Avian Over Gold


Avian Over Gold Chapter 8 part2

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Editor: Chlocolatte

“Are you really married?”

Lu Yuanheng shrugged as he loosened his tie.

“Did you not look at the marriage certificate? You still don’t believe I’m married? I am already at the age suitable for marriage. Before, you and mother kept urging me to get married quickly. Now that I am, you do not believe me.”

“How did you find out?”

Lu Yuanheng did not answer her question, but instead digressed from the topic.

“Sister, who asked you to come here today?”

Naturally it is the old woman who is very anxious. She is waiting for you to bring your wife, and let her have a look.”

Well he expected that. The old lady left him several phone calls, asking to see her daughter-in-law.

“Do not blindly inquire about it. Over time, I’ll bring her home. And you shouldn’t scare my wife. She is timid and very small. Sometimes, she can feel insecure when she compares herself to other women.”

“Third Brother, you must be careful with your wife and her background. I hope you understand what I mean.”

“Of course, I understand. Since I married her, then that means I am ready to accept all her burdens and protect her.”

Gu Weiyi is standing outside while holding a bouquet of flowers. She couldn’t find a vase to put them in, so she had to look for Lu Yuanheng and ask him.

“Do we have a vase?”

“Yes, we do have a vase. You can wash the petals and use it during your bath.”

Lu Yuanlin patted Lu Yuanheng’s shoulder.

“You’re quite in a happy mood. That’s good. You must coax the wife to have a happy heart.”

“Women are so hard to appease.”

“Shut your mouth or else it will be greasy.”


Lu Yuanheng touched his mouth. He seemed a bit off today, but in the eyes of Gu Weiyi, he had a poisonous tongue rather than a greasy tongue. She had made this evaluation herself. This guy was the big bad wolf.

“Today, you are our guest. Leave the kitchen and go somewhere else.”

Since he said so, Lu Yuanlin walked out, and headed towards the living room. Playing with the flowers, it seemed very distressed. It needed a prune. She leaned over and shouted a few times.

“What sister said was right, it should be cut.”

“Does Third Brother often give you flowers.”

Gu Weiyi abruptly thought of the words Lu Yuanheng told her before. She nodded.

“Yes, ah. I like flowers, so I often ask him to buy some for me. It makes the atmosphere more romantic.”

“Like last night, since it was my birthday, he bought me a cake and a bouquet of flowers.”

“Only you two? Third Brother, last night was your wife’s first birthday after your marriage, and you didn’t even bother to throw a party?”

“Well, I forgot about it myself. Yesterday was just a surprise from Lu Yuanheng. He scared me when he brought out a cake. I was very stunned since it was too sudden.”

Gu Weiyi only said a bit of the truth. She did not include the part where Lu Yuanheng wanted her to pay him back for the cake. Last night, he really did give her a surprise. But she still had to use her own money to eat it. He was too stingy, making her feel sour about that occasion.

“Wow, I can see that my family is still quite romantic.”

“Ah, but sometimes he can be very arrogant. What he hates most is anything that is strawberry flavored. Ha ha, he’s already a grown man, but the thing he hates most is the flavor of strawberry. It’s hilarious, isn’t it?”

“. . . . . .”

Idiot! She made a mistake. The person in front of her was Lu Yuanheng’s sister. She wasn’t supposed to ridicule her husband in front of his sister, much less laugh about him.

“Sorry, in fact, this matter isn’t really funny.” Gu Weiyi immediately bowed her head.

“I think my brother is very proud that he made you laugh.”

Lu Yuanlin knew that her brother didn’t like the flavor strawberry since childhood. Her brother didn’t like a lot of things, hence he has a lot of unique habits. Probably, coming from a small family, plus being a boy, their parents gave him too much affection.

“Even though Third Brother can be quite eccentric, you’re still willing to marry him?” Lu Yuanlin deliberately asked.

Faced against the question of Lu Yuanlin, Gu Weiyi can only make something up, a lie needed to cover up other thousands of lies.

“Although his tongue can be poisonous to others, he is very gentle to me. People say his mouth can make others cry, but he has never bullied me.”

“Once the woman is moved, the brain will start to heat up, therefore you married him?”

“Ah, the current point of view, not bad.”

Speaking with Lu Yuanheng’s sister, Gu Weiyi had to be careful. The more she talks, the more her chances are of messing up. Especially after asking her a strange question, she needed to find a good reason to go to the kitchen.

Inside, Lu Yuanheng is cutting vegetables, Gu Weiyi carefully came in and glanced at him. After shutting the kitchen door, she pondered for a moment before opening.

“In case your sister asked a strange question, you should answer it. I am afraid of being amiss. If we were to have finished the conversation, she would have found out. She looked very intelligent. Anyway, I am not smart, you understand that right? My brain is stupid.”

Lu Yuanheng teased her: “Ah yes, at least you know that you’re stupid. It’s important to have a little self-knowledge.”

Gu Weiyi ignored his taunt and continued to ask other questions.

“Your family has three children, and you’re the youngest?”

Lu Yuanheng puts down the kitchen knife, and smiled, revealing his white teeth.

“Why is it important that there are three children in my family?”

The old lady still had some problems in the family. Her first and second and child were daughters. She needed to give birth to a boy, so her position could be more stable. Though people nowadays advocate about the equality between men and women, when it came down to talk about the inheritance, the family still needed a male.

“Do you have another big sister or a big brother?”

“Sister, but my First Sister is not the same as my Second. You need to be careful when you meet her.”

“Oh, I understand.”

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