As the Spirit-sama Says


As the Spirit-sama Says Chapter 49

Episode 49: The Gender-Reversal Siblings

Author Note:
It seems that some Japanese have won the Ig Nobel Prize for discovering genderbent insects.

TL Note: In case you want to know what the author’s talking about: 

My name is Semen.
I was a child born between my Spirit father and Onaho-Mother.
My gender? It is very regrettable, but I am a ‘boy’.

Eh? Why is it regrettable?

I mean, if I’m a ‘boy’, then I can’t give birth to my beloved father!

Really, why wasn’t I born as a girl? It’s the worst.

But my very gentle father introduced a teacher who could teach me Sex Change Magic just for the depressed me.

It was the Futanari Court Mage.

I worked hard to learn Sex Change Magic. I was promised that, when I could freely become a girl, father would have impregnating sex with me.

Therefore, in order to have father impregnate me, I passed my days expending great effort, but the results have yet to appear to this day.

And then, one day, my Meat-Toilet Princess Auntie gave birth to a cute girl.

The father was naturally the Spirit-sama so she became my sister born from a different mother.

While I’m happy to have a cute little sister, thinking that her future would be without hardships as she could receive father’s seed, I also felt a slight bit of hatred.

On a certain day after a few years had passed, the little sister said something unbelievable.

Of all things, she spat out abusive words, saying that it was “unfair for big brother to be able to have sex with and impregnate girls”.

She called me, who was aiming to become a true lady, ‘big brother’?
Truly, she has no delicacy.

I was so shocked that I had broke out into a fever and fell asleep for a number of days.

But because of that, an angel descended upon me during my sleep.

Upon immediately telling the story to my little sister, she also gave her full approval with great joy.

And then, just the other day, I succeeded in developing a new type of magic.

We, who had immediately used the completed magic, happily began to masturbate together.

I earnestly jerked my cock, and my little sister earnestly teased her pussy.

I wonder if it’s the magic’s influence? The depths of my stomach gradually became hot as me and my sister reached climax at the same time along with unprecedented arousal.

From my penis, I vigorously released transparent, colourless sperm–no, love juice!

Similarly, my little sister—no, now it would be better to say little brother. Seeing the white semen drooling from my little brother’s male-pussy, we were able to confirm the success of the newly developed Sex Change Magic.

And then, confirming that a new hole made to birth children was formed in my crotch and that the hole to birth children similarly disappeared my little brother’s, we were so overjoyed that we forgot ourselves and had chaotic sex.

When I regained myself, I saw the figure of my little brother before me, fainted with white eyes due to cumming too much.

Er, um, yeah. This is that thing called the mistakes of youth.

As though averting my gaze from reality, I faced my brother’s body with fatigue and collapsed, letting go of my consciousness.

At a later date, after reporting to my father that I had become a girl-

‘You’ve done well. But since you seem to be pregnant with your little brother’s child, I’ll wait until after you give birth to have impregnating sex.’

-or so he said.

Aah, how did things become like this?

Author Note:
This is the insane idea of a male-pussy that spills drools semen and a female-dick that spurts out love juice.
New Genre: Gender-Reversal.
It might become popular?

I posted a new work: [It seems I was reincarnated into a Gender-Reversed World].