As the Spirit-sama Says


As the Spirit-sama Says Chapter 23

Episode 23: The Three Cum-Guzzling Girls

Today, I have come to a certain restaurant located in the castle town.
Since it was about lunch time, there were many people crowded in the dining area.

Obviously amongst them was also a group of young girls.
In other words, today’s targets are those girls.

Upon approaching the group of three girls who were enjoying their meal, the girls, who had noticed my presence, had their tension instantly rise.

Well, it’s only natural. Since, in this country, being able to simply see the Spirit’s figure up close was considered a great honour. Even being called out to, at very worst, was an event at the level that one could boast about for their entire life.

Well, even though I actually visit this castle town quite often, since I usually make it impossible for the citizens to perceive me, such has become recognised as common sense amongst the populace.

What I’m trying to do this time is incredibly simple.
I’m going to spray my load all over the food that the girls are currently eating, and then get them to deliciously receive and consume it—or so is my plan.

With that out of the way, as I immediately whipped out my cock and proceeded to masturbate, the girls’ gazes were pinned to my dick. In the instant that the sticky, turbid liquid spurted onto the food, they all raised a great cheer.

And then, whilst making an expression as if to say that it was truly and indescribably delicious, the girls stuffed their faces.

Well, I’m pleased that they enjoyed it.


It would seem that, afterwards, the girls excessively bragged to their friends about the events of that day.