Avian Over Gold


Avian Over Gold Chapter 9.1

Translator: ludhatter

Editor: Chlocolatte

In Gu Weiyi’s mind, wealthy families always had a dispute over the inheritance. Lu Yuanheng and his Second Sister both shared the same views, so they are categorized as one party. Then there is his older sister who is another party. Two parties pit against each other, and the victor is the one who has survived from the slaughter. Looking at the situation from her perspective, she hopes that Lu Yuanheng will be the victor. As of now, she can continue to hug his leg, but if he loses, she will still be there for him.

“You know what?”

“If your family exposes the matter, I will handle the situation carefully. I won’t dare to give you trouble; I won’t be a fool.”

“Gu Weiyi, even if you get into trouble, I’ll be there to solve it. So don’t be afraid. I am the jack of all trades, Lu Yuanheng, alright?”

With Lu Yuanheng saying these words, her worries subsided. Gu Weiyi can’t imagine what he would do. Setting the matter aside, she began cooking.

“You should leave since I’m still cooking.”

“If I go out now, that would let sister see that our relationship isn’t good. Of course I need to stay here, to continue to show my affection.”

Gu Weiyi also thought about it, the thoroughness that Lu Yuanheng possessed in his thinking was quite astute. Glancing at him, he wore a black suit that was recently washed. Leaning against the counter top, he leisurely watched her, very carefree. Gu Weiyi flicked her wrist, adding more salt.

Seeing the amount of salt added into the pot, she took a spoon to taste it. It was certainly salt, so she added a bowl of water in. Lu Yuanheng looked at her, he raised one eyebrow. No wonder the food he ate every day felt inedible. Witnessing the way she cooked food, it made him not want to eat the food she prepared. This food could be considered as a pig’s breakfast. If he wasn’t attentive, this woman’s cooking would never improve.

“Gu Weiyi, go to a cooking class. I’ll pay for it.”

“Ah, but I do not have the time to go.”

She looked back at him, Lu Yuanheng’s blood pressure rose. He rubbed his forehead, wishing that he could vomit the liters of blood. Taking away her spatula, he pulled her to the side.

“Alright, I’ll go.”

Gu Weiyi pulled away, but then she thought about the money. Hesitating at first, she finally had the courage to ask: “The amount of money spent on that meal, I’ve already washed the vegetables, and sliced the majority of them.”

Lu Yuanheng could feel the blood rushing to his forehead, he bitterly said: “I’ll give you half, satisfied?”

“Very satisfied.”

Gu Weiyi was ecstatic to get half of the money. She never expected that he would accept her proposal.

“I’ll lay it out for you,” happy to get him a plate.

Lu Yuanheng rolled his sleeves up, while he glanced at her: “Gu Weiyi, you’re still so young, yet you’re already infatuated with money. Not even willing to suffer a single loss, all you see is money that is shining.”

The smile on her face somewhat fell. Putting down the plate, she was reminded of her childhood. When her mother was still alive, and her father still pampered her. They had a big house, and it was such a peaceful home. She even had a nanny, and her parents were there to love her. Inside, she wanted to go back to the time when she was still a princess. It hurts to know that everything changed, and she can’t go back to the way things used to be.

But ever since her mother’s death left them bereft, her father began to change. Full of bitterness, he became cold and alienated her. She had started to become independent since she needed to earn money; only relying on herself.

“Lu Yuanheng, you have never been lacking in money to the point where you needed to sell your own blood; you do not have the right to talk to me in that manner.”

Lu Yuanheng watched her, he had no words to describe the pain she must’ve felt. Poor to the point of selling your own blood caused her to love money. All her short tempers and rough edges looked worn out. Before, she proudly never even looked at him, and now she is his wife. He reminisced those memories fondly.

“I apologize. I did not think about your feelings.”

“Do not apologize. Anyway, you are now my golden financier.”

“Gu Weiyi, you spoke incorrectly. First, I am your husband. Then I am your golden financier. Last but not least, your creditor.”

“Yes, I’m glad we’re on the same boat.”

Gu Weiyi let out a smile as Lu Yuanheng also laughed. She stirred the pot for a bit before carrying it out. Lu Yuanlin looked at the table full of vegetables; she was astounded when she heard her brother laugh.

“I didn’t expect that today would be a so great that it made my dear brother cook a bit of food for us. This is too rare. Ah, I think I need to pinch myself to check if this is a dream.”

“Gu Weiyi, take out the wine.”

“Tonight, we will all drink.”

Gu Weiyi went to the cabinet to find some wine. Lu Yuanheng is very indulgent, so he almost drank all the wine. She casually took out a random bottle and didn’t bother to check the label. Anyway, she couldn’t distinguish between the brands since she just blindly drank whatever was given to her.

Heading towards the dinner table, Lu Yuanlin took the bottle from her hand.

“This bottle of wine is very expensive. I had a hard time looking for the same one.”

“I got it from a friend.”

Gu Weiyi didn’t know the total cost of the wine, but judging from Lu Yuanlin’s visage, it must’ve been quite expensive.

Lu Yuanheng poured the wine as she stretched out her glass. A few seconds later, she still didn’t drink the wine. Instead she went to the kitchen and took a bit of yoghurt to add into the wine. She stirred her wine with a spoon before drinking.

Lu Yuanlin was appalled as she added yoghurt into the wine. It stressed her out. Such a good wine was ruined. This woman did not know how to appreciate the wine’s original taste.

It tasted good. Gu Weiyi was satisfied after she added yoghurt into her wine. She also encourgaed Lu Yuanlin and Lu Yuanheng to add yoghurt into theirs.

“Gu Weiyi, only you should drink that. It has lost its original flavor.”

Lu Yuanlin wished she could sue this woman for adding yoghurt into such perfectly good wine. Gu Weiyi blinked her eyes. Clueless to the fact that Lu Yuanlin was dissatisfied with her previous actions.

“The meals cooked are mostly Western.”

“Of course, I don’t really like to eat greasy food.”

“Lu Yuanheng, you have always been picky since childhood. I’m surprised you haven’t suffered any hardships from your high standards.”

She already knew that Lu Yuanheng studied abroad since Connor told her. Both of them were good friends and went way back, so Lu Yuanheng and Connor’s relationship was very good. They have been friends for many years.

“This is pretty good. Although the side dish isn’t very tasty, the others seem pretty well made.”

They chatted about the things that occurred abroad. Gu Weiyi could only continue eating as she buried her head, minding her own business. Suddenly, Lu Yuanheng added food onto her plate. Yes, this marriage was supposed to be fake, but they were supposed to do their best to make it seem real.

Lu Yuanlin was surprised that her younger brother added food to someone else’s plate. Most of all, he used his own chopsticks while doing so. Not many people were close to him, and he has never exhibited this type of behavior. The old lady would be ecstatic to find out that Third Brother married a tender daughter-in-law. Ah, there is actually hope ahead for a big fat baby boy to be born.