Apocalypse Cockroach


Apocalypse Cockroach Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – D2's Meal

"Run!" Zhang Xiao Qiang immediately turned around to shout, the D2 was too strong, and neither Yuan Yi nor Su Qian was a match against it. Any single hit from it would definitely cause their bodies to crumple. It wasn't the time for them to go up against such a freak yet. Furthermore, Zhang Xiao Qiang detested doing useless things or wasting energy for naught.

Su Qian heard the urgent tone of Zhang Xiao Qiang and immediately turned and bolted away. The earlier scene of the D2 flinging the D-Type like a doll almost caused her to piss her pants. She had not expected to see such a terrifying monster. She was out of all bravado, it wasn't even possible for her to face an ordinary zombie now. If she could escape now, she had to. She thought that should Zhang Xiao Qiang die, then she would be forced to hide in this town forever, till death.

The pair of sisters followed Su Qian, with the older sister pulling the younger one along. She had also witnessed what happened, and never thought that those monsters could evolve to such a horrifying extent. She had no confidence in Zhang Xiao Qiang now whatsoever, the D2's strength wasn't something humans could deal with. Especially since Zhang Xiao Qiang and the rest only had melee weapons.

Seeing Su Qian and the sisters running towards the hill, Zhang Xiao Qiang noticed that Yuan Yi and Yang Ke'er were missing. He turned around and saw Yuan Yi remaining where she was, just looking at him.

"What are the fuck are you doing? Didn't you hear me telling you to run?" Zhang Xiao Qiang stared furiously, and never thought that Yuan Yi would not listen to him at such a critical juncture.

Yuan Yi saw Zhang Xiao Qiang losing his temper at her, and her legs began to shake. She felt a strong icy feeling rise within her, and she forcefully suppressed her fear. She just looked at him not saying anything, her nostrils flaring stubbornly.

Zhang Xiao Qiang noted her stubborn, and he suddenly understood, "You go watch the car, that's my only form of retreat. It's important."

Zhang Xiao Qiang tried changing his tone, Yuan Yi took a look at Su Qian running in the distance, before turning back at Zhang Xiao Qiang. She then lifted her hammer and ran after Su Qian.

Yang Ke'er stood one side with an agitated expression. She didn't seem to care about Su Qian and the rest running off. She just stood there looking at the D2, her hands gripping her Beast Horn Spear tightly. Her expression was one of going to fight a BOSS again.

"What? You forgot what happened the previous time?" Zhang Xiao Qiang spoke coldly, hoping to douse her intention to fight the BOSS.

"Ha! Previously, this miss had been careless. This time, open your eyes and watch how this miss will teach the D2 a lesson. WO~~ AH~~~~" Yang Ke'er was full of adrenaline right now and treated Zhang Xiao Qiang's words superfluously.

Zhang Xiao Qiang ignored her, after all, she did possess some experience compared to Yuan Yi and the rest, even if it were only for a few seconds. Zhang Xiao Qiang looked towards the D2.

The D2 had not yet found a path to the bridge. It just continued to force its way towards the opposite bank. From time to time, the zombies would drop into the river from trying to get out of its way. Even more, zombies were being pushed to the ground and squashed beneath their comrades from behind.

The river's depth was also uncertain, regardless, as long any zombies dropped below, they never resurfaced. There were some that were fortunate enough to be swept to the banks, where they would get to their feets again. However, those in the flow would be swept away. Following the shoving of the D2, over a few hundreds of zombies were being swallowed by the waters.

Finally, the D2 managed to reach the bridge, and the narrow bridge was already filled with over 300-over zombies. Together with the mouth being jammed, even the D2 had no way of crossing over.

The D2 had been attracted by the scent of the old man's blood. It was now a situation where it could smell but not taste it, and it began to get enraged as it waved its hands about. Have you ever wondered how a tractor pushed flocks of sheep at once? That was the scene now.

Countless zombies were smacked till their heads flew, or their bodies crashing towards the ground. The D2 would then proceed to stomp them beneath its feet. Numerous zombies were being sent soaring through the air like dumplings, dropping into the river.

Who knew how long it took, but the D2 finally got close to Zhang Xiao Qiang. He became careful, as he knew the hearing of the D2 was especially acute, so he had instructed Yang Ke'er to remain silent.

The initial number of zombies was about a thousand over, but now, with the D2's rampage, it was reduced to about 600, and the jam on the bridge had been resolved. The remaining zombies did not feel fear, instead, following the path that the D2 had opened up, and pounced towards the opposite bank.

The D2 did not notice the presence of Zhang Xiao Qiang nearby, it just opened its mouth excitedly as it charged towards the old man. It fell into the huge ditch without suspecting.

As the D2 fell into the ditch, 2 or 3 of the S-Types also fell right behind it. Unfortunately, they hit the D2, and without any other movements, the D2 just grabbed out with its claws and tore one of the S-Type into 2. The fate of the S-Type can be left out, lest you lose appetite.

As the D2 engaged in killing its own kind, the other 2 S-Types charged forwards to take a bite out of the old man. When the old man felt his leg being bitten, his wooden and numb expression finally twisted, as he screamed out in pain: "Ah~~~" His screams were miserable, and his voice became even more shrill.

The D2 was stirred by the screams of the old man, and it tossed the S-Type away and walked towards the old man. One of the S-Type did not notice the approaching D2 and was stomped under the feet of the D2. Being interrupted in the middle of its feast, the S-Type was furious, and it just swiped out. Alas, it was in trouble.

The claws of the S-Type could not do anything to the defenses of the D2, but its actions enraged the D2 further. The D2 grabbed the head of the S-Type and slapped down with its other hand.

The D2 flung the corpse away, before grabbing for the other S-Type. Seeing that the S-Types had only served to infuriate it time after time, it wanted to take care of them first before enjoying its feast.

When the S-Types were tossed aside like ragged dolls by the D2, Zhang Xiao Qiang did not rejoice at having the zombies kill each other. He realized an important issue, it was that the evolved zombies were beginning to develop intelligence. They could get angry, and dispose of eyesores first. They even knew control, even in front of fresh blood, they could deal with other things first.

The D2 grabbed the old man and removed him from the cross, before picking him apart to devour him carefully. There was no waste whatsoever, even the bones were all swallowed.

"Wa~~~~" Yang Ke'er could not hold it any longer and throw up violently.

"Wa~~~~~" Zhang Xiao Qiang was trying to suppress his urge as well, but seeing how Yang Ke'er threw up, he also vomited uncontrollably.

Both of them squatted on the ground facing each other, as though they were engaging in a vomiting contest. Neither of them could laugh at the other, and the color of their faces was as pale as possible.

The D2 was truly thorough in its meal, and it took its time. By the time it was halfway through, the 600-plus ordinary zombies had shambled over and fallen into the ditch. Of course, the ditch could not accommodate such volume, but the zombies themselves weren't staying still. They were squashed under one another, forming a pile of corpses. The ones behind continued to roll down and under the feet of the D2, however, the D2 was engrossed in its meal and didn't bother about the rest.

As the D2 ate, none of the other zombies dared to snatch it, they just stood aside and wait for a chance. As long as the D2 was full, they would get a bite.

Seeing this, Zhang Xiao Qiang felt his scalp go numb, was there already a hierarchy amongst the zombies already?

He did not have the courage to watch on. After all, all the guests had arrived, it was time to serve dinner. The old man was just the appetizer, now it was the main course.

A thick arm of firewood, wrapped in layers of cloth, until it resembled some swollen thing, was doused in fuel. Zhang Xiao Qiang brought a lighter to it and lit it up.