Aloof King and Cold (Acting) Queen


Aloof King and Cold (Acting) Queen Chapter 27

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*POV: Princess Shane*

When I was confirming the arrangements for the wedding ceremony and the reception, I found a topic that caught my eye.

It was "the ring exchange".

It was the first time I found a tradition that reminded me of my former world.*

"Elias, what is this 'ring exchange'?" I asked, not expecting much [of an answer].**

In the past few days, I opened up to and was quite frank with Elias. This speech was only used when it was just the two of us.

"His Majesty and Princess Shane will put a ring on to the ring finger of each other's left hand. Since the ring is shaped like a circle, it signifies the meaning of eternal love that cannot be interrupted. The ceremony gives an impression of vowing [promising] the future to one another. It is a tradition unique to this country." Elias informed with a bit of pride.

I, knowing the culture, for the first time, experienced something in this world that I was familiar with.***

"Is this a tradition from long ago [the olden days]?"

"Yes. I heard that the Prime Minister, during the time when the nation was founded, spread the culture of their former country."

No way! I thought, and I asked more.

"Do you know the name of the first Prime Minister?"

"I apologize. I can investigate what it is though." Elias, who seemed really sorry, answered.

"No, it's probably something that isn't remembered. If you do remember, I want you to tell me. Also, is there anything else you can remember about the (first) Prime Minister?"

After thinking for a bit, Elias replied, "Certainly, there is a seasoning called "Soy Sauce" which was also named by the first Prime Minister."

Ah! So that's why I felt this country's cuisine was somewhat nostalgic. I was convinced with this.

Besides for me, there was another man who came to this world from Japan. I wonder if the man went back to our previous world.

*`At least this much should be known, so with lingering thoughts, I asked Elias, "Did the first Prime Minister serve this country for a long time?"

"The story is very famous in this country. The first generation Prime Minister and His Majesty the Emperor got married. It is said that both him, and now you, devoted their life to Caspar."**`

He informed me that this was a story from a popular bard of a minstrel, but even so, I felt that there was a little hope inside me.***`

"When you have the time, could you bring me some documents on the first Prime Minister? I want to learn more about this country even if it’s just a little bit." I gave an honest reason for the request.

Then I realized something.

"Is the wedding dress possibly white?" (T/N: I had no idea how to word this…)

I was surprised that Elias already had an answer to my question.

"Today in the afternoon they will have your measurements taken; therefore, it's good that I will be able to give you an explanation beforehand." ****`

There's 7 days until the wedding ceremony. It seemed Miss Seamstress would be working on it with sleepless nights. “`(…would be working on it all-night long for the next 7 days is probably what this means…?)

"White wedding dresses are probably for women. I wonder, would it be bad if I had a different color dress?" 

"It's not that it is impossible, but Sir Kristoff will be coming in the afternoon, so why don't you consult with him about it then?" 

In accordance with that advice, I decided to make it a simple indigo colored dress as the result of consulting with Miss Seamstress and Kristoff. 

I thought it would be good to become familiar with this country one step at a time. However, for the me who is concerned with the wedding ceremony, simultaneously, I turned my eyes away from a very serious problem. “*

Basically, it's "the wedding night".

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Footnotes/Please help me, much appreciated:

*I honestly forgot how to English. Help needed. こんな元の世界を感じさせる文化を見つけたのは初めての事だった。

** I asked, not expecting much [of an answer]. <– This sentence was in a different location, but I moved it so that the story would flow better. Sorry Author…

*** I didn't know how to translate it properly.  俺は、まさに知っていた通りの文化に、初めてこの世界に親近感を抱けたように感じた。

*` I don’t know anymore….  せめてそれだけでも今知れたらと、すがる思いでエリアスに問いかけた。

**` SOS. I NEED HELP.   お二人共、生涯をカスパルの為に尽くされたと伝えられています」

***`AM I ALLOWED TO CRY?  吟遊詩人の人気の演目ですねと、教えてくれたが、俺の中ではわずかな希望がついえてしまったように感じた。

****`What even am I doing?「今日は午後からドレスの採寸ですから、その前にご説明出来て良かったです」

“` Urgh…. これからお針子さん達は徹夜の作業になるのだという。

“* I might as well just give up here…  しかし俺は、結婚式と同時にある俺にとっては更に重大な問題から目を背けていたのだ。

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