An Immortal From Heaven Who Got Banished Into The Mortal World


An Immortal From Heaven Who Got Banished Into The Mortal World Chapter 7

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An immortal from heaven who got banished into the mortal world - Chapter 7: Erotic dream is nightmare

"Not much wine is left already. But you few brothers can go outside and get a wine bottle, I can pour at least a bottle of wine for you all." Guo Huai said with a smile. "Second brother, return my bottle gourd to me first."

"Fourth brother, I will give you back this bottle gourd, but you said it, you will pour at least a bottle of wine for us." After finish speaking, Jia Yuan ran outside as if he was flying out.

"Big brother, third brother, you two better hurry and go find a bottle. I have to go back home early today and get a good rest since little brother I have to go to school already tomorrow, haha." Guo Huai laughed and said.

After a whole hour passed, Jia Yuan was the first to walk back into the room. As Jia Yuan entered into the room, Guo Huai was subdued by Jia Yuan, or it should be that Guo Huai was subdued by the wine jug in Jia Yuan's hands. With a diameter of more than 1meter and the half the height of an average person, fancy that Jia Yuan was even able to run with the wine jug.

"Fourth brother, you are the one that said it that you will pour a bottle for us. I didn't find a bottle, so you can just fill up this wine jug instead." The shirt on Jia Yuan's body was already completely drenched as he gasped for breath and said loudly.

"Fatty, don't block my path." While Jia Yuan was talking, a wine jug which was a fold bigger than Jia Yuan's wine jug was carried into the room by Li Yao.

"Big brother, you also bought the wine jug from Old Wine there right? I saw this wine jug, but I wasn't able to carry it." Jia Yuan gasped for breath and looked at the Li Yao whose entire face was red and said.

"Fourth brother, I couldn't find a bottle, so you can just fill up this wine jug instead." Li Yao's words was the same as what Jia Yuan had said a while ago.

"Fuck, you two are just too bad. Already said to bring a bottle, you two bring such a big jug for what." Wang Sheng said with a relax face.

"Third brother, where is your wine bottle, let us few brothers have a look. Don't commit stupid stuff, this kind of good wine, to get a drip less is also being a fool." Jia Yuan said loudly

"You all move to the side a bit, my wine bottle will be here in a short while." Wang Sheng smiled and said. "See, it's here already."

The three of them turned over their head and saw 2 robust man slowly carrying a gigantic wine bottle towards them.

"Third brother, you are shameless! This wine bottle is that shop garrison treasure at Old Wine's living room, how did you manage to get it over here." Jia Yuan shouted loudly.

"Shameless? Second brother, it is not right for you to say it like this. At the least, mine is still counted as a wine bottle right? No matter what, it is much better compared to the two wine jug that you two brought here." Wang Sheng said complacently.

"You three brothers really think highly of little brother me. How much of that kind of good wine do you guys think that I would possibly have?" Guo Huai stroke onto his chin and said with a smile.

"We don't care about that, you must fill it up for us. If you need money, you can ask from second brother. If you have someone that is hard to settle, I will go and settle. In any case, I don't care what, you must fill it up for us. And also don't take those stuff which are the same as horse urine to deceive us." Li Yao said loudly.

"Carry the stuff that you guys brought and follow me back home. Since my three brothers want to drink, little brother I will also be generous once and fill it up for you guys. Haha." Guo Huai walked out of Wucheng's World leisurely as he spoke to his three brothers.

"Fuck, when did fourth brother have this much good wine? If he were to fill up the 2 wine jug and gigantic wine bottle, several hundred catty of wine should be needed right." Wang Sheng said with his eyes opened wide. (Catty = 600grams. Every day is a learning day fellow readers.)

"Yeah, I originally brought this wine jug just to scare fourth brother a bit only, but it turns out that he actually really have that much good wine. Wait, it's not right, the things that he drank with us those few years have been the same thing as what we drank. If he had this kind of good wine, how would he had been able to drink in other kind of stuff?" Jia Yuan shook his head and said.

"Care so much for what? I will and go find some people to help carry the wine jug to fourth brother there first, I can't keep on hugging onto the wine jug myself like this." As Li Yao spoke, he found Black Dragon and after a while, a few big man came to carry away the two wine jug and gigantic wine bottle away.

"Xiao Hei, you can stand up. Have those few people left already?" At the top floor of Wucheng's World, a female asked towards Black Dragon who was kneeling on the floor.

"They have left already. Also not sure what those people are thinking, the fatty and Li Yao each got a wine jug from Old Wine there. And as for Wang Sheng, he is even more exaggerating, he moved away Old Wine's shop garrison treasure away." Black Dragon said lightly with incomparable respect in his tone.

"I got it, there is no matter for you here already, you can go back." After the woman finished speaking, Black Dragon turned around and left while cautiously closing the door as he leave.

"Guo Tian, your child life is big this time. However, I don't know if your son will have such a good luck next again next time." The woman said ruthlessly as the wine cup in her hand got pinched into pieces, but her white jade skin actually did not receive the slightest injury at all.

"Brother Dragon, you are so strong, I still want." Within Wucheng's World basement, Wucheng's World's lead role was undress naked while Black Dragon was on her body galloping. Every time after Black Dragon met with the woman on the top floor, he would come down to the basement to vent out for a while. That scary woman, just how did the previous manager of Wucheng's World before Black Dragon die, it was as if something that just happened yesterday and have always been stuck in his mind and impossible to get rid of.

"Dragon Brother, you are so strong just now, but people still want more now." A woman whose looks was able to captivate all living things clung onto Black Dragon's body and said coquettishly.

"This here is 1 million. Wear your clothes and scram." After Black Dragon finished speaking, he began to slowly wear his own clothes, as if the woman that is naked in front of him did not appear before. Ten minutes later, the two people both walked out from the basement one after the other..

"Place down the stuff that you guys are using to fill the wine and you guys can leave already. Tomorrow morning you guys can come here to take the wine away." Guo Huai finish speaking and gave a notice to leave to the three brothers of his.

"Fourth brother, don't fool us, if not tomorrow you will get it from us." Jia Yuan shouted loudly and looked at his wine jug as he licked his lips with his tongue ferociously.

"School acceptance notification letter. Hehe, is this thing the same as the paper that old man Taibai gave me back then when young mater I broke through the Nine Heaven Tribulation and just ascended up to the heaven." The corner of Guo Huai's mouth slightly smiled. "First I have to fill up the wine for those drunkards. Giving out several hundred catty of wine in a short while, it really pains my heart ah. Also not sure if the remaining wine will be enough for me to drink for a hundred years."

"Forget it, don't cultivate already. Just with such thin spirit qi the human world have now, even if I were to cultivate for ten thousand years, I'm afraid I would also not be able to reach Yuanying realm. To want to ascend back to heaven, it's totally not possible at all. This lifetime of mine, I better just properly enjoy the rest of it instead I guess." After finish speaking, Guo Huai came down from the rooftop and directly walked back into his room and went to sleep.

"Yu'er! Yu'er! You have already drank so much wine already, shouldn't you let brother I kiss you a bit."

"Star Monarch, you are so bad! Just kissing alone is so boring. My chest feels somewhat stifling. Star Monarch, help Yu'er take a look."

Mind Reading Star Monarch extended out his hands towards Yu'er chest, and just when he was about to touch till the chest, an angry roar rang out beside Mind Reading Star Monarch's ears.

"Good! Mind Reading Star Monarch! Seems like banishing you to the mortal world was too light of a punishment for you. Someone come, bring Mind Reading Star Monarch to Southern Heavenly Gates and use Nine Heaven God Thunder to straightforwardly let his body and soul completely get wipe out!" Jade Emperor shouted loudly.

"Old man Jade Emperor, this is injustice!" Guo Huai shouted loudly and woke up from his dream. As he woke up, the pajamas that he was wearing was completely drenched, and even the bedding of the bed was also drenched too.

"Dream, so it was just a dream." Guo Huai mumbled to himself. "No, this won't do. Since I have been banished in to the mortal world already, I should use my mind reading technique less often to avoid giving old man Jade Emperor a chance to use it as a reason against me. Young master I am not able to afford to suffer again."

"Young master Yao, young master Yuan, young master Sheng, our family's young master have already went to school already. He said that the things that you all came for are in the backyard, you all can follow me to the backyard to collect it." While saying, Guo Family's housekeeper cautiously serve upon the three young masters and came to Guo Family's backyard.

"Big brother, I think we should open the wine jug and have a taste of the wine first. It couldn't be that fourth brother filled it with some cool water to bluff us right." Jia Yuan stroke on his wine jug and said lightly.

"Housekeeper, did your family's young master ask you to fill this 2 wine jug with cool water or anything yesterday. Or perhaps did he ask you all to go out and buy some wine?" Li Yao glared at the housekeeper and asked.

"When we woke up in the morning, this two wine jug and gigantic wine bottle was already here is the backyard already. Young master specially ordered to not let anyone touch the two wine jug and gigantic wine bottle and said to wait for you guys to quickly take those things away." Guo Family's housekeeper said in a low voice.