Atelier Tanaka


Atelier Tanaka Chapter 23 part2

Conflict 1

The atmosphere in the carriage, while we were travelling, wasn't good.

The carriage was full of militia soldiers heading to battle, so it really shouldn't be surprising that it's like this.

She doesn't want to die, he doesn't want to die. A teenager that looks like a rookie adventurer is whispering under his breath to no one in particular. A woman in her twenties that is wearing a robe and looks like a wizard, sat with her head in her hands staring at the floor. There's also a middle-aged man wearing light armour that's talking boisterously but you can hear the fear in his voice. And many more just like them.

It's a clear sign of the fear that war can create in anyone's heart.


When I first heard about the war, I was rather optimistic.

It seems that I was wrong.

Whether it's all-out warfare throughout the country or a small skirmish along the border, one battlefield is the same as any other to those fighting there. I think I might have underestimated the magnitude of this war.

Though, the trembling of the woman adventurer is quite cute.

I can't stop staring at her with my perverted eyes.

The girl in the robe looks like she's in her teens. I hope she's skilled enough to survive out here.

And, I continued on to my next target who was another woman that was sitting with her legs crossed near the front of the carriage. She appears to be around twenty years old. Her legs, ass, and breasts are all large. She was wearing light armour with the most notable piece of her equipment being a large sword that was sitting next to her. I'm guessing she's a warrior.

She had long silver hair that extended down to her waist and her flawless brown skin was very sexy. She also had intelligent, sharp eyes. Her height was around 170 cm. She's a fine woman. Based on her pointed ears, I'm assuming she's a Dark Elf. She appears to be relatively calm compared to the others. Is this due to her experience in battle or is she just putting up a brave front?


Her armour was covering everything I wanted to see, but I could still worship the rest of her exposed skin. I was still able to see the top of her lovely breasts that were being pushed up by her armour, her tight ass was also somewhat exposed, as well as her thick thighs. As a man, I can't resist looking. Thank you very much. Her dark skin is truly irresistible. I want to see her face covered in cum.


Did she notice me staring?

I continued staring at her, but she suddenly turned to face me.

Our eyes met.


I pretended to not be staring and looked away.

The woman I had been staring at began to speak.

"Oi, for a while now you've been staring at me."


I've been found out.

I'm not surprised to see her so annoyed.

"Don't you have something to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry. You're just too beautiful…."

It would probably be worse if I tried to lie.

Isn't it fine if I just want to look?

"Is it that unusual? Seeing a Dark Elf getting involved in a human's fight."

"Not really."

"If you want to laugh, just laugh. I have nowhere else to go. I'm just here to kill a lot of humans and that way there will be more people with nothing."


This Elf is a stereotypical Elf that hates humans.

I was somewhat reminded of Edita Sensei.

"…was there something else?"

If I had been accused of this while riding the Saikyō Line in the morning, the police would have already been here. I would be arrested before I could even say anything. But nothing like that exists here. I can continue speaking with this beautiful woman.

To be able to talk with a woman this beautiful would probably cost me 10,000 yen in Japan.

"Are you staring at this?"


She said that while pointing to her neck.

She was wearing something that looked like a collar.

"I'm not sure what you mean, but it's a nice looking choker."

"Are you joking? It's to mark me as a slave."

She barked this at me.

Slave. She's a slave.

"I am a slave of the Guild. I was originally an adventurer and joined a party. That led to me losing my freedom. I was treated pretty well when we were at peace, but now that a war has begun I'm forced to be here."

"I-I see."

A collar is a pretty typical sign of slavery in a fantasy world.

Well, I'm not surprised to see her so ill-tempered.

"When I registered at the Guild, I thought I might be summoned at some point, but it's only been ten days since I registered at the Guild and I'm already being sent off to war."

I'm not even sure how they found out I was living in the dorm.

As far as I know, they should've still thought I was living in Edita Sensei's atelier. Well, I did tell Allen and Edita Sensei where I was living. It's possible other people found out through them. Or did the school notify the Guild when I moved into the dorm?

"If I could I would've just run away. Why would an elf choose to fight for humans?"

"There's really no other reason?"

"Ha! Of course not! I don't need an excuse to kill humans!"

"I see…."

Even in this world, there seem to be strong racial tensions. I thought that this world wouldn't have issues like that considering the vast amount of races in this world. So far I've seen Elves, humans, and a man with wings. I honestly didn't think it would be much of an issue at all.

"But since I've been forced into this battle I'll kill. I'll kill whoever I wish to. With my own hands, I'll kill as many humans as possible."

"…d-do your best."

The resentment she seems to have for humans runs deep.


Still, a slave?

That has a nice sound to it. Slave. I think I'll have to buy one for myself once this war is over. Why haven't I thought of this before? A blonde, lolita, bishoujo meat toilet slave. Only holding me, only serving me, only loving me. A cute virgin sex slave.


Alright, that idea should be enough motivation to get me through this war.

My love is beginning to shift from Sophia-chan to this lolita meat toilet slave girl. Any blonde lolita meat toilet, really. It's the most amazing existence in the entire world. She should exist in the loli hall of fame. By just thinking about a girl like this I can go from sage mode to a full erection instantly.

I still have around 200 gold coins. That would be enough to buy a house, so I'm sure I'd be able to buy a slave or two. Oh, that actually sounds even better. Meat toilet sisters. Is there anything better than that?

Toilet sisters, the strongest legend.

I want to have sex with one while pleasing the other.

I can only truly enjoy myself if they're both being pleased.

"Ah, yes. So good."

I've been caught.

I let it out.

"…what is so good about this situation? Why are you making such an unpleasant face?"

"I-It's nothing and this is just how my face is."


I shouldn't be acting like this on the way to war.

I'll need to finish up my military service and head straight to a slave auction.

I felt a little more motivated now.


A problem occurred on the third morning of our time on the road.

We had been in this carriage for a few days now and some of the adventurers weren't handling it well. There was little conversation between the occupants of the carriage and the bumpy road made it rather difficult for anyone to get sleep. It seems that some of the adventurers were being pushed to their limits.


A sudden high-pitched scream could be heard within the carriage.

Everyone raised their head to find the source.

The owner of the voice was a man in his early twenties wearing a robe and holding a staff. He's probably another wizard. He has short brown hair that was well taken care of and his gentle eyes matched the colour of his hair.

"I'm so sorry! I can't stand the idea of dying in a war!"

The man began pushing his way towards the front of the carriage.

"Oi, what do you think you're doing!?"

Near him, a middle-aged man wearing light armour, reached out to grab the wizard’s arm.

The young man reacted violently to this.

"D-D-Don't touch me!"

This was the beginning.

The young man raised his staff.

And everything above the middle-aged man's shoulders was completely blown away.

Something resembling a fireball was shot out of the staff.


Blood stained the adventurers in the carriage before they even arrived on the battlefield. Flesh and blood erupted from the top of the middle-aged man's body. Tiny fragments of bone ricocheted off the walls of the carriage.

This is pretty bad.

I could probably endure it if it was the flesh and blood of a girl.

Can we do this again with the girl sitting next to me?

The man that was hit was killed instantly. The headless body collapsed to the ground with a loud crash. His body would still occasionally twitch as it lie there. It would be impossible for me to heal him now.

The young man continued his rant after killing this man.

"I'd rather face a dragon than be sent off to die in a war! I-I'm returning home! Doesn't everyone else want that!? I want to go home and start a happy life with my Josephine!"

Who's Josephine?

Is this ikemen thinking about violating some virgin?

This guy's going to do terrible things to some virgin.

"Please put the staff down. It's very dangerous to use magic in a place like this."

Anyway, I should try to reason with him.

I calmly stood up and faced him. If I'm too aggressive I could end up just like that middle-aged man. I held both of my hands up to look as unthreatening as possible. I also showed a gentle smile to hopefully keep him at ease. Recently, I really feel like I'm playing this role a lot.

"Y-You must understand how I feel! You must not want to die either!"

"I don't want to, but…."

I honestly wish I had just ignored the letter from the Guild.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is how everyone felt. I'm actually worried that this man won't be the last to do something like this.

"If that's so then you should run away too! We can run away and live peacefully!"

"And how would we be able to get away?"

"The only Guild member here is the person driving the coach! If we kill him there would be no one left to chase after us!"

"It would be rather meaningless for us to escape from here as murderers. Most people responded to the conscription so they could remain members of the Guild. It would be pointless if we ran away now."

Well, this guy has already killed someone.

I don't think he has any other option but to run away and try to hide.

"I-I don't care! If we go to another country we'll be fine! No, we wouldn't even need to go that far! We could just say we were attacked by bandits on the road! If there are no other Guild members around to tell the truth we'll be safe!"

"Well, that may be possible…."

"Hahaha, right!? Then, this is perfect, isn't it!?"

"Though, you'd have to do the same thing to the coachman of the carriage behind us."

"Then, we can do it if we work together!"

This young man was desperately trying to find a way out.

"If we work together we can take out both carriages and escape to a nearby country. If we do, we can be free again! Even if we can no longer be adventurers, it's better than our lives ending on some random battlefield!"

His voice was becoming increasingly more erratic. I'm beginning to doubt that he'll ever listen to reason.

I'm afraid other people here will actually want to follow him. They're only here because they really had no choice. There are a lot of people that left everything behind in the capital.

If they were to actually go through with it and attack the coachman behind us, there's a large possibility that the adventurers in that coach would attack them because they don't know what's going on. There'd be plenty of injured adventurers before we even got to the battlefield.

"So, what are you going to do!?"

A lot of people in the carriage seemed to be buying into this man’s words. The adventurers were looking at each other with expressionless faces.

A small voice could be heard from the corner of the carriage.

A young woman with a great body wearing a robe sat on the floor with her knees clutched to her chest. She was trembling but she could be heard speaking to no one in particular.


How did I not notice that woman the moment she got on the carriage?

Her small voice weighed heavily on everyone around her.

Her words were just the beginning. Soon after, other voices could be heard echoing her words.

"It certainly is ridiculous when you think about it…." "Why should we have to fight for someone when we don’t even know their face?" "You’re right. All I wanted to do was become an adventurer and live freely…." "I don’t want to die on a battlefield…."

There are more people getting swept up in his rhetoric than I would’ve imagined.

In total, there were ten people that seemed to be standing with the young man.

Their home, their family, a lover. They all had their own reasons for wanting to do this.

Is this it?

Should I take my chance and join them?

It seems like the majority of the people in this carriage are in favour of rebellion.

No, that’s a terrible plan.

I’d be losing Sophia-chan.

Even though it may be difficult, I should be able to survive this war as long as I have my recovery magic. Besides, didn’t I learn my lesson a few days ago at the Guild? This soy sauce face of mine is impossible to forget.

"Let’s do this, everyone!"

All of the younger people on the carriage that decided to follow him seemed motivated by his words.

He showed a brave smile on his face.

His voice was calm and full of confidence.

While I was just as ugly in my previous life as I am now.

The world is unfair.

However, this moment of rebellion only lasted a brief second.

A voice could be heard coming from the front of the carriage.

"Y-You should all kill that man! I'll make the life of the person that kills him easier! I'll make arrangements so you'll never even see the frontlines!"

The coachman was desperately yelling out to anyone that would listen.

And his proposal seemed quite tempting to those in the carriage.


The young man's eyes opened wide in fear.

At the same time, almost all of the adventurers on the carriage attacked him.

It was as if the young man was a magnet that attracted all the adventurer's weapons to him.

It was over in an instant.


A scream rang out from inside our carriage.

The young man's life was over.

Several swords, spears, ice spears, and other weapons penetrated his body.

Everyone stared at his now dead body with their eyes gleaming. They stood there staring at the motionless body of the young man without showing any signs of remorse. The way they looked at him made me think of someone with severe debt staring at a slot machine hoping for a big payout.

Their cold stares caused a chill to run up my spine.

I felt as if the air in the carriage became colder.

"I did it. It was me…."

Someone said this.

Then, everyone began arguing about who actually killed him.

"What are you talking about!? I-It was clearly me that killed him!" "Quit spouting nonsense! It was clearly my spear that pierced his chest!" "My sword cut clean through his neck!" "W-Well, it was my magic that first hit him!"

Everyone was covered in blood from head to toe, yet they paid no mind to this and were only focused on arguing.

They were all fighting amongst themselves.

I'll just stay out of it.

Please, don't disturb me.

"…was that really okay?"

A voice could be heard coming from the side of me.

When I turned to look I saw the Dark Elf still sitting where she was before.

While showing a disturbing smile, the Dark Elf stared at the scene in the carriage perplexed.

"You weren’t planning on trying to escape with them?"

"I've lived as a slave, so I've gotten used to the idea that there is no escape."

"…I see."

She hadn't moved at all from the spot she was sitting at when I first noticed her.

I guess that makes sense.

She's probably used to war and fighting.

If someone has been exposed to an environment like that for a long time, it's not surprising to see them act so nonchalant when someone was murdered right in front of them.

Then, we could hear the voice of the coachman once more.

"Would you all be quiet! What I said earlier applies to all of you, so stop bickering already! If you don't stop, I'll send all of you straight to the frontlines!"

His voice was intimidating.

It was enough to cause all of the members inside of the carriage to quiet down.

The Dark Elf leaned back against the carriage wall and muttered something under her breath.

"See, we didn't even need to do anything."


I'll just stay quiet for the rest of the trip and violate this Dark Elf's breasts and thighs with my eyes.

This girl's jiggly bombshell body is the best.