Anonym & Switch, Obtaining Power to Retaliate


Anonym & Switch, Obtaining Power to Retaliate Chapter 34

Chapter 34



Anonym woke up, quite some time later, and demanded to have a bath. Switch had let her go, making new clothes appear for her for when she was finished.

Presley and himself hadn’t still come up with a decision of what they were going to do yet. What Switch had thought, was to ask Anonym of what she would prefer instead, after telling her his ideas.

Presley had gone out of the cave by now and flew around the Rain Clan, so far, he had found two great spots that he could use his fire breath, in the coolest way.

Not wanting to do anything without Anonym, he didn’t stay for long and returned to the cave.

Finding himself bored after a couple of minutes, he ended up strolling into the mountain and attempted to catch his own food. For a dragon it should be normally easy, but Switch had always provided him with food, so he was a little clumsy at it. He had honestly nearly lost his prey while they had flown towards the Rain Clan, quite some time ago. He had just wanted to catch the animal to impress her, but it had nearly fallen out of his mouth! Due to him trying to keep a hold of it, the blood had spilt to the ground and to his astonishment, made Anonym laugh even louder. He felt very lucky and never wanted to tell her that it was just an accident...


Bathing took such a long time, that Switch was walking backwards and forwards in frustration. Was he the only one excited? Did she not remember what she had said?

Finally, after two hours, she came out dressed up and sat down on one of the comfortable chairs. “What’s wrong with you?”

What’s…Wrong with me? Switch couldn’t believe her sometimes!

“I’ve been waiting for you!” He yelled at her.

Anonym frowned, “Why are you yelling at me!?”

Sighing to her frown, he tried to calm down, it really was only him excited…

Sitting down beside her, he said, “I thought that you wanted to see my powers.”

Suddenly, her eyes twinkled, “Oh yeah! Haha, why didn’t you say so earlier! I didn’t think you wanted to do it just yet, but sure, let’s go!”

Letting out a small laugh in defeat, he grabbed her hand and led her outside.


Anonym saw that Presley was outside and wondered what was going on. He rarely left his treasures!

“We have a few ideas.” Switch said, as he told her what they had come up with.

With what he was saying, Anonym couldn’t believe it! Blow the entire place up, blow them up a little bit from the sky, fire breath, send out magical fire balls, make them ice cubes…

Heck! She liked every single idea! She wanted to see them all. They all sounded great!

Switch didn’t quite understand her silence, he really wanted to take this chance to show her how powerful he was. Yet, as he said what he could do, she just stood there looking stunned!

“Do you like…Any of them!?” He asked.

Blinking, Anonym opened her mouth, “All of them! I can’t pick just one!”

Switch let out a breath and smiled, he couldn’t contain his happiness. “Well, we could do a couple of small ones, then if things get drastic we could go bigger!?”

Anonym laughed, “Right, let’s walk in, see who dares to come to hurt me and we’ll go down the list. Sounds like a plan! Let’s make the Rain Clan mine! Whether it be annihilated or not! Haha! Oh wait! I forgot my crown!”

Switch clicked his fingers and produced her crown, putting on her head himself.

“Oh, can I have it?” Presley asked, coming closer to Anonym to inspect the pretty treasure!

“No way!” Anonym said, glaring at Presley.




They left the cave, Anonym riding on Presley, and Switch teleporting right to the Imperial Palace. Landing, Anonym stayed on top of Presley and Switch stood there next to them, with his staff.

What they hadn’t expected, was all the white fabrics and clothes hanging everywhere. They saw everyone in white clothes and with red eyes, as they walked to and fro.

Anonym suddenly remembered that someone had died…That’s right people mourned the dead!

Thinking that she had died that many times and forgotten those who had died previously, she forgot about funerals.

A servant finally saw them and shrieked out of fear. “Dra…Dra…Dragon!”

More and more people came out then and saw Presley, a mythical creature, right in front of them!

Then, finally, royal members, all dressed in white came out too…

Imperial Concubine Dawn was speechless, she took a whole minute just looking at this dragon that seemed happy to stand there. After that, she finally saw a girl that looked familiar…The news of the Emperor dying to the hands of a little girl had spread everywhere in the Rain Clan and she was positive it was her.

She had acted fast, after the Emperor’s death, claiming that she was ill and mourning, yet writing a letter. Her letter included all that she had knowledge of with this little girl and sent it away to her elder sister in Parched Badlands continent, to the west. It was inevitable that she would do all she could to capture this girl as fast as possible! At least until she could gain the help of her sister, who had become a wife of an official of the Emperor of Parched Badlands.