An Interview With a Playboy


An Interview With a Playboy Chapter 4

Jenna crossed her fingers as she slowly walks near the locker area in the corridor. She’s not going to give up until she gets an interview from Dex. Even if it’s against her own will to face him again, she needs to endure it for her own dream to become an editor in chief of their paper. She’s ready to pull out all her convincing powers in her body just to make him agree. She knows that there is no impossible to a person who strives.

Dex is located in front of his locker and currently rummaging through his things. She took a deep breath when she got near and she leaned at the locker next to Dex’s. She coughed aloud to get his attention. When he closed his locker to look at her, she smiled at him.

“Hi,” she greeted him energetically.

His forehead crinkled a little. “It’s you again?”

“Yes. I think I didn’t get to introduce myself to you the last time you brushed me off. I’m Jenna.”

He snorted and covered her face with the door of his locker. He just ignored what she said and continued to rummage inside his locker. Jenna is already having a high blood pressure but tried to control her temper. She just let him be and started her monologue on what he needs to know to help him clear up his head.

“Well, I’m here to talk to you about the benefits you’ll get if you’ll agree to give the interview. If you let me interview you, you will have a change to clear up all the gossips about you. You are a celebrity in this university. It’s natural that there are a lot of rumors about you because you’re famous. You can prove to your schoolmates that the rumors aren’t true or in case that they are, at least, you could give your side of the story to-”

“Shut up, you’re starting to piss me off,” Dex cut her off. He banged the door of his locker which startled her.

‘Huh! And I’m already pissed with you since forever!’  She wanted to shout back at him. If only he won’t retaliate, she’d just love to slap all over his face to repay his rudeness.

His face does not have any expression when he looked at her again. “If you won’t stop bothering me…”

“What? What will you do with me? You’re gonna kick me out? That would be so easy for you, after all your family owns half of this school.” She was unable to stop herself.

He slowly smirked at her. “Thanks for giving me an idea.”

Her eyes bulged out at his response.

“If you’ll ever bother me again, or even just came near me once, I will do as what you’ve said.”

That was like he was admitting that rumor about him. She was unable to retort in fear that he will do as he just warned.

“Dex, honey!” A girl called him. Dex looked at the sexy babe whose showing her cleavage, wearing a spaghetti-strapped blouse, and revealing her shiny legs with that micro miniskirt.

The woman hugged the guy and kissed him right at the lips. Jenna gritted her teeth. It was not the same woman he was kissing the other day! And wait, isn’t kissing prohibited inside the university, especially where there are a lot of people? She looked around and there are a lot of students who were gawking at them.

Jenna was unable to do anything but to walk away wearing heavy emotions in her chest.

“Monster! Pig!” Jennafei was venting her frustrations while fixing books on their shelves. She can’t believe he made a fool out of her twice. She had never met a guy who is as ill-mannered as he is. He’s not treating her as a girl from the way he spoke with her.

He even warned her that he will kick her out of the school if she ever bother him again. She already reported to Leila what has happened to have a reason to ditch the assignment but Leila made a proposal she can never say no to.

“If you will succeed in this assignment, you will become the next editor in chief. By next semester, I will undergo On-the-job training. So my position will soon be vacant.”

As a result, Jenna walked out of the office with mixed emotions. She wants to become an editor in chief. Every campus writer wants to become one. But Dex already warned her. If she tries to talk with him again, not just her dream to be an editor in chief will be in trouble, but even her chance to graduate from this university.

She was surprised when someone spoke from her back.

“Who is the monster pig?”

“R-Red?” She was surprised at his presence at the library. It’s her first time seeing him here.

Red just smiled at her, he seems to be taking pleasure from her astonishment.

“Why are you so surprised?” He asked her in his mellow voice.

“I’ve been following you for a while now. You have been calling each books monster, beast, pig, et cetera. What did the books do to you? Why did you call them names?”

She chuckled. “I will never do that to these books.”

“So, whose names are those?”

“Never knew that you are a gossip monger.” She jokingly commented as she continued fixing the books on the shelf.

Red looked at the books and opened one at her side. “Is it Dex then?”

She looked at Red. He did not look at her eyes. She has a hunch that he knew how his team captain has humiliated her. She is just not sure if he was around the second time she talked o Dex. Or Dex himself might have told him what happened. “How did you know?”

He smiled. “Just a wild guess.”

“I don’t know what’s up with that beast. Snob. Rude. In my entire life, it was my first time being treated like I’m not a girl, not even like a person.” She took a deep breath. “I just needed an interview. I tried being nice and all but he was just a beast.” She suddenly stopped and put her hands on her mouth. What is she doing? She hardly know Red to say those things. And he’s even someone close to Dex! Red did not show any reaction on what she have said as he seems to be busy reading. “Don’t tell him what I just said, ‘kay? Please.” She hurriedly pushed her cart away.

“Even if you follow Dex day and night, he’ll never take you seriously. He won’t talk or give you any attention unless…”

She stopped walking and looked back at him. He was still reading the book. She looked around and went back to his side. “Unless what?”

He looked at her. To her astonishment, he looked over her, from head to toe. She crossed her arms in front of her chest. Then he smiled. “You did not use strategy. I bet you did not think first before you talked to him.”

She was about to deny that but he seems to be right. Even if she knew his bad reputation, she did not know how to deal with a guy like him. That’s why she was unable to strategize on how to deal with him.

“Dex is antisocial. He won’t talk with just anybody. He won’t entertain everyone who wants to talk with him. He just lets people who took his interest talk to him. So I think the first thing you should work on is to get his interest. Get his attention first then the rest will follow. If you’ll succeed in getting his interest, there is a chance that he will let you take an interview from him.”

She looked at Red. “You mean to say, I did not look interesting in his eyes that’s why he did not entertain me, is that correct?”

“Exactly,” he answered while still looking at the book.

“So… how can I… get his attention or rather, how will I look interesting in his eyes?

Red closed the book he’s holding, leaned on the shelf and crossed his arms. “Dex doesn’t fancy simple and demure girls like you. He really won’t talk to you if you look that way.”

She wants to be insulted from what he’ve said. “Huh? What’s wrong with my appearance?”

He looked all over her again. “Lose your glasses. Do your hair. Put on some makeup and wear something eye-catching.”

She was wearing glasses but it’s just a small one and it’s even rimless. She was wearing ponytail and she did not wear any makeup. She was wearing a simple turtleneck blouse and blue jeans. Jenna is comfortable on what she’s wearing. She looks presentable and she does not understand what he’s saying like she looks so unsightly. “I’m not a nerd and I am not off-fashion,” she retorted, feeling insulted thinking that’s what he wants to say.

“Don’t get me wrong. You’re not nerd and off-fashion. I’m not saying you don’t look good in what you wear. I understand you style yourself according to your personality. Preppy and neat. But Dex doesn’t like style like that.”

She smirked. So that is the reason why he does not treat her like a girl. So he only treats those who wears short dresses and make-up as girls. “So it’s all jut physical. So to get your friend’s attention, I have to change the way I look, is that correct? I should look my best. Wear a fit blouse that will reveal my cleavage and wear mini skirt, right?”

He grinned. “Exactly.”

She was astonished. She was outraged when she realized what he wants her to do. “Are you suggesting I flirt with him so I can get his attention?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “You don’t have to flirt with him all the way. You just have to get him attracted to you. Once that happens, he will no longer shoo you away… and that is for sure. But, well, it is just an advice. It is still your decision if you want to do what I said.” He said and started walking away.

She was left thinking over everything.

“Oh, my grandma!” Jaycee cried as he almost fell from the stairs when he saw her. Before he can hug her, he first sneezed on the tissue he was holding. She took a step back. He pouted his lips and did not continue to hug her.

“You’re still not feeling well?”

“No,” he answered with foreign slang. She shook her head. He is her gay cousin in her mother side. He is also her friend and club member in the community service club wherein he just took a part in because he has a crush in one member of the club. He’s already absent for four days because of cough and colds. It is Saturday and she has no classes so she decided to visit him.

Jenna laughed at his acts. “Hopefully, by Monday, you already recovered and you can finally go to classes to ogle at handsome guys.”

“I hope so. ” He pouted. “It’s good that you visited me.”

She coughed. “Actually, I need your help.”

“What? Jaycee over reacted. “And I thought that you missed me, that’s why you visited me.” He covered his mouth when he coughed.

“Of course it’s also because I missed you.” She held his arm. “But, beauty, I need your help.”

He snorted. “About what?”

She took a deep breath before speaking. “Change me.”

“What? Change you?” He was puzzled. He sneezed again.

“Change the way I look. Make me beautiful. Make me look like a campus princess.”

“Aka brainless, superficial bitch with proud boobs and short skirt?”

“Exactly,” she agreed.

Jaycee stared at her chest. Her size is thirty-three cup B.

“In that case, we need a Wonderbra. ”

She gave him a dirty look. “What are you saying? I need to look very attractive.”

“Then you really need a Wonderbra! Gawd!” He cried out.

“But… why?”

She seriously thought over what Red told her and decided to follow his advice. She does not know Red’s intention by giving her an idea about his friend but she believes that his strategy will really help.

That was the last time she tried talking with Dex. Dex gave her a warning but she believed Red that if she’ll be able to get his attention, he will no longer shoo her away. And besides, she will not just let him kick her out if she’ll ever fail in what she’s planning to do.

On being a successful reporter, one must be brave, fearless and must be ready to take risks. A reporter should be ready to do anything. That’s why she is ready to do everything, even to become someone that she is not. Just to get the interview from the campus king.

She told Jaycee about her campus paper assignment, her encounters with Dex and what she needs to do to get his attention according to Red’s advice.

Her cousin was dizzy by the end of the story. “Oh, my gosh! You spoke with Red Madrigal?You are one lucky bitch!” It’s obvious from his face how envious he was.

After a while, they went to his sister’s room who is older than him by two years. She was not home and they are free to use her things. They used the make-up kit in her dresser, as well as the electric hair curler and accessories.

Jaycee removed her glasses so she can’t see clearly. She only see shadows of what he is doing to her.

“Wow. You’re super gorgeous, my grandmother,” he praised her after doing her hair and make-up. He went to his sister’s cabinet.

“Wear this. It will fit you.” He handed her a dress. It was a white-and-orange sleeveless summer dress that goes just above the knee. He went out to let her change. She wore her glasses after changing. She was not able to recognize herself. She can’t believe the changes in her appearance just by wearing make-up and doing her hair.

She felt Jaycee walked near her. He stopped at her side while she is still gawking at her reflection on the mirror.

“How do you like your new look, campus princess Jenna?” he asked.

“Where’s Jenna? I can’t see her,” she joked back.

“Okay then, from now on, you’ll use your other name, ‘Fei'”


“That’s your other self. “Jenna’ is the simple and modest brainiac. ‘Fei’ is the seductress campus bitch, I mean, babe. Papa Dex would no longer see Jenna in you. It is not Jenna who will talk with him on Monday, it’s Fei.”

“Okay,” she easily agreed.

“We only have one problem.”


“As Fei, you can’t wear those glasses. We need to buy you contact lenses and…” He looked at her chest area for a while. “A Wonderbra.”

She gritted her teeth. She punched his head and he screamed in pain.