An Interview With a Playboy


An Interview With a Playboy Chapter 10

An Interview With A Playboy 10.1

Their eyes met.  He stared at her as if trying to melt her. Then he looked down at her lips with longing. Jennafei was alarmed but she can’t move her body away from Dex. She does not understand why she’s feeling a different kind of nervousness now they are this close together. She swallowed. He was trying to seduce her again? Will he attempt to kiss her, for the second time? Her hand moved to get the pepper spray inside her bag.

“Do you really not feel anything towards  me?” he asked huskily.

She felt more alarmed when she was unable to feel the pepper spray in her bag. She can’t move back anymore since she’s already leaning far most of the car seat. She can only think of one way to save herself from his clutch. “T-there is.”

A teaseful smile lined in his lips. “What is it?”

“Hate!” Jennafei slammed her head on his face. Dex howled and moved away from her. Even she was hurt from what she did. She touched her forehead.  “Aw…” When she looked at the guy, he’s already smirking at her. “Pervert!”

He guffawed and drove. It’s like what just happened did not matter to him. He was not even affected by her anger. She thinks that he did not really have the intention to kiss her like before. He was only fooling with her.

“One day, you’ll wake up and find out that you’re already madly in love with me.”

“She glared at him. “Like hell!”

She did not hear anything more from Dex. Jennafei can’t imagine how she will live under the same roof with him. It seems that she will need to put double lock in her bedroom.

“I don’t believe what told my parents. I don’t believe that you are truly sad because of your parents, that they don’t give you enough attention. I know that it is only your way to convince them to let you stay at our house. You do everything to get what you want. Even to the extent of lying.”

Dex did not answer, he was concentrating on driving.  She noticed that he’s already back to serious. She suddenly remembered her interview with him. It’s another day and she can now ask her second question. She took her tape recorder and held it near Dex.

“How is your relationship with your parents?”

His brows  slightly creased. “That’s a very personal question.”

“No, it’s not. Unless…” Unless he has a bad relationship with them. She did not continue what she has to say. Could it be possible that what he said to her parents is true?

“Save that question later. I’ll think over how I will answer that,” he said coldly.

That made her feel intrigued what will be his answer to that question.

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“My parents are not strict. They don’t restrict me nor prohibit me from doing anything I’d like to do. They are very generous. Whatever I ask, they will give. There is nothing I’ve ever asked that they did not give,” Dex opened up to Jennafei. There is no expression on his face as he speaks.

Jennafei nodded her head as she listens while holding the tape recorder close to his mouth. So that’s why he grew up this way. His parents raised him getting whatever he wanted.

This is the second day Dex has stayed in their home and it surprised her that her family did not have a hard time associating with him. Dex also knows how to socialize with others but she’s not sure if what he’s showing was true. She does not know if she should be glad that her parents and brother like him.

The other day, during lunch at the cafeteria, Dex gave her the date of his birth. From that, she learned his age. When she asked him as a follow-up question why he’s still studying when he’s already 25 years old when he should already be working, he answered:

“I don’t need to work. We have a lot of money anyway. My parents don’t obligate me to work so whenever I’d like to graduate, is okay with them.”

Therefore, she gained her own opinion of what kind of parents Dex has.

(In the past, here, the proper age to graduate with a college degree is normally 20 years old unless you took medicine, law, etc.)

It’s Saturday that day and she does not have classes. He attended his own class so it’s already evening when they met. When he went home earlier, she noticed that there is a bruise and cut in his left cheek. When she asked him where he got them, he answered that he just got into a fight outside the school. She knew that it’s not that unusual for him to get into fight so she did not ask further. She was just about to give him ice to treat his bruises but her mother acted first.

After dinner, they both sat on a bench in the small patio of their house to start the interview. She sat one seat apart from him. It’s already dark but since there is a moonlight, they did not bother to open the light. After all, they are saving electricity.

She was just trying her luck when she asked again about his parents. She was expecting him to avoid the question that’s why she was slightly surprised when he answered.

“I even have access to my family’s whole wealth. I can even give commands to every employee in their companies and make decisions without consulting my parents and they wouldn’t care less. They let me do anything I want, get everything I want.”

“That is how they love you?” she asked, amazed. Jennafei can’t believe that there are parents like them with such generosity and tolerance. She thought about the gossips regarding Dex’s previous offences at the school that were dismissed because his parents paid for their son’s offence. They even bought a big part of the university so all of their son’s offences will be legal.

He did not answer. Instead, he looked away. She actually wanted to ask a follow-up question because he did not give a direct answer to her question but she’s hesitating because he appear to be deeply thinking.

That is one of the things she noticed about Dex during the three days he stayed at their house. He often looks far like there is something he’s deeply pondering about. It’s so unlike him, based on his looks, to be the type of person who thinks hard. In her knowledge, people who thinks hard are those who have a lot of issues and problems. He had the devil-may-care attitude. He was happy-go-lucky and reckless. How could a person like him could be carrying issues inside?

“Are you sad  that your father will be leaving for work soon?” Dex asked after awhile.

It’s like it just finally sinked in her mind about her father’s departure. She just remembered to switch off the recorder. “Sad and happy. Sad that we won’t be together for months but I’m happy because I know that Papa is happy. He’s happy, because he can finally gain back his self-esteem that he lost when he stayed at home for a long time. He’s happy because he can support us again. I know that he’s also sad that he has to leave us again but he’s only doing so because of his family.”

Jennafei saw him furrowed his forehead. “Is money really more important than a family staying together?”

She stared at him. An idea formed in her head. Could it be that he really was not happy being alone in their big mansion? That he was not happy  every time his family leaves for business. That he is not happy about their wealth and things he easily get but what he really wants is for his family to be complete and together.

“Well, for me, it’s more important for our family to be together more than anything else. But parents also have ambitions for their family. They strive and work hard for the future of their children, to give their family a better life. I don’t have the right to prohibit them from making their dream for us become real. That’s why I understand why he wants to gain a lot of money from working inside the ship.

He did not speak for a while. She’s not sure if Dex is sad or what because there is no emotion on his face as he stares at nothing. Until Jennafei was forced to tell a story to end the deafening silence.

“Anyway, when Papa was away, it’s like we’re still together because he always calls and texts us. During long-distance call, it’s always like a reunion and it’s we’re always loud and happy. When he’s sending us a package, we were happy not just because he sent us gifts. WE were happy because even when he’s far, he shows us how much he loves us,” Jennafei was smiling as she tells the story.

She saw his lips curve in a smile but the smile eventually vanished as he looked away. She felt that Dex needed to be alone so she told him that she’ll go to the garden to water the plants and flowers her mother planted.

“You water in the evening?” He asked after following her.

“Yes, why? I often water them during the evening so they will be fresh in the morning. Plants and flowers are like humans. When you took care of them and gave them attention, they will grow beautiful.”

She did not hear anything from Dex. She noticed that he was just staring at the flowers. She smiled as she stared at the lovely flower. It’s her most favorite kind of flower in their garden. She can’t help smiling every time she looks at it.

“Lovely,” Dex whispered. “Even in the dark.”

Jennafei nodded to agree to the compliments he gave to her favorite flower.

“Even with glasses on,” Dex continued and stopped her smile. When she looked up, he’s no longer looking at the flowers but instead at her.

He’s obviously referring to her and not the flowers because flowers don’t wear glasses. She can’t get used to contact lenses that’s why she will take them off in every opportunity and whenever she’s at home. Jennafei swallowed. She does not like the way she face heated up from his compliment.

He smiled while still intently staring at her. “Come with me tomorrow.”

“W-where?” She cursed herself inwardly. Why did she have to stutter?

“I want to be interviewed outside.”

“No,” Jennafei answered. Her fears on him have faded but she still didn’t trust him completely. She does not know where he may bring her.

“I’m not asking for your approval. I’m telling you my plan.”

Jennafei made face at him. She forgot that she does not have the right to say no. “Fine! Now go away if you don’t want to be watered as well.” In a bad mood, she warned him.

Dex just smirked and did not obey her. He just watched her as she watered. Annoyed, Jennafei pointed the hose on him. He got wet. He came near and grabbed the hose from her.

They both ended up getting wet and laughing.

End of Chapter 10