As the Spirit-sama Says


As the Spirit-sama Says Chapter 44

Episode 44: We, Whose Classes Each Got Summoned To Another World, Became a Papa and Mama Over Night

Author Note: I summoned a lot of men with common sense and made them retort about various things.

Upon looking at the scene spreading before our eyes, we held our heads.

How did this happen?

Honestly, I couldn’t think of any other words than those.

Upon meeting the gaze of my classmate and childhood friend who was glancing towards me earlier, her face blushed as she awkwardly averted her eyes.

Well, that much was to be expected.

We, who were virgins only several hours ago, suddenly weren’t.

All of the girls present from our class unanimously became pregnant as their stomachs transformed into that of a swollen belly in its last month of pregnancy.

Honestly, we aren’t certain who has who’s child.

Similarly, I myself vaguely have the memory of laying together with the bodies of many girls, including my childhood friend.

Or rather, my partners were not limited to just the girls of the class.

From the maid-sans and female knights of this world, to the aristocratic ladies and even princess of this country.

Right now, the girls in the vicinity unanimously held their large stomachs.

At first, it should have been a party to welcome the otherworldly heroes that came to save the world.

Before one even realised it, such an event transformed into a party of debauchery. Once the night opened, it was as if magic had been cast on everyone as they turned into the appearance they had now.

According to the people of this world, this seems to be a blessing of the spirit-sama. That being said, I wonder if they’re not mistaking it with the curse of a demon or something?

As expected, the boys of the class that were also summoned had an awkward atmosphere clinging to them.

One wouldn’t think that they’d a father not even a day after they’d been summoned to another world.

Furthermore, they don’t have even the slightest idea exactly whose child they are a father to.

Rather, it would likely be difficult to identify such a thing.

Fortunately, the royal family who summoned us have promised to look after us and our life in this world, childcare included. Yet, even with that guarantee, just what are we going to do from now on?

No, really. How did this happen?