Assassin Reborn


Assassin Reborn Chapter 8

Chapter 8 A dog in the manger

Today, Xu Xiang planned to go increase his level to level 3 first then go look for equipment and skills, so that he was more confident. Xu Xiang walked out of the village of the newcomer, now the people in the monster zone of level 0 was less than before, but there is still a lot. Even getting to level 1, if ordinary players kill the level 1 monsters alone, the efficiency was not as good as the level 0 slime. After all, it took more time to kill the monsters of level 1, and HP needed to restore.

When Xu Xiang got deep into the monster zone today, there was no one that noticed him. There were people that have gotten into the level 1 monster zone or even level 2.

The destination of Xu Xiang was the level 4 goblin archer area.

Goblin Archer

Level: 4

Attack: 41

Defense: 9

HP: 180

Aside from the HP, there isn’t a single attribute that made it deserve to be level 4. It was just a little stronger than the level 3 goblin, but it has a ranged attack. Due to the timid character of goblin’s race, they can make all goblins within 5 yards to attack the attacker after they were attacked. And there were in general about 2 goblins within 5 yards, which was to say, if he was just by himself, he needed to face three goblin archers at the same time.

Xu Xiang came to the monster location from his memory. This was a mountain wall, but it had a place that concaved inward, forming a space which a person can stand. And now inside the space, there was a goblin archer standing there. The goblins were a very wretched race, even if they had a bow and arrow, they were still wretched.

In the previous life, this place was found by a casual warrior player. Because he was a casual player, he had no fixed group. When he passed through here, he found only a goblin archer, and don’t just say within 5 yards, even within 20 yards there were no other goblin archers, so he killed the goblin archer. But after 5 seconds, there was unexpectedly another goblin archer. Such a fast spawn rate, it made him pay attention to it.

<> still had a setting, which was that if the archers attack when the enemy is within 3 yards, the attack damage will become 50 percent of the usual and can be interrupted.

Xu Xiang now was to take advantage of this fast spawn rate to quickly level up. The attack speed of the thief was relatively fast. It would be more obvious as the game progresses to the later stages. Xu Xiang was also preparing to capture the movements of the goblin archer, so that he can interrupt the attack. Even if he was occasionally shot with one or two arrows, the damage will not be so high with the 50 percent damage reduction.

Xu Xiang came to the front of the concave groove, he blocked all the retreat path of the goblin archer. He raised his dagger and directly embedded it in the face of the goblin archer, the goblin archer’s head showed a floating damage of 3 points. The level of Xu Xiang was still too low, and also his equipment was still the newcomer equipment.

The goblin archer was decisively angered, it picked up the bow and arrow in its hand and shot toward Xu Xiang’s face. Xu Xiang was shot on his face, which made him cough. He really only lose a little HP and his head showed a floating damage of 20 points.

“It is fairly acceptable.” Xu Xiang didn’t deliberately interrupt this arrow as he just wanted to see how much the damage was. The damage was not high, so Xu Xiang confidently continued to attack. 3 points, 2 points, and occasionally 4 points, and furthermore there was a 6 or 7 points crit. Due to the large gap between the level, there were only a few crit even with several dozens of stabs.

Xu Xiang hasn’t been shot. This was just a monster of level 4. As a thief of level 65 in his previous life, although he no longer had his attributes, his eyesight was still the same. If he was shot then he can really be ashamed to death, and three years of experience in a mercenary also let him be at ease.

The goblin archer fell down with a cry, and it dropped a leggings.

“Ding ~ congratulations to you killing the goblin archer, gain 250 points, increased experience by 20 percent for skipping 2 levels to kill the monster, gain 300 experience” It was fairly good, 300 experiences of a monster, he needed to kill more than 600 monsters to level up. And each monster needed nearly 40 seconds, so he can level up after a little more than six hours. Then he looked at the equipment

Goblin Leggings

Required level: 0

Type: Leather

Defense: 4

Can be enhanced to level 1, HP+5

Weight 4

User limit: thieves, archers, not limited to race.

White equipment, but it was still better than none. Xu Xiang was very happy and kindly accepted it. He wore the leggings, then his legs were finally no longer chilly. The clothes of the newcomer were of poor quality and didn’t keep the user warm. The defense was also increased to 7 when he wore the leggings.

It was really like the words from the forum in his previous life, the respawn rate of the goblin archer in the concave groove was within 5 seconds. The warrior in the previous life found out soon after he began to kill the goblin archer. Because there had been a lot of people in the monster zone at that time, and someone saw the warrior was trying his efforts to attack again in the mountain wall, naturally he was found.

But now Xu Xiang did not have to worry about this, now no one will be here, Xu Xiang can grind the monster safely.

Just like that, Xu Xiang was waved his dagger for 40 seconds, then taking a rest for 5 seconds, then another 40 seconds, he kept doing it like that as a cycle, until the system voice sounded again. Thanks to the three years life as a mercenary, Xu Xiang’s disposition had been considered tough, otherwise how many people can tolerate such a boring practice to level up.

“Ding ~ congratulations that you killed the goblin archer, gain experience of 251points, increased experience by 20 percent for skipping 2 grades to kill the monster, gain 300 experience. Congratulations, your level has increased to level 3, all attributes increased by 1, gained 10 free attribute points.”

Again he added 3 points of attribute points to the strength and added 7 points to agility, at this time Xu Xiang had more than 2 pieces of equipment.

Goblin Armguard

Required level: 0

Type: Leather

Defense: 3

Can be enhanced to level 1, the attack speed +1%

Weight 3

User limit: thieves, archers, not limited to race.


Goblin Leather Hat

Required level: 0

Type: Leather

Defense: 4

Can be strengthen to level 1, defense +1

Weight  3

User limit: thieves, archers, not limited to race.

Maybe because the monster itself needs to wear leather, the equipment it dropped were leather. Now the attack power of Xu Xiang was 23 points, and the defense was 15 points. “It’s a pity that it didn’t drop any weapon.” But Xu Xiang let go of his though soon, “maybe when it drop a weapon it will just be a bow. That is really depressing.”

At this time, the goblin archer refreshed again, it was still in that pit. Xu Xiang now called that a pit and the goblin archers were the dogs in the manger. So Xu Xiang killed them with the purpose of justice, which was the adjustment of the boring life of levelling up. Now he will kill this one to practice. He still stuck the goblin archer’s face with a dagger.

14 points damage, which was pretty good, but he still had no weapon!

He killed this monster by sticking several time with the dagger, just as Xu Xiang was about to leave, he found that this monster dropped another item again.

Goblin Shortbow

Required  level: 0

Type: short bow

Attack: 8-10

Attack speed: 1.3

Can be enhanced to level 1, attack +1

Weight  6

User limit: archers, not limited to race.

In fact, thieves can also use bows and arrows, but the thieves uses crossbows, this kind of bow won’t help.

“I didn’t t expect it really drop a weapon, but the bow really isn’t for me.” Xu Xiang was filled with regrets, being able to see but unable to eat is really the most painful thing.