Asura God


Asura God Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Asura Blade

With six bowls of fierce wine down his belly, Qin Ming cant handle anymore, his brain was bloated and pounding as he lie on the grass dazed, not long after that he slept.

In his dream, he seemed to went back to his childhood, back to the distant Lei Ting City.

He saw his mother, his father, his sister and also a lot of other familiar relatives.

The city lord's palace was filled with laughter, it was bliss.

Qin Ming excitedly ran in, and pounced onto a familiar relative, they can’t seem to see him despite Qin Ming being right in front of them. He shouted at them, waved towards them,but all of  them was indifferent.

As he was stupefied, everyone was quiet, he raised his head to look up in the sky without any expression, looking empty

The sky started raining, the rain splashed on everyone's body intermittently, it was cold, so cold that it makes others shiver.


The scene shattered like a shattered mirror, crashing everywhere, everyone in it scattered under the cold rain.

The rain got heavier, but the sky was still pitch black.

No city, no relatives, Qin Ming seemed to be standing in a boundless battlefield.

Endless creatures fighting wildly, killing intents shaking the heavens, all sorts of mystical strange beasts was roaring.

Overwhelming fire covered the earth, tornados that seem to be connected to the heavens enveloped the whole world.

The ground was breaking, the sky falling, it looked like the doomsday.

On The vast ground, a fine red light as bright as the sun cut through the darkness, tearing the sky apart. Penetrated the battlefields, causing the crowd to scream and the brave to be terrified.

Qin Ming walked on the battlefield muddle headed, seemed like he was going to give chase for the light, but suddenly, that light stopped and locked onto Qin Ming the boundless killing intent soared and enveloped Qin Ming.

Qin Ming was frightened as he sat up.

Dream! It was a bad dream!

Qin Ming was covered in sweat, he was already half awake as he breathed heavily, it was only after a while that he was able to swallow his saliva.

Why did he have this dream?

It was years since he had dreamed.

Qin Ming wiped his cold sweat, feeling that he was thirsty, he crawled up while holding his pounding head and head to the courtyard to get some water.

At the lonely courtyard, the old man sat under an old tree, fiddling with a small black blade, he didn’t know what material it was used, but it looked like black steel and black rock, it was totally black, even emitting waves of chilly air.

"Eh?" Qin Ming was attracted by the black blade, he shook his head as he thought that he was still dreaming.

"Old man?"

Qin Ming shouted twice.

The old ignored him and slowly lifted the black blade.

Qin Ming looked on, and a sudden wave of chill surged. Suddenly, he felt like he once again went back to the dreamland, drowning in the limitless killing intent, and also feeling like the black blade was staring at him, yes, it was the feeling of being stared.

Qin Ming carefully moved his body, but he still felt that he is being stared at.

That black blade seems to have a weird spirituality, making others shiver despite not being cold, but when it is on the old man's withered old hands, it was gentle like a pet, swaying along his fingers and agilely spinning around.

Qin Ming carefully looked at the old man and the black coloured small blade after being awake from being drunk. He had seen the old man use throwing knife before, it was the old man casually using metal piece fooling around in the courtyard. After continuously fooling around for two days, Qin Ming was able to learn for two days, as he felt that it was not bad, Qin Ming made himself nine flying knifes and trained for three years as a method of self defence.

When he was facing Zhao Ming that day, he sneaked attack with the flying knife to gain an upper hand, thus making Zhao Ming unable to do anything.

"Blade's name, Asura." the old man moved his withered right hands away and the black blade floated above his palm with its tip facing down, the blade was constantly emitting sinister chilling air, the surrounding space also seemed to be distorting.

"This blade…." Qin Ming's hair stood up as he unconsciously fall back two steps, looking at the black blade amazed.

The old man's right hand shook, that moment, the black blade cried and trembled.

A wave of scary killing intent surged in the courtyard and filled the sky

This point, all the old man in the thirty tall mountains of Azure Cloud Sect opened their eyes in unison, they managed to capture a wave of killing intent strong enough to cause their heart to palpitate.

Qin Ming retreat in a panicked state, but the black blade instantly reached his brows, it was so fast that he was unable to see the track.

It didn’t go forward or backwards, it is just gently touching Qin Ming's eyebrows.

The sharp knife tip was extremely cold, like it was going to freeze Qin Ming's soul.

"Old man…. You…." Qin Ming didn’t dare to move randomly, sweat covered his forehead, he could feel the death threatening him, it was also like he was embraced by death god itself, making him feel cold and hard to breathe.

"Do not casually use this before Profound Martial realm." the old man pushed with his right hand, the black blade went into Qin Ming's eyebrows with a 'puchi' sound. In an instant, Qin Ming felt like he had fallen into an ice cave, the biting cold spreads throughout his whole body, all of his cells in his body chilled, even his breathing looks like he is going to solidify.

Qin Ming's mind was spinning with unspeakable pain or drowsiness, as he sat on the ground with difficulty, just when he was going to open his mouth and say something, his body started giving out black gas, and it didn’t take long for it to overwhelm him.

Suddenly, the old man strolled towards him with his hands behind his back, Qin Ming only saw the old man's eyes, it was like an endless abyss, swallowing people.

"Am i dreaming again?" Qin Ming muttered and slowly lie on the ground.

What has happened seemed unreal and scary.

Dreaming? It should be a dream?

When Qin Ming opened his eyes for the second time, it was already the afternoon on the second day, he was actually lying in the courtyard, the warm sunlight shone on his body giving him unspeakable comfort.

"Why am i lying down here?"

Qin Ming stretched and he felt light and comfortable, there was no feeling of ice cold discomfort at all.

"I must be dreaming, the wine is really strong, best to drink less next time."

Qin Ming sprang up, moved his body and started to train like normal.

Facing the sky and punched out, the electric arc is also perfectly in sync with Vajra Spirit's first three stage.

After hitting for a while, Qin Ming stopped as he looked at the electric arcs around hi right hands.

The electric arc's today seems to have increased, it doesn’t feel natural when using it oo.

What’s going on?

Did i have too much to drink yesterday?

Qin Ming revolve his meridians, and used the electric arcs to once again punch out a few time, but this time he was shocked.

"I seem to…. Broke through?"

"Spirit Marital realm….. Grade four?"

"How is that possible!"

Qin Ming could not believe it, how did he broke through to Spirit Martial realm grade four like that.

Very quickly another problem pop up, not only did his realm increase, his meridians were widen, his Dantian had other things too, one black colored small blade, covered in black smoke, floating above his sea of Qi.

"What is happening?"

"I wasn’t dreaming yesterday?"

Qin Ming carefully checked again, and his realm did increase, but because of he advanced in a very peculiar way, the Spiritual strength in his meridian is still at grade three, and it needs to be replenished. There was a small black blade floating above his sea of Qi and it was the same as the knife given by the old man in his 'dreams'.

It’s not a dream? It’s not a dream!

This mysterious black blade was given by the old man!

"Thank you! Old man!"

Qin Ming was pleasantly surprised as he ran back to the warehouse so say thank you.

But the strange thing is that there was no one in the warehouse, the old man wasn’t there.

Qin Ming went back to the courtyard, but the old man wasn’t there too.

In the past eight years, the old man will either be stoning under a tree or in front of the tomb, if not he would be sleeping in the warehouse, he has never left the warehouse before.

"Strange, where did the old man go?"

Qin Ming suddenly had a bad premonition, he carefully searched the whole warehouse and the courtyard, he even searched the surrounding small hills, but he can’t seem to find any trace of the old man.

"He's gone?"

"He left without saying goodbye?"

"The old man yesterday was indeed acting very weird."

"Could it be because of the girl yesterday?"

Qin Ming went back to the warehouse, and to the bed where the old man sleeps.

There was a piece of worn blanket, a few pieces of mended clothes, this was all of the possession the old man has, but he didn’t bring any of it away.

"This mysterious?"

When Qin Ming pressed his hands on the old clothes, there seemed to be something inside. As he slowly opened it, he saw a note with one word on it——Ming!

Under the note, there was a sword manual and an ancient sword.

A wave of rustic and imposing Qi rushed out, the ancient sword and the sword manual itself has real Sword Qi, those kind that makes the surrounding air feel like it is sharp and cold.

"The old man really left?" Qin Ming picked up the note dumbly, feeling a sense of lost, as if he had lost something.


He really left?

For eight year, because of the old man accompanying him, it felt like the warehouse was a simple home.

No matter how difficult, no matter how bitter, he can always come home and have a good rest.

He knew that the old man was not ordinary, but he never thought that he would leave so quickly.

Life! Is this my life?

Why did the old man purposely leave this word?

Qin Ming carefully kept the note by putting it on his body and he picked up the sword manual.

Overflowing Sword Manual!

[TL Note: the raws literal meaning is Big overflowing sword manual. Please give me any suggestions in the comments on what name i should give, the current one is just a placeholder.]

Without any introductions, the first style is Mountain River splitting strike! Cut down a mountain and stop the river with a single strike!

A polished introduction to the style and simple drawings.

Qin Ming looked through the book, the words and drawings was very detailed, but it was at the same time very blur, one needed to concentrate on his Qi to be able to barely see it, and this is only the first style, when he reached the second style, Qin Ming can’t see anything, not even the name of the skill, it was written clearly down, but for some reason he cannot see it, it gave him a weird rejection feeling.

With Qin Ming's current realm and mental strength, he was barely qualified to learn the first style!

"What level is this Martial skill?"

Qin Ming looked at the  mysterious sword manual in surprise in his hands.

He had always craved for Martial skills and look forward to his own weapon, he never thought that it would be realised today, he was so happy that he don’t want to get out of bed because of the sword manual and ancient sword.

"Qin Ming!" suddenly there was a sharp voice from outside.

Qin Ming immediately kept the sword manual and ancient sword in the deepest part of the warehouse.

"Qin Ming! Where the hell did you go!" Zhang Dong rudely pushed open the steel door, waving the list in his hands, shouting: "why haven’t you deliver the items that i asked you to this morning, its already afternoon, do you want to get fired?"

"Right away." Qin Ming simply tidied up and went outside to receive the list.

Zhang Dong was shouting non stop at the steel gate: "don’t think that you can break the rules just because you are in Spirit Martial realm, no matter how strong you are, you are still a servant, you will still be under I, Zhang Dong's control! I will let you off this time, if you dare to not deliver on time, i will report you and let the upper management handle you!"