Aogan no Madoushi


Aogan no Madoushi Volume 1 Chapter 1 part6


[It was delicious]

[Yes. You’re welcome]

After finishing the superb lunch, Yuuoto laid back in his seat. He saw a wide, blue sky.

[Hey Yuu, what are you going to do after graduating from school?]

Isana turned towards Yuuto and asked.

[Hm? I see. I’ll continue my studies for the time being. I would be happy if I got a recommendation…]

[You’ve been studying very hard recently, too. Yuu’ll be fine] (tl note: made a pun here)

[But there’s stalwarts like you and Touma up there…]

Yes. It’s not that simple a task. Only two can get the recommendation. And for now, the two in that position, is Touma and Isana, who is before my eyes.

[It’ll be fine]

Even then, Isana said that with a smile. Behind that smile held no sarcasm at all. Even Yuuto knew that.

[What would you do after leaving university, then?]

Isana wanted to hear about it more.

[I won’t know something that far ahead. But… that’s right. Long ago, Touma told us about his secret, right?]

[Let’s see. He was the scion of Expier Corporation, or something like that?]

Touma was, on this floating city’s biggest enterprsie, Expier Corporation, president’s only son. The current president being Saigaisshin. His family name of [Munataka] being from his mother’s side, apparently. Since it was troublesome to have people knowing that, Touma did not speak about himself till now.

[I want to be his strength.. was it? Of course, to be your strength too]

In the future, Touma will take over the business, and become someone that will most probably change the world significantly. I had the feeling of wanting to support him.

[I cannot do anything by myself. However Touma has that strength. Though it is not something he built himself, he will no doubt be able to make all of it his. If you see the same dream as I do… I wonder if there’s any meaning to making any effort in the present]

[In other words, to be the vice-president?]

[Well, I wonder about that. I don’t understand it well enough]

[I wonder if I’ll be the beautiful secretary or something]

Isana made a quick action of pushing up spectacles.

[Beautiful… Is that something to be said by yourself]

[… Then, what does Yuu think?]

Isana’s face suddenly entered into Yuuto’s field of vision. Since Yuuto was lying down, Isana’s face appeared upside down in front of him.

[Huh?! Well, erm…]

And the silence goes on for a while.

[Hey, girly~. We don’t have any girls accompanying us today~. Why don’t you dump that lame-looking man and join us to have some fun?]

The ones who broke the silence were none other than the three yankee guys’ voice.

[Ooh, if I look closely, aren’t you a hottie. Kukuku, looks like we’ll get to have fun]

The skinhead in the middle licked his lips, and grabbed hold of Isana.


Yuuto took hold of his arm immediately. With lightning speed, and with strength.

[Hm? Who the heck are you? It’s hurting. Are you her boyfriend?]

The man glared at Yuuto.

[… Don’t touch]


The one in front of my eyes was not the usual gentle youth.

[… Yuu]


Yuuto then headbutted the man in the face. At the same time, the hand holding on to Isana was released.

[Isana, we’re running!]


As expected, it’s going to be bad facing against those three at once. Fortunately, this place was a theme park filled with people. It may be possible to bump into a security guard somewhere.

Even I was surprised by myself. To pull off something like this. It wasn’t like this not happening before. However, Touma was there during those times. Touma always settled it smartly.

However, at that moment when that man touched Isana, a nagging feeling emerged. It felt like something within Yuuto was cut.

As usual――――――――

Did Touma’s words affect me to this extent?

The was only one thing on my mind.

To protect Isana.

It’ll be fine as long as I accomplish that one thing.

It. felt. as. though. my. mind. was. not. my. own.

[You… bastard, it won’t bode well for you! You guys!!]

The mens’ shouting could be heard from behind. If we don’t seriously run, it’ll be bad.