As the Result of I, a Former Eighth Grader Syndrome Patient, Took Advantage of Psychology Effect, Somehow I Ended up Having to Conclude an Agreement with the School's First Beauty


As the Result of I, a Former Eighth Grader Syndrome Patient, Took Advantage of Psychology Effect, Somehow I Ended up Having to Conclude an Agreement with the School's First Beauty interlude 1

TL : There’s no the first one . the first one is explaining about Halo effect and it’s in chapter 1.

2nd Psychology glossary corner ‘One clap’s law’ ‘primacy effect’

Eri “….N. Then now I think I want to start the second psychology glossary corner” (bow down)

Eri “This time, Since Koda-kun can’t participate due to various existence, I, Minase Eri will do this by mys-“  *kara-* (sound of door opening)

Souta “Oi! Wait!” (Pointing his finger)

Eri “………Wai-……I forgot to lock the door”

Souta “Why do you arbitrarily start it! And don’t stick your tongue ! Erivia-san’s favorable degree will go down”

Eri “….N. Then I, Minase Eri will do the program myse-“

Souta “Oi you dare to ignore me!?”

Eri “…Excuse me, but can staff shut up? Now, it’s live”

Souta “A, sorry…. Hey I’m also the facilitator! MC ! It’s scary so stop stare at me!”

Eri “ I don’t have any choice. This time, it will be a special episode. Then, guest Koda-kun, please introduce yourself.”

Souta “ E!? A, Nice to meet you, I’m Koda Souta desu. This time, this corner will…. Stop pestering me! Okay, what will we explain at this time?”

Eri “….N. As we have heard Koda-kun’s introduction, we will explain about ‘One clap law’ and ‘Primacy effect’ which have relations to ‘first impression’.”

Souta “A, roger that.”

Eri “Then right away, to all the viewers who first see Koda-kun, they must be thinking like this. He’s annoying.” (glance)

Souta “Don’t joke around!  What kind of things you’re saying while glancing at me! Do an explanation, explanation!”

Eri “Ee? About Koda-kun’s annoying behavior?” (serious looking)

Souta “Nooo!! Why I want those sad explanation!”

Eri “……Because you’re  an extreme masochist?” (serious looking)

Souta “ Not like that! A- I’m fine with anything so please explain. I feel like my tsukkomi won’t end if this keep continues.”

Eri “ Ara, do you finally understand? That’s why I say I will do this alone…..N. Adjust your mood.”

Souta “…….” *twitching*

Eri “  Then this time’s explanation will be about Koda-kun’s annoying behavior” (determined)

Souta “……”  *twitching*

Eri “ A, sorry. I made a mistake….N. Then once again, with polite attentiveness, I will explain about Koda-kun’s troublesome behavior.”

Souta “Oi! The one who is troublesome is you, isn’t it!?  That’s enough!” (Pointing his finger)

Eri “ Then, since I think everyone has felt the Koda-kun’s annoyingness, now is the time to seriously move to explain about ‘One clap law’ and ‘Primacy law’.”

Souta “You!  What are you attempting! Erivia! *trembling*

Eri “Firstly, it’s about ‘One clap law’. Everyone, when you meet a person for the first time,  how much do you think that the first impression’s role will be significant? Well, please answer Koda-kun.” (glare)

Souta “E….  I know….. I understand! It’s scary so don’t stare at me! To the one who don’t know me… Hmm, nice to meet you, eh it’s not around greetings, isn’t it?”

Eri “Nope, it’s wrong” (Put up smug face)

Souta “ UwaaYour smug face annoys me….Hii! I already say it’s scary so stop stare at me! It’s just a joke! Then, what is the right answer?”

Eri “Before greetings, for the person you meet for literally ‘first time’, the first impression has already been decided at that moment.”

Souta “Hee then what is the conclusion?”

Eri “ No matter how good is your mouth, or how perfect you act, all of it has been decided beforehand.”

Souta “Haa,then what should he do?”

Eri “…..N. Outer appearance is all about it.” ( ´)

Souta “Riajuu should just go explode!”

Eri “ Calm down, Koda-kun. Outer appearance is all,  but it’s not only about face? Well, certainly it will have large relation to face as well.”

Souta “Damnn!” *irritated*

Eri “ Do you understand? What they look is all, as it mean for example, if the person you first meet , has a stubble beard growing in his face, has a face without make-up, has something stuck on his teeth, still has a sleeping hair, wore shabby clothes, and the shoes worn by them has scattered with dust and dirt, then what do you think?”

Souta “…..Well, I  don’t really like that..”

Eri “…..N. In the end, that’s the conclusion. The first impression really decided at the moment they see you…. The reason has been told in ‘One clap law’.”

Souta “Ho~! Then, rather than outer appearance, you need to be careful to straighten your appearance.”

Eri “ Yes, that’s right. By the way, there is a saying “If you want to know a person, see the shoes that the person wears” and “Dressing up starts from choosing the right footwear,” so surprisingly, the shoes also play a significant role. It’s maybe better if you’re careful with your shoes.”

Souta “Okay! I will go buy shoes later!” (salute)

Eri “…..N.  Then the next will be explanation about ‘Primacy effect’the meaning is “The first will left the biggest impression.”

Souta “A! You mean!”

Eri “ That’s right. Since first impression has been decided with ‘One clap law’, then according to ‘Primacy effect’, a biggest impression would be left.”

Souta “ If you placed a bad image, that would left as the biggest impression huh.”

Eri “ Yes, and if you bring a negative image, there’s a saying “You must need 6 times of effort to overturn the first poor impression.” Also, from this saying, do you understand the importance of the first impression?”

Souta “ Yes! I understand, Erivia-sensei!”

Eri “ ….N. Then, see you at the corner next time. I, Erivia will excuse myself” (bow down)

Souta “Wait! Don’t go full of yourself, I’m also the MC, you know!?”