An Immortal From Heaven Who Got Banished Into The Mortal World


An Immortal From Heaven Who Got Banished Into The Mortal World Chapter 13

Third chapter. The fourth chapter will be a bit late.

An immortal from heaven who got banished into the mortal world - Chapter 13: Brother Huai, I want, I still want

"Boss, find 4 clean cups for me! Best if the cups are made of wood. If not, 4 crystal cups will do too." Guo Huai shouted loudly toward the outside.

"Young lad, shouldn't you also let me this old man sit down and have a break for a while." While saying, the person who came in this time was not the boss, but an old man with white hair who is carrying a wooden box which seems pretty decent in his hand.

"To not die when old is because of being cunning." Guo Huai lifted up his head and took a look at the old man who came in and nodded his head lightly.

"Old man's surname is Ren, Ren Xuance. Everyone in school who knows me all calls me old man six." The old man said with a smile while opening the wooden box, "Not sure how to address young lad here."

"You are Wucheng's deity fortune teller, old man six?" Youyou got startled and asked lightly.

"Wucheng's deity fortune teller? I am called Guo Huai. Since you are the deity fortune teller, do you know what I am going to use the cups for?" Guo Huai asked with his eyes squinted.

"Haha, if there is good wine, I would generally not reject. Little friend here is not someone who belongs in a pool. Old man I came here to bond a good karma with you." Ren Xuance said with a smile.

"Wonderful, truly wonderful. Youngster I will accept this good karma of yours then. Old man six, have a seat." Guo Huai used his mind reading technique and actually discovered that the old man in front of him was actually protected by a kind of special power and his mind reading technique was not able to penetrate through even the slightest bit at all. Seeing that his mind reading technique was not able to work on the old man, Guo Huai also did not continue to pressure his mind reading technique on the old man and straightforwardly gave up.

"This set of purple gold sandalwood wine cups is carved by me back when I was forty years of age. Back then, I mysteriously felt that I would this set of purple gold sandal wine cups when I reach the age of seventies. Who would have thought that the feeling of mine was true? Haha!" While saying, Ren Xuance placed the five wine cups in the middle of the table. "Young lad, quickly fill up the cups, my mouth is seriously craving for some good wine now."

"Drinking wine with someone who knows oneself is what makes life happy and leisurely. To drink with old man six is actually more satisfying compared to drinking with that three brothers of mine." While saying, Guo Huai took out his wine bottle gourd and poured the good wine into all 5 cups, filling each of the cups up to 2/3 full.

"Brother Huai, this is the school, we cannot drink here." Tang Xi said lightly.

"Little Tang Xi, old man six's purple gold sandalwood cup is the perfect choice to use to drink this kind of good wine. If you miss this chance, it would be a big loss for you. Old man six, we drink ours! Here, have a drink!" After Guo Huai finished speaking, he picked up one of the wine cups and drank down the wine in one mouth.

"If little friend here likes it, I can just give you this set of wine cups." While saying, Ren Xuance poured the wine in the wine cup into his mouth. "This…this wine…little friend, I'm afraid that only the heaven would have this kind of wine right." Ren Xuance stared with his eyes opened wide and shook his head, "Little friend, you are harming me…You can have this set of wine cups. In the future, old man I would probably not be able to take in any other kinds of wine anymore." After finish speaking, Ren Xuance stood up and walked out of the little private room.

"Old man six, please hold your steps. If this wine was to appear at the auction of the charity bazaar three days later, I'm not sure if it would be able to get the lead." Guo Huai looked at Ren Xuance with a bad smile and asked.

"Haha, would little friend be willing to part with the wine? I'm old already, we are truly old already. Let's meet again three days later then." Ren Xuance took a few big laughs, and not even going back to his own small restaurant, he straightforwardly walked out of the dining hall building.

"Xiao Xi, don't drink this wine, didn't you saw what happened to the old man? After drinking the wine, he started speaking nonsense like a mad man. What's more, it is written in the book that wine is the medium of lust. Back when Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian got together, wasn't it all because of greedily drinking a few cups of wine." Su Ye saw that Tang Xi picked up the wine glass and immediately stopped her.

"Ye'zi, just what are you talking about?" After Tang Xi listened to what Su Ye said, her entire face turned red.

"Give me, scoundrel, give me, I still want!" Youyou used her mouth to take a sip of the wine within the cup, and just in a moment, she picked up the wine glass and drained the cup in one gulp, then shouted at Guo Huai as she looked at him with anticipation.

"Passion within the private room arise again, lecher brother willfully pushed over campus beauty." The forum which was originally already starting to quiet down once again got pushed towards the peak.

"Fuck, Qian Duoduo, if what you said is fake, I will chop you into pieces!" Dormitory building, room 1817, a youngster with a wretched appearance closed his computer and ran towards the dining hall with the speed of light.

"Little Tang Xi, if you don't want to drink, you can give it to Youyou drink. You also saw it, she still has not had enough." Guo Huai looked at Tang Xi and said with a smile.

"Not giving, I'm drinking it myself." While saying, a cup of wine was drunk by Tang Xi in a gulp.

"Brother Huai, give me, I still want, quickly give it to me!" In a moment, Tang Xi said what Youyou had said just now.

"Xiao Xi, what is wrong with you all, isn't it just a cup of wine." While saying, Su Ye also drank down the wine in the cup in one gulp.

"Scoundrel, I beg you, I will not go against you next time anymore, give me, give me one more cup." Su Ye looked at Guo Huai and said with full of desire.

"Campus beauty killer, the person who pushes over campus beauties. Brother Wolf is my brother from now on." On the forum, a person who is called Qian Duoduo posted a new post in the forum with a sound recording attached to the post. After finish posting, he immediately exited the forum. (Wolf also stands for lecher for people wondering.)

"My god, just what kind of person is this lecher. He’s so powerful, I really want to get to know him." The commotion raised in the female dormitory was much bigger compared to the male dormitory. The handsome youngster who hugged a beauty on the left and embraced another beauty on the right was already completely known throughout the entire Wucheng University affiliated Middle School.

"You all cannot drink already. This is the last cup, if not you all will not be able to attend the classes in the afternoon already. Those are medicine to help dissipate the effects of alcohol, quickly swallow it. You guys have all eaten and drunk already, so go back to your class first." While speaking, 3 circle pills appeared in Guo Huai's hand as he passed the pills over to the three of them.

"Sigh, it is truly frightening when women go crazy. Not sure how my little Yu'er is doing right now. Flipping sides to sides, all those little girls are still lacking a bit compared to little Yu'er." While walking, Guo Huai thought to himself. "Yu'er said that fairy Chang'e is 100 times more beautiful compared to her. To have stayed in heaven for so many years and still not know how fairy Chang'e looks like…Sigh, what a failure, I have truly failed too much already."

"Bang!" Not far away, a lightning struck down, followed with the sounds of thunder crackling.

"I'm wrong already, I'm wrong already, I will not anyhow think again next time!" Guo Huai shouted loudly and ran as if he was flying towards the dormitory building.

"Your nature just won't change. If there is still next time, this thunder will directly land on your head. See if you will still be able to live on this happily then." The corner of the mouth of the woman at the Moon Palace slightly smiled as she started laughing by herself.

In a very ancient castle at the United State, a young lady with a long waist had her back faced towards an old man.

"Young lady, Luosheng Family's entire funds and relationship have already been transferred to under your name. Are you truly intending to go to China?" The old man looked at the young lady and said lightly.

"Very good, this castle is yours in the future. Just forget about me will do." After finish speaking, the young lady vanished in front of the old man's eyes.

"Superior, the young lady who exchanged Luosheng Family's entire assets with you have already left country M with all of Luosheng Family's assets. The destination of the young lady is China's Wucheng City, do I still continue to follow her?" Within one of the most ancient castle at the United States, a black clothed man said lightly towards an old man.

"Don't! By all means, do not go and provoke that girl again! If she requires any sort of help, go and help her with all the resources available. Inform all of the affiliated families to not allow anyone to go and inquire about that girl's information again." The old man said with a trace of nervousness in his tone.

"Mind Reading Star Monarch, you should be enjoying life quite comfortably right, haha!" The girl laughed as she got onto the plane which was flying towards Wucheng.

"Achoo! It has only been a while, could those 3 little girls be missing me already, haha. What to do when my charm just has no limits?" While smiling, Guo Huai walked into the dormitory building.

"Brother Huai, you have come back. I thought that you will not be coming back to the dormitory to stay today." Guo Huai just walked into the dormitory building and Li Long immediately appeared.

"Brother Long, is there any matter?" Guo Huai looked at Li Long and asked.

"I do not have any matter. But there may be some people looking for you, they are all outside your dorm room waiting. I'm not sure what the matter is but you best be careful a bit." After Li Long finished speaking, he turned around and walked back to his own duty room.

"If the soldiers come, the general will block them off. If the water comes, the earth will cover it. Young master I did not die even after going through the nine layer thunder tribulation when I ascended to the heaven and also did not die when banished into the mortal world by error of judgement, if I were to get played to death by those little babies, it would be too embarrassing for me already." While thinking, the elevator already stopped at the 18 floor.