Atelier Tanaka


Atelier Tanaka Chapter 16 part3

Dragon Extermination 6

After receiving the reward, we went to the noble mage's house.

We're now meeting to split up the reward between everyone. When it comes to 1000 gold pieces, it's incredibly heavy. So we needed somewhere appropriate to divvy up the reward.

And so, we are now in the drawing room of the noble mage's mansion.

"Everyone, thank you for bearing with me. I will now start deciding on how to split up the reward."

This man was assuming the position of manager to decide on our pay.

I look at everyone sitting on the sofa.

It kind of reminds me of a net game.

"The reward from the King is 1000 gold pieces divided among seven people, therefore you will each receive 142 gold pieces. As for the little leftover gold and the gold you will get for selling the various materials you collected, that will all be used to cover the costs of the lost airship."

This time, I was the one that played the biggest part.

However, I really didn't want to ask for more than everyone else.

"Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, I'm fine with that."

"…..If so, I have no complaints either."

I collected my share of the reward without complaint.

I expected the airship to have a higher cost. Unless all of the materials we collected from the dragon really sold for that much. Or maybe, they're just forgiving a good amount of the costs because we saved the princess. I don't know, but either way, I'm thankful it's taken care of.

And nobody else seemed to have any complaints about the reward.

Or so I thought.

"Please, wait a moment."

The blonde lolita spoke up.

As usual, this loli bitch is good at causing a disturbance.

Although, she did surprise me when she spoke up in front of the King.

"Did you have something you needed to say?"

"Why did we all receive an equal reward?"

"I just thought that was the fairest way of dividing up the reward."

Is she trying to get more money? When we were adventuring before, she didn't seem to need any money. Now that it is a larger amount has her attitude changed?

"Then, I don't need the reward! You should have it."

"Eh? You don't want it? Even for nobility that amount should be rather impressive."

"That's because…..I was no help at all. Especially near the end. I was just an inconvenience to everyone…."

The blonde haired lolita looks heartbroken.

I guess I was completely wrong.

"That's why I don't need any of the reward!"

Then, a voice from the other side of the room could be heard.

"If that's the case, I won't accept my share either."


As usual, he is showing a cheerful smile.

"I didn't help any more than Ester. Besides, just the fact that I was a member of the party that succeeded in killing a dragon is enough of a reward."

"I-I see….."

This guy is too handsome.

I bet the girls get wet just hearing him speak. I bet even some guys get that way.

Well, I'm glad that I'm not gay.

"The payment for the airship can be taken out of the gold you get for selling the materials from the red dragon. As for the rest of the reward, I will graciously accept it and use it to fund my research."

"……I understand. Then, I will distribute it now."

That’s convenient. My reward will now be three times the amount.

With that much money, I feel like I could slack off at home for a while.

"That takes care of everything concerning your payment. Is everyone satisfied?"

Nobody seemed to have any problems with how the reward was distributed.

With this, the dragon extermination is complete.

The MVP of this quest is the little girl from town and I don’t even know her name.

Thank you, little girl.

Thanks to your advice, I was able to defeat the dragon.

After receiving our payment, this issue had been settled.


I’ve finally returned home.


My home.

After returning home from the noble mage's house, I was now lying in bed. As I was counting the stains on the ceiling, I was thinking about all the different ways I could decorate my home.

Then, I could hear what sounded like someone knocking on my front door.

I must have a visitor.

I walked to the front door, wondering who could be at the door. After opening it, I saw someone that reminded me of the military police.

It was one of the people that had come to visit me earlier.

I’m guessing he’s here to check if I’m able to pay or not.

Fortunately, I had the required amount on hand. Once I pay him, I’ll have one less thing to worry about.

“Are you ready to pay?”

"Yes, of course."

It’s been quite a while now.

Really, it’s only been a few weeks, but it feels much longer.

Finally, I can truly call myself a homeowner so I have no real reason to complain. I can repaint the walls, build a dog house in the garden, and, if I wanted to, I could completely remodel the entire building.

I don't know if I deserve such a privilege at this stage in my life.

Owning a home is something usually reserved for later in life.

But from today onward, I own my own home.

However, there is something I need to know.

I'm still rather cynical and need to be absolutely sure about this.

"Ah, I'd like to know one thing."

"What is it?"

"There's no remaining debt on this house, right? Aside from the costs of maintaining and operating this house, there's no chance of some ridiculous debt that would never be normal suddenly appearing?"

"…..What do you mean?"

"Something like, old documents that weren't filled out properly or maybe a sudden, outrageous  increase to the taxes of this property."

"Well, in regards to that, I'm not sure I can answer…."

"If any of these once in a lifetime events occur, please refer your boss to that noble mage……Ah, at that time, I'll ask Lord Fahren for assistance."


The strongest legend.

I learned the importance of bluffing in the battle against Christina.

As soon as I mentioned that noble mage's name, the face of this military police guy went white.

The effect is extraordinary.

Though, I have received promises from them, in this fantasy world it's completely meaningless. After all, this city is very similar to a medieval city. I doubt the nobility of this city are too happy that a soy sauce faced foreigner owns a house in town.

"I understand. You won't have to deal with any obstacles like that. Of course, you'll also be setting up an atelier here, right? If that is the case you'll most likely need an assistant. If you'd like, I could help you find one."

"I-I-I understand. T-T-That won't be necessary.."

"Thank you."

The military police guy showed me a smile.

I'm not a god so it's impossible for me to know everything going on in this city. If something happens in the city, I don't know who benefits from it and who iS damaged by it.

However, there is one thing I'm absolutely sure of, and that is that the name of the noble mage is incredibly powerful.

With this, even if a powerful person were to accost me, I would be able to win. Well, maybe not if it were Ester's father.

"Well then, is everything settled?"

"O-Of course. Then, please excuse me."

The military police guy left and I closed the door behind him.


I finally feel a sense of relief.

If I think about it, I feel even more relieved than when the fight with Christina ended.


Ah, it feels great. I've finally got it.

My own house  (Atelier)