Aloof King and Cold (Acting) Queen


Aloof King and Cold (Acting) Queen Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Anxiety

My decision was conveyed to the king.
Both of two people were very thankful, but Alexander only remained with an expression that was disappointed.
But I know no how to behave oneself as royalty and even common sense of this world is rather doubtful.
Just as it is I conveyed my uneasiness, that they may incur displeasure of Caspar king.

“Let’s get someone from the department of education, Haruto can also enrol at the imperial school as royalty where you can learn table manners and dancing. They have the best teachers in the nation so you can be relieved”
Alfred recommended.

“And it may also be better to change a name called Haruto. Because, in this country, it is the sound of a man’s name. Above all, because the name of Caspar king is Leonhard Highness, your name and his sounds alike.”

I was shocked by what I was told, never in my 25-year life did I think that I would be renamed.
But it certainly is an awkward thing if I had the same name as my husband.

[And, I thought myself from going to Caspar might also good as a commandment that he different from the now of their own.]

“I want Alexander to think of my new name before I leave this country, Please. Because I think of Alexander  as my parent”

I conveyed my honest thoughts. Alexander lowered his eyes, asked to leave the room saying to give some time.

I talked with the King who stayed in the room with Alfred about what to do from now on.

“I’ll negotiate with Caspar country in order to earn the period until you leave the country as much as possible.  I’ll discuss with the Prime Minister right away.
Haruto-kun, respectful of the largest of thanks to your determination.
Thank you very much”

The King lowered his head to me and I realised I had undertaken a serious thing.
I have to do something for a country and grand expectation isn’t leaking, the chance to return what Alex and others gave to after coming in to this world.
It became enough motives for me even if for dozen of people whom I knew.

“I will do the best I can, Thank you”

I lowered my head, too.

“It is not necessary to become so formal from now on because Haruto is our nephew -no, niece from now on”

The kind words from the king made me a little light-hearted.