be working outside the Capital for several years, so the route where he would fall in love with Marietta and cause my imprisonment has been crushed, right?
Then, everything’s all right in the end, isn’t it♪