Asura God

Other name: 修罗天帝

Genre: Xuanhuan

Date released: Unknown
Views: 982

Author: 实验小白鼠

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Skid

Eight years ago, Lei Ting city surprisingly changed overnight, young city lord Qin Ming was detained to Azure Cloud Sect as a servant, 20,000 peasants brought to back to Azure Cloud Sect as slaves, eight years later, after tempering his spirit, the Asura awakens, the unyielding youth rose to the sky. Give me a knife and I will break through the heavens, give me a blade, and I will be fearless. Qilin is like fishes in a pond. when titles like Asura, unkillable king, Lei Ting war venerable and Ancient Sea king and such falls on…… Anon’s Alternate TL: Eight years ago, Thunderclap Ancient City changed overnight. Young City Lord Qin Ming was sold off to Azure Cloud Sect as a servant and 200,000 common people were driven into Great Azure Mountain as slaves. Eight years later, after tempering his spirit and becoming a martial artist, the Asura awakens, an unyielding youth that defies heaven rises. Provide me a blade and I will be able to break the blue dome of heaven. Provide me a sword and I can show the heavens. A Golden Unicorn is an animal with no particular talent, but when encountered with an unstable situation, it will change into a dragon[1]. Acting Asura’s Child, Undying Monarch, Thunderclap Battle Senior, Ancient Ocean Barbarian Emperor and so on. Each and every title fell onto Qin Ming’s body. This lofty and unyielding youth stepped on heaven yet was fine. He guided numerous close friends and young beauties, proudly fought everywhere, swept across the world, and composed deeply moving hot-blooded battle songs. [1]: This is most likely a play on words, how a Golden Unicorn(Jinlin[金麟]) can turn into a Qilin(麒麟) when encountering tumultuous times.
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