Asura God


Asura God Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Rebirth Exercise

Qin Ming is already used to the looks of other Azure Cloud Sect disciples, no matter if it is pity or sarcasm, he still accepted it. After living here for 8 years, Qin Ming was still like a guest here, unable to mix in with others, Azure Cloud Sect also don’t accept him.

He dragged his tired body back to the warehouse where Azure Cloud Sect put miscellaneous items.

This is the place where he had been staying for the past 8 years, situated in a short hill near Azure Cloud Sect's main mountain, the warehouse was very big, in the past there was 5 people, but now there is only 2 looking after it.

One resilient Qin Ming, one decadent old man.

They belonged to the most bottom level in Azure Cloud Sect, and they depended on each other for many years already.

Qin Ming came back to the warehouse, and rubbed his face when he was in front of the iron door, showing a faint smile like always.

"Old man, i am back."

Qin Ming pushed open the iron door, acting like nothing happened before.

A white haired old man silently sitting under a tree faraway, there is a tomb there and the old man would sit there everyday, quietly thinking about the dead people.

One lonely and one strong willed, two completely different personality, but is still able to live peacefully together all those years, which is very strange.

Qin Ming humming a small tune, walked to the warehouse and changed to a clean clothes. No regret, no sense of frustration and no resentment, it is not so much of a habit, he was just being optimistic, a kind of perseverance and persistence of optimism, for 8 years, he was always like this.

At the lonely grave in the distance, the old man sat there quietly, seeming that he didn’t see Qin Ming getting hurt, all his attention is on the lonely grave, on the lonely grave is a swaying magnolia flower. The old man basically lives like this, except for simple cleaning of the warehouse and eating food, he is always sitting there accompanying the grave.

"I’ll eat dinner late today, i need to train first."

Qin Ming did a simple greeting and then sat cross-legged on a stone stool quietly and his breathing calm,taking in the subtle Qi from the Heaven and Earth, recuperating from the injury.

What he is using now is not a martial skill, but is a wonderful and mysterious method of swallowing Qi called Rebirth Exercise.

Normally, the life goal of martial warriors is to devourer the energy of Heaven and Earth, and condense iit as their own Spiritual Strength, and display strong battle power through specific martial skill. The general consensus is that, the energy of Heaven and Earth is the Spiritual Strength's 'wild state', 'original state'

But what Qin Ming is capturing now isnt energy, but was vitality, Vital Qi

This set of mysterious and rarely seen Qi devouring method came from the old man at the distance.

Ever Since he was locked here to be a normal disciple of Azure Cloud Sect, and sent to be a servant in the warehouse, the old man was already where.It seems like no one knows where this old man came from and no one cared who this old man is. This old man has a weird temper, he rarely speaks to Qin Ming. but 5 years ago, at a raining night, when Qin Ming was crawling back with his body full of blood, he surprisingly said a mnemonic, and since then, Qin Ming remembered in firmly in his heart.

"The life is misty, free from Heaven and Earth, there is neither end nor beginning."

"To make use of the Great Dipper's Qi, and use it in all four seasons, mediate everything. Where the world intersects, there is beginning and end in every life form, forming a cycle."

"There is birth in all four seasons, nothing can stop it"

"Spirit as object, soul is to transform."

"Check its antecedents, view its operation, if it can be clear to come and go, it can skillfully increase its operation, and avoid decay."

Qin Ming has been studying for 3 years, only to finally succeed in the study of it and mastered it, now he can use it easily.

Because of this mystical devouring Qi method, it allowed Qin Ming to recover from injuries in the shortest possible time, allowing him to live till now under the pressure of of Azure Cloud Sect.

Where did this mnemonic come from? The old man didn’t say, so Qin Ming didn’t ask too.

With one day of cultivation, Qin Ming's blood and injury is almost recovered, and the pain iss also gone.

Rebirth Exercise's effect sure are mystical.

It is now evening, Qin Min saw that it is quite late and thus stopped cultivating. He then went to the warehouse to cook dinner, and laid them down on a rough wooden table outside. "Old man, time to eat."

The dishes was the same everyday, normal wild vegetables, even so Qin Ming was still able to make 4 different dishes.

The old man turned around and saw these dishes that looked pretty good, maybe it is due to the fact that he hasn’t eaten for the whole day, he slowly sat down to eat.

"You eat first, i will go train more." Qin Ming took 2 chopsticks carelessly, and continued to sit cross-legged on the stone stool to devourer the Vital Qi

He must quickly resolve the injury, and make sure there is no hidden injury..

Old man pulled the dish in front of him as he found the food good.

He seem to have more appetite today.

"Mr Qin?"  a pretty and fair girl knocked on the iron door and walked in.

"Cai Yi." Qin Ming smiled and greeted: "i haven’t seen you for a few months and you have become more beautiful."

"I didn’t see you for a few months, and you make trouble again, making me worry, Yue Qing elder sister asked me to bring you some medicine." the young girl waved the small bamboo basket and greeted the old man, only to be ignored, the old man only ate his own dinner without nay care, the young girl is didn’t mind, and quickly walked in front of Qin Ming: "let me see your injury."

"Its much better now, there’s nothing to worry."

"Seriously, why go through so much trouble? You clearly know that you will not be able to pass."the young girl put the small bamboo basket beside Qin Ming, her looks were very fresh and beautiful, looking pure and tender as well as very lively, but Qin Ming's pale looking face made her all worried, berating him for being impulsive.

"The chance is there, you won’t know the result unless you try."

"How is this a chance. Why don’t you understand, with the big elder pressuring other elders, they don’t want to attract trouble to themselves. I know you are worried about ur family, and want to improve their situation, but if you want to force it, they will pressure you more. Can you put slightly put down your attitude?" Cai Yi looked pain when looking at Qin Ming's pale face.

"Put down my attitude to be a dog? Wage my tail and beg? Begging for alms? I Qin Ming cannot do it."

Cai Yi pouted her red small mouth and didn’t say anything else, previously she have tried to persuade him multiple times, even Yue Qing elder sister have tried to persuade, but it was of no use. She opened the small bamboo basket, and in there is 2 bottle of medicine used for dredging and regulating Qi, and some exquisite cakes, she softly said: "guess who made it."

"Help me thank Yue Qing, there is no need to worry, haven’t i been good all these years?" Qin Ming took the cake and have a bite: "it is made by Yue Qing, the taste is pretty good."

"You call this living well? Seeing you like this pains me. Every 2 or 3 days you will fight, if you didn’t beat them till they are covered in blood, it will be you who is covered in blood. They purposely came to fight you, if it is avoidable just avoid it."

"The weak will die horribly, the strong will not live comfortably, i want to be strong! Forever strong!"

"Who said it?"

"My father." Qiin Ming turned a little said, but then relieved, and took another cake to eat.

Cai Yi opened her mouth, cautiously looked at Qin Ming: "do.. You hate them? I don’t mean anything, just that others say that they…"

"Hate? Why should i hate. They won’t abandon me, their kin."

"Sorry, i said the wrong thing." Cai Yi knew that she touched on Qin Ming's painful past.

"I'm okay, dont worry."

"Oh yeah, Yue Qing asked me to warn you, you suddenly showed Spirit Martial realm strength after a few months have gotten a lot of attention, and more people will pressure you, you better mentally prepare for it."

"Am i ever scared? I have finally breakthrough to Spirit Martial realm after 8 years, this is only a beginning, i will continue to become strongest, and make the Azure Cloud Sect value me, one day i will save my parents and 20,000 city citizen." Qin Ming said carelessly, but his tone showed a sense of determination.

"Don’t rush it, it has already been 8 years, will i still care? If someone tries to harm you, just come to Yue Qing elder sister, although we cannot save Lei Ting city, but we definitely be able to protect you. "


The iron door to the warehouse was kicked open, Zhao Lie brought his own men and waltz in.

"Zhao Lie! What are you doing here!" Cai Yi sounded annoyed.

Zhao Lie wasn’t surprised about Cai Yi being here: " isn’t this junior sister Cai Yi? How are you."

"Im asking you, what are you doing here?"

"Do i have to report where i, Zhao Lie go?"

"We do not welcome you here, get out!" Cai Yi is very certain of why they came.

"Is this your house?" Zhao LIe showed a bad smile, the few underlings also laughed heinously.

"You… "

Qin Ming sat on the stone stool and didn’t stood up, only focusing on eating the snacks: "there is no need to be angry with these trash."

"Sinner Qin Ming, what did you say just now? Do you dare to say it again?" Zhao Lie walked towards them.

"I have said it for so many years already, what, are you addicted to listening to it?"

Cai Yi quickly warned: "Qin Ming, he isn’t like the past Zhao Lie."

"I am also not the old me." Qin Ming hid for 2 months and achieved breakthrough, although he was embarrassed by Chu Hua elder, but his strength is no longer Spirit Quenching realm anymore.

"Really?" Zhao Lie closed the iron door, coldly laughed and stood in front of Qin Ming, looking down at him.

Qin Ming glanced at him, and stood up from the stone stool, as he is taller than him by a head, he was now looking down at Zhao Lie. "Is there any matter?"

The momentum made by Zhao Lie was instantly weakened, he angrily said: "Qin Ming, i don’t understand how you can feel superior as a sinner."

"Do you have anything, if not go away."

"I want to challenged you!" Zhao Lie didn’t want to waste his breath, he only wanted to beat Qin Ming, and relief himself. He have an imposing manner, both hands gushes out burning fire.

Manifestation of spirit energy, Spirit Martial realm!

"After 2 months, Spirit Martial realm which grade?" Qin Ming looked at the fire in his hands, not looking surprised.

"Spirit Martial! Third grade!" Zhao Lie proudly patted his chest, the reason why he disappeared for so long is because he was brought to a special place by Chu Hua elder, this chance was given by his sister, after bitterly training at Chu Hua elder's place, he continuously broke through 2 grade, and went from beginner Spirit Martial realm to grade 3 Spirit Martial realm.

Those group of people were all proud of Zhao Lie.

"Listen carefully Qin Ming, our Zhao Lie brother passed the tests today, and got first, Chu Hua elder even rewarded him with a stalk of Spirit Pearl Grass!"

"Do you know what is this Spirit Pearl Grass? It is a middle grade Spirit grass!"

"Ten days later, our Zhao Lie brother is going to enter Wuzong Pavilion and accept stronger martial skill inheritance, in the future he might even be a personal disciple, and maybe even a golden disciple. Whereas you, will continue to be doing odd jobs here in this warehouse, haha."

"From today onwards, you can only be in the shadow of our Zhao Lie brother gazing at his back, haha."

Qin Ming's face finally changed, Spirit Pearl grass? His eyes glimpsed at Zhao Lie's embroidery bag at his waist.