Api di Bukit Menoreh


Api di Bukit Menoreh Chapter 28

Api di Bukit Menoreh Book 01- Chapter 28

Sedayu face became rather bright, he said “then, are we going to ride it?”.

“Yes” said his brother “your horse is not there, but we both will ride together”.

“Going back home?” asked Sedayu.

“No” answered Untara “to Ki Tanu Metir’s house, so that my wound will be treated.”

Sedayu does not argue. He was afraid that his brother would die. Because of it, he helped Untara climb onto the back of his horse, then he also got on. Fortunately, Untara’s horse was strong and well built, therefore the horse could still run fast even though two young men were riding it

Now hope in Untara heart grew again. He would be able to reach Ki Tanu Metir’s house faster. Hopefully, Ki Tanu Metir was still in his house.

Thus, after they had passed by the lush fertile fields at the forest edge, they came to a small hamlet called Hamlet Pakuwon. In the small hamlet lived a semi-old shaman. Who with his experience he knew various types of leaves that could be used to heal wounds and even recognize some types of toxins that enter into a person’s body. that person was called Ki Tanu Metir. Untara put his hopes in him, hopefully, Ki Tanu Metir could help him.

The young men’s horses stopped in front of a small cottage. Ki Tanu Metir cottage. After helping his brother get down the horse, he supported his brother as they walked towards the tightly closed door.

Nevertheless, Untara was relieved when he saw there was the light of the lamp shining through the holes of the wall.