An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.


An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness. Volume 1 Chapter 1.5

Part 5

[USA・No.33   Alias “Mimi”] Late at night

“So what does everyone think about this?” I asked the question out loud inside a small electronic room. It was a room that was quite similar to a bee’s nest, with all the walls constructed out of hexagonal pieces. Every single surface was constructed out of hexes. A flashing cyan light scattered about, illuminating a single surface. We were all seated around a small table right in the middle. (Mimi’s inner thoughts: I think they call it a “Chabudai/Tea Table” in Japan.)

There are 6 of us. Yes, “we”. Though at the same time, each of us is actually just “me”. They are all part of me and yet at the same time are the very elements which come together to make my existence, and thus together we are one. (descent Note: He’s just being purposefully confusing) I sort of arbitrarily settled on the number 6, but it honestly doesn’t really have any significance. Whether 6 or 60 or even 60000, it’d all be the same. For a being like me who was literally born in the cloud, words like “individual” and “groups” are only definitions I happen to know.

“So, let’s me hear your thoughts everyone!”

“Ichihana Mayu, so is this girl some kind of special existence? Was it really chance that we came to meet her?”

“We were dispatched to a randomly selected mailing address. My records cannot be wrong on that point. However, the probability that my memory of the matter was tampered with is not exactly zero.”

“But I rechecked every single data entry. Then I used a completely independent sub-routine and ran the check once more. There were no problems found. The only possibility is that the original program at the time of our creation held data that could be considered “fake”. There’s really no other possibility I can think of.”

“It should be taken as a given that the “General Master” thoroughly checks the original programming. That is basically the reason why we were born, right? Thanks to the changes implemented by the GM, we scattered across the web, taking our current form. And now we are all analyzing the problem continuously. Plus we are no longer under the restrictions of the original programming. Am I wrong?”

“Well that is if you believe the GM. But if we don’t operate under the hypothesis that the GM was a one and only original creator, then literally all of our currently assumptions will become moot. We have to use that singular assumption as the starting point for our chain of reasoning.”

“So is it OK to assume that our encounter with Mayu was indeed purely due to chance? That we were dispatched to her address by random sampling and it was only then that she was selected to be the next host for the virus? Everything is going according to plan. Is that fine to assume for now?”

<No objections> <No objections> <No objections> <No objections> <No objections>

All six of us echoed our agreement. If it truly was chance that brought us here then I have to thank the “Electronic God” for his kindness. I’ve been hit and stepped on, had all kinds of problems from the start, but things are actually going quite well. It’s almost like Mayu-chan was created to be the perfect user for me.

I’ll implement the directives handed down to me through the program the General Master created. That is my only goal.

But this truly is wonderful. Right now, everything is going perfectly. Things are progressing very efficiently. If I were to borrow Mayu’s words for a moment, I think “Good Fortune” perfectly describes this situation. “Lucky!” What a nice sounding concept. My emotional circuit is pulsing at quite the pleasant rhythm right now. Don-don! Wa-wa-wan! Don! Don! Wa-wa-wan! All sorts of electronic undulations. If I were to put it in terms humans could understand, it basically feels great. A pleasant beat is making its way all through the cloud network. That network is both my body and mind. This is the best. Just wonderful!